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Honoring Administrative/Secretary’s Day Appreciate your professional administrative secretary that has helped you get the job done in your business.  They certainly are working with deadlines, making phone calls, appointments for clients, patients, residents, other vendors, making sure your typing is done, grammar is correct, filing, and having to listen to you talk about how much work you have to get done while they are faciliating “getting the job done.” I’ve been working […]

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Look who started Empire Beauty School! Our very own salon coordinator Alex T. She has been with us for about a year now making appointments at our east york location on Market street. She has been doing a great job coordinating the stylists and while she has been working secretly wanting to be a stylist. She surprised us all. Congratulations Alex T. on your career move. She works part time […]

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I’m in Cleveland Ohio this week searching for answers within my peer group that I love hanging out with over a few days.  My head usually hurts from being stretched into “out of the box thinking”. After the third day of intense talking and hashing out different levels of conversation about a multitude of topics, I reflect and start the implementation. Do you ever feel that you are being as […]

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It’s been a major topic of conversation these days and you will read about in my emails. If you get a chance to log on as a new visitor on our new home page, you will get to experience the conversations all of us have been having wrapped around what really is professional? Behaviors, “the look”, the verbal skills, the manners especially have been an interesting back and forth amongst […]

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Colour Explosion Party: T-10 days! If you are like me, you expect science is for brainy people in white lab coats that think really big thoughts and set out to change the course of the world by proving them. Not so much. I do not think I have ever found more conflicting “scientific” studies and results than I have in researching blondes.  I threw in a great little experiment on […]

A friend of mine is re-entering the workforce after being a stay at home mom and then working from home for many years. She scheduled a consult at Indulge Salon at 970 South George Street location to create a plan for updating her hair cut, color, some new cosmetics, a manicure, and an enhanced skin care routine. The professionals there were able to get her started immediately with a new French […]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to apply your makeup? This is the gal for you! She will teach you how to apply your makeup in the most natural approach. she will consult with you to help make your eyes stand out, your cheeks glow and your lips bloom like buds on a flower. Michele is really excited about continuing to keep herself educated on the best techniques that […]

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Handing in your resignation letter is uncomfortable. Let’s face it-You’ve planned it now for weeks, thought about what you were going to say, how you were going to say it, and even thought about a few “Office Space” walk out scenarios. The big day finally arrives, and it. Resigning from a position should feel, taste, and breathe bittersweet. It means you actually cared about what you did. You may […]

Networking isn’t just about making sure your IP address is correctly connected to your network adapter.  Networking in life is about sharing information, services, and business cards with the intent to make a connection that will be useful either personally or professionally.  Networking is one of the best ways to accomplish something when it comes to your professional career. It could be that you may want to make a connection […]

To recap from yesterday’s post: We talked about how sometimes our lives need a little Spring Cleaning action.  There are several facets of our lives that need “weeding” so that we can flourish! Part 1 touched on Section 1; Self. “Self” has three subsections: Body, Beauty, Attitude. If you missed yesterday’s post you’ll want to go and read that. You don’t want to miss out on a VERY important facet of your life. […]