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Before you make the decision to try a hair relaxing or straightening treatment, it’s important to understand their intrinsic differences. All of our Indulge hair stylists will be happy to answer your questions, plus they are fully trained to ensure your experience is 100% satisfactory.

Here is a basic description of each process.

Lye Relaxers are dynamic for those tight curls that need more than keratin (protein) or ammonia-based products. They are normally used on ethnic hair and cannot be mixed with Thermal Ionic™ ammonia-based products. We have seen firsthand what can happen to the hair when products are intermingled. It literally breaks off. One of our customers had this happen to her at another salon. Always ask which relaxers or chemical straightness are being used so you have a record. If you’ve used a lye-based relaxer for a long time then stick with it or you will have to grow it out or cut it out.

Adding protein is a great way to get the look you love without the drying effect a normal relaxer can have on the hair. Indulge recommends Brazilian Blowout®, a protein acai berry based product that enriches and conditions the hair and produces dramatic results. It will smooth the hair and can be used in between your regular relaxer treatments.

Keratin Treatments, which infuse natural keratin deep into the hair’s cuticle, are great for first timers who want to try a smoothing service. They smell good, work beautifully, and gradually wear off in about 8 to 12 weeks. They can also be used after your hair is permed or colored. The downside is you must wait three days after your Keratin treatment to shampoo.

Thermal Ionic™ is an ammonia-based product designed to recondition the hair, that will straighten hair to a degree, and you must wait 24 hours before shampooing. It was the hottest product when it was first introduced because it could be used on tinted, highlighted and colored hair. Indulge does not offer this product anymore since Brazilian Blowout® came onto the market.

Brazilian Blowout® is a Keratin protein treatment overloaded with Acai Berry. We have never seen such an unbelievable product that literally helps heal the hair. Whether your hair is super curly, super damaged or over processed, super blonde, super wavy or frizzy, Brazilian Blowout will close the hair down and help repair it. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!

To learn more about this amazing smoothing treatment visit our Brazilian Blowout® page.

Indulge Salon Graphic“My hair was dry and frizzy. It lost color before and now it’s shiny and smooth. I could so do a shampoo commercial, I could swing it. My eyes didn’t burn and no nasty smell. It only took two hours for a color and Brazilian Blowout treatment.

“Indulge Salon is fun. They gave me a thorough consultation and told me what the costs could be with my type of hair. Thanks Valerie and Cassie!”

– Berit Gantz, York PA

Indulge Salon Image“My hair has always been thick, full and difficult to manage. Kimberly through I would benefit from a hair straightening treatment. My first experience into hair straightening brought good results but you could not wash your hair for three days! It felt thick and coated and I couldn’t wait to wash it. You just feel dirty but I was willing to wait it out for better results.

“Kimberly suggested Brazilian Blowout. My hair feels great, looks awesome and is easy to manage. I wash my hair, towel dry it, and blow it dry. It only takes a few minutes versus a half hour and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend Brazilian Blowout. Finally, a great product for hard to manage, frizzy hair.”

– Linda Amsterdam, York PA