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There’s no doubt the warm weather months are going to be a lot of fun at INDULGE SALON. The new generation MATTE GLOSS and FREELIGHTS highlights and multi-step color combinations are beautifully naunced and diffused.
We can now produce a soft blooming of color that is identifiable within the texture of the hair. allowing color variations that appear seamless, softer and natural looking, and easy to maintain.

INDULGE SALON is proud to introduced Couture Color, our most premium haircolor experience.
We have always specialized in complex, sophisticated color – as well as customized haircuts using the French Hair cutting technique – which we sustain though on-going training so the INDULGE team is always on trend. Our reputation as the “go-to-salon” for color correction is solid.

The right cut and color can make you look and feel 20 years younger. Our clients tell us this all the time! Some of the looks we can customize for your are illustrated below

Powdered Red is designed to create a sense of feeling and emotion evoked by movement in the hair. The FREELIGHTS technique is similar to Balayage handpainted highlights, using the newest Wella technology in lifting the haircolor. The look is natural and sunkissed, and is great for blushing copper highlights, blushing

golden copper, golden brunettes
and butterscotch buttery blondes. As our before/after model illustrates here, the results can be quite dramatic.

The light brown base color was lifted to a coppery shade, followed by strategic placement of color using the new FREELIGHTS technique in a 3-step process.

White light is a double process where we prelighten the hair to a lighter base, then tone it with one of the new pale Violet, pale neutral

or blushing Matte Glosses. All of the WHITE LIGHT colors require time to fit to the desired level and to process correctly for the purest color of tones. If you have any

blotchiness from previous color, we must evaluate the correct lightening processes to protect the integrity of your hair. Our model, courtesy of Wella, came in with dark roots and a mixture of pale blonde yellow ends. The goal was to create an even, neutral color base that is then toned to remove any unwanted yellow or brassiness.

Note: it can take multiple appointments to achieve this look if you’ve had multiple depositing colors such as black, darkest brown or rainbow colors that have been applied over and over, depositing pigment that is hard to get out in a single processed procedure. Maintenance is every 4 weeks with lifting and toning. For an easier-care maintenance we can utilize our toning in matte or color balancing to allow regrowth or root fadage.

No this is not a misprint. Caramel BRONDE is going to be one of our most popular Couture Color services because it is absolute blonde perfection. Thanks to the new foil-free FREELIGHTS lightening

technique we can accurately and precisely place every strand of color – to create natural looking highlights using the Balayage. or Ombre. handpainting technique. The results are subtle and sexy and low maintenance, requiring a retouch and/or color balance every 4 to 6 weeks for longer hair to keep the tone fresh.

Though this technique works beautifully on any hair length, it’s ideal for creating soft blended results for mid-length hair and ends, or the darkest brown or black base color. Using the FREELIGHTS handpainting technique, the blended highlight is achieved with a painted lightener with unique pigments that lift and tone to keep the vibrancy. Works just as well on blondes, brunettes, auburn, burgundy, eggplant, and dark brown hair colors.

What can you say but WOW. This technique represents the next generation in Balayage handpainted highlights to compliment any length of hair. Our model started with a darker medium blonde base color that is a

litter lighter on the top. The second photo demonstrates the application of Balayage FREELIGHTS to enhance her end result. This multi-step color process includes multiple colored lighteneres, color balancing and strategic placement of color Ice Blonde can be blended with creamy neutral, sand, golden blue, muted mauve or smokey amethyst tones for spectacular effect.

This technique is as sophisticated as it gets. We can use up to four color formulas to achieve this layered look. The technique fuses all of the colors together at the same time with a product called Color I.D.,which allows multiple layers of color to develop without affecting each other. Notice the blonde and brownish color. This look includes a base color either at the scalp or all over, while the FREELIGHTS handpainted technique tones to be desired hue.

Not for everyone but it’s right for you, you will definitely be noticed! In this interpretation the hair is pre-lighted to a pale color, which is the highlighted with several Matte Distilled colors such as soft violet, blonde and peach.

The concept is simple 2-step that begins with a deep dark frame that allows the light pieces of hair to peek through. Dark espresso browns are mixed with some light mocha pieces utilizing the handpainted FREELIGHTS technique – so the color is precisely placed to accentuate the positive. As you can see, the shades are laying on each other without affecting each other’s tones.
This bob is iconic worhty of professional image.

The price for our Color Couture premium highlighting service depends on the lenght and porosity of your hair, color choices and application, and other factors that can affect the outcome. A color consultation is required with your INDULGE color technician. All models and photography shown on this page provided courtesy of WellaTM Professionals.