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Organic Peels

CHEAT FATE with Beauté Neuve Double Organic Peels

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Just because it’s in the genes doesn’t mean you have to live with sagging skin, cheeky dark
spots or dark circles under the eyes.

This anti-aging cellular renewal is like going to an old-time revival meeting. Let the old stuff go and help the new cells come to the surface with our organic peels.

With fatigue, stress or age, skin loses its radiance and elasticity. Pigmentation marks may appear. The skin’s top layer becomes clogged with dehydrated cells that build on top of each other to creates a “crust” or coating or dull complexion. Skin care therapists call it “congested”. You normally see this around the cheeks, sides of the face and on the forehead.

The Beauté Neuve Double Organic Peels treatment begins with a PEEL’IN Gel with Fruit Acids that gently separate dead skin cells from the healthy ones, while the PEEL’OUT Mousse gently exfoliates the dead cells away to restore the radiance of new skin. Cellular regeneration is instantly increased with the exfoliating action.

For those dark spots (a hyper-pigmentation of built-up cells that are damaged or built up over time), Guinot’s Clarmasque takes the exceptional power of pure, concentrated Vitamin C to complete the treatment. This lightening, anti-pigmentation mask restores the skin’s radiance, lightens dark spots and regenerates the skin’s elastin fibers.

Even after one treatment with organic peels you will see a difference.

One Beauté Neuve treatment with organic peels  will restore radiance and a course of three treatments will produce an anti-pigmentation or lightening effect, remove the dead cells and help the skin to fully breathe again.

To reduce hyper-pigmentation marks on the skin, the best regimen is four treatments. Cellular renewal is accelerated, revealing the new youthful you.

Beauté Neuve Double Organic Peels Treatment can also be used on the hands and décolleté.

Please note the recommendations for reducing brown spots and brightening the complexion does not totally remove hyper-pigmentation. Guinot will not guarantee this result because all complexions are different. However, we can guarantee that we can slow down the re-appearance of the spots with brightening and high concentration of treatment to those areas.

Allow 1½ hours for each session.