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Gray, Hair Coloring

Gray hair color

OK. So you are starting to see some sparkles. We can cover it, highlight it, blend it! You get to choose.

They start off as a few strands and the next thing you know they have spread like wildfire. EEK!

The problem is gray hair doesn’t have any pigment, and if your hair is totally white we have to add pigment back in. Indulge Salon offers a special mixture and procedure that we have specifically developed to cover those unwanted grays, using exceptional products that absorb into the hair to actually cover the gray. We then add the color you want to achieve with a little of your own natural pigment color and – Viola! – you will get 100% gray coverage.

Very fine gray hair normally colors quickly, while coarser hair requires a longer processing time (about 50 minutes) to cover the gray.

In addition to giving you the results you want, we also recommend the appropriate products to soften coarse gray hair. For fine gray hair we recommend volume products. For more information see our products section.

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BEFORE Kimberly Acworth with yellow hair

Patina Gray hair color is hot this season. Young professionals want to see multi tones of dark gray blended with lighter silver platinum highlights. Gray hair for professionals looks professional when done right.

Indulge Salon Image

AFTER photo of Kimberly Acworth, Owner of Indulge Salons York Pa

Take a look at the variety of cooler platinum with hues of amethyst.  (hints of pale violet) this cooler color can take out the ugly orange brassy tones that seem to creep out after blonde highlights have grown out. Look at this before and after of grown out blonde highlights that had turned a yellow after a few weeks. A tonal change can create a transformation for anyone when done correctly. Look at the difference a tone can make.