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Body Waxing in our York, Pennsylvania Salon

Sensitive Skin can be waxed without regret!

It is important to note that Body Waxing Services are offered at our locations South York Salon, at 970 S. George Street, York and our Lake Ocone, GA location.
Body Waxing Services are available at many times during the day. Giving you the flexibility you crave.
Our hair removal product is specially formulated to work with skin types that have had past reactions with other types of waxing products. We use a natural sugaring wax, non- wax hypo allergenic wax, soft and hard waxes for all hair types.
Leg Waxing at Indulge Salon leaving you smooth with less redness
It leaves the skin less red—much less!  We use a superior technique that will tremendously reduce the redness and any potential swelling during your waxing services. It’s quick and easy for you.

It is important that you tell us if you are using an extreme exfoliant on the brows or face before any Facial Waxing Services. Facial waxing is not recommended while utilizing Retin- A or any other kind of exfoliant prescribed by your dermatologist. This can cause harmful skin removal, scarring, and external damage to the skin. It is critical to tell us your skincare regime before any hair removal service. If you do not let us know that you are using Retin-A products, we cannot take responsibility for any loss of skin or excessive sensitivity to the eyebrow area.

Please make sure that you thoroughly wash all areas that will be included with your Body Waxing Services the day of your appointment. A clean area that is free of dirt and oils is essential to a great Waxing Service. We will make sure that any area(s) that are not undergoing Body Waxing at our York, Pennsylvania Salon, will be covered.

More information on our  Body Waxing Services:Indulge Salon Image

  • If you feel any discomfort, let your skincare professional know immediately. Everyone is different when it comes to Waxing, especially on a first visit. Our Esthetician(s) do have a topical numbing agent to help reduce the amount of discomfort you may have during your service(s).
  • If you feel uncomfortable after 24 hours, please notify us so we can keep track of your progress. Normally, within an hour, most clients are back to feeling like their normal self with just a slight pinkish color on the skin that will go away. The pores were opened and need to recover. Avoid touching all areas that have been waxed to keep the area sanitary and minimize any risks or infection.
  • For Brides we recommend a Full Body Wax  2–4 days prior to your wedding day. This allows any puffiness to go away & the skin to calm down and recover. For beach goers, we recommend Waxing 1–2 days prior to your beach trip. This allows any puffiness to diminish.

Body Waxing Services & Cost

Arm Wax:
Full Arm   $50
Underarm only  $20
Shoulders to elbow  $25

Back Wax:
Back –  First Time $105

Up to 4 weeks of maintenance growth $45
4 – 6 weeks of maintenance growth $85

Bikini Wax:
You may wear a bikini, nothing or will be given a disposable bikini to place over the area that is not to be waxed during the service. All of the hair outside the bikini will be removed—including the inner thigh and up to the line created by the bikini.  $50

Extended bikini: leaves the landing strip and leaves hair on the labia but removes the rest. $50

Brazilian Wax:
All hair is removed in the pelvic area—front to back and everything in between. The hair needs to be about 1/4” long for the wax to be most effective. Results lasts from 2–3 weeks depending on how fast the hair grows back.
Women’s First Time $85
Women’s 4 week maintenance $60
Men’s First Time $100
Men’s 4 week maintenance $85

Maintenanced Brows – Trimmed and waxed to fit eye area. $15
Manicured Brows – Sculpted Brows for those that haven’t had their EyeBrows done in a bit of time.  $20

Buttocks: Entire cheeks top to bottom. $40

First Time chest wax $85
4 Week Maintenance $65

Full Body Waxing:
The body is waxed from the shoulders down. Fees are assessed per client. Please call for more information.
For full body wax appointments we require a credit card to be on file. We require a 24-hour courtesy call to cancel or you will be charged the full price of the body waxing services.

Indulge Salon York ImageLeg Waxing:
Full Leg $135
Upper Leg Half $75
Lower Leg Half $35

Neck: $20

Stomach Waxing: $20

All waxing fees are subject to adjustment

Our estheticians pre-schedule appointments to ensure they have the proper amount of time to give the attention you need for your services. We will ask for a deposit for multiple services that require a block of time. 50% will be required to hold your reservation. If you do not show up after numerous attempts via phone; text; email, we will charge you the full price of the service. A 24 hour courtesy call is necessary for any cancellation.
We value our time and attention to detail and We expect the same.

Body Waxing is only offered at our South York Salon, at 970 S. George Street, York.
Body Waxing in York Pennsylvania