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Indulge Salon York Pa Autumn is aproaching along with the seasonal falling of the leaves making way for preparation for winter.

Since my last blog post which happens to be about a year ago (shame on me) the pandemic has caused many changes in attitude……about family, working from home, working in general, time, political views, school system you name it…even hairstyles.

I find that I’ve changed too. My values are still the same but my vantage point has changed. So comes with change comes different results because of how we think. Our world has shifted both private and worldly.

Autumn is a great time for change in hair, skin and makeup.

I love how the leaves change giving our world color in oranges, rusts, reds and muted greens. There have been times that I would sit at a local pond, Glatfelter Insurance Company, looking over the the pond on the property watching the baby ducks grow from ducklings to full grown ducks then move on to wherever ducks go. Mommy and daddy duck would always come back during their season. The leaves would fall leaving the tree bare and brittle.

After winter, the sprouts would start to bloom and we would create new living life on earth again, cherishing the natural beauty.

Why did I go to the lengths of writing those thoughts? Because, I wanted to challenge you to look at your hair/life with a new found beauty. Emerging from the winter of being sheltered in with a new vantage point.

This autumn 2021 change is bringing on pixie haircuts, rich chocolate browns, wine burgundy’s, sandy blondes and platinum blondes. As always, dimensional color never goes out of style but the fact remains that little changes can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves.

Haircolor can make our skin glow. A new haircut that shapes our face making us come alive, feeling vibrant.

I love it when our clients make comments about how they feel after they have their hair done at Indulge Salon.

“After I had cut my hair short, I didn’t feel good about myself. I was excited about getting my hair extensions that matched my hair. Now I have longer hair that makes me feel more like myself and confident that I haven’t felt in a long time.”    Angelia, York, Pa

You can be frizz free during this humidity by trying the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing treatment.

What will the Brazilian blowout do for you?

It takes that halo of frizzy hair that sticks out and smooths them down without being flat against your head.

WHO is this for?

  1. if you find your hair tearing from wearing pony tails with little bits of frays around your ears and face, this will help protect those hairs.
  2. if you have split ends, this is great to protect your ends, especially long hair
  3. hair that always frizzes in the humidity
  4. bulky hair that doesn’t get air into the scalp

    Split ends, broken off hair from pony tails, Indulge Salon York Pa

    split ends that have been in a pony tail. The ends are shredded from tension.

  5. hair that is braided constantly
  6. super wiry hair

the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment is made up of amino acids like your hair and seals the hair make it healthier for 12 consecutive weeks. This treatment can be used:

  • immediately after a hair color service
  • immediately after a relaxer
  • immediately after a perm (that is if you got it to curly)
  • provides shine and combability
  • debulks super thick hair allowing it to be moveable
  • cuts blow dry time in 1/2
  • excellent for hair extensions
  • prevents the color from fading
  • excellent for over processed highlights that seem fragile
  • no down time can shampoo same day or day after no more waiting
  • can go to the gym right after a service

If you have always wanted to experience amazing hair, this is a game changer for you. Can be used on ANY texture of hair. The brazilian blowout smoothing treatment will take about 60-80 minutes with our experienced staff. They will wash your hair with a special shampoo that literally draws out the dirt and impurities Our professionals will apply the solution  while protecting your eyes. Once the solution is applied we will blow dry the hair then flat iron it.


Be prepared for the AFTER CARE conversation to make sure you are using the right post care products to keep your Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment in your hair as long as possible. Our guarantee is 8 –  12 weeks but our history is 15 weeks. As long as you follow our protocol you will be able to get to 15 weeks of amazing hair that you will fall in love with.

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Self Care Series provides live videos on hair care tips, makeup application and skin care to help you look your best.

During this challenging time in our universe with the COVID-19 shut down, we have had a great time showing our subscribers how to do a few things such as:

  1. how to create the perfect brow
  2. how to create volume in second day hair
  3. building the foundation in skin care
  4. creating the perfect lip

Feel free to join us on FB @indulgecolorsalon or you can join us by logging in through zoom to join us live while we do our session together.

I’ve realized by teaching my clients the “how-to’s” how fun we have together. Our togetherness distracts the fact that we can’t do as much socialization as we would like. We laugh, we all have input at the same time, we ask questions that can be answered right away.

All of us are hoping that we can open our salons by April 30th in York, May 14 Greensboro, GA. I believe we are ready to get back to some normalcy. Although our world has changed immediately and will never be the same, we still have the same wants and needs.

I miss hugging my people. I miss touching my clients on the shoulder without them looking at me like I have a disease. Now we have to wear masks to prevent “droplets” from spreading. Now we have to sit 6 feet apart. Now we have to NOT BREATHE!

I love communicating no matter what we do together on line, zoom or just when you ready my blog posts, facebook posts, etc. know that I care about you