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Learn 5 myths about hair extensions thought to damage hair.

Hi, my name is Kimberly Acworth, Owner of Indulge Salons in York and Lake Oconee,Ga. I’ve been providing premium hair services to clients with fine hair that just stops growing, losing hair, shedding hair and suffering from hair loss over the 26 years of being in the hair industry. As you move through these myths that we will be debunking about hair extensions, you will feel more comfortable and educated with your stylist when it comes to maintenance and what to expect. If you would like to learn more, please go to my website at We will show you many options, costs and maintenance ideas that should know before getting into hair extensions.

Myth #1. Hair Extensions will break my hair.

FACT. Hair extensions do not break off the hair. Pulling, tugging and yanking the hair can break the hair. The maintenance of the hair extensions on a daily basis with how the hair at the scalp is cared for in the proper approach will not break the hair. What you will see is that the average person sheds 80 – 100 hairs per day naturally. Those shedding hairs that are attached to the hair extension could come out depending on how strong the attached hair is to the scalp. The hair has to be brushed every day to prevent the hairs that are still attached from tangling into the other hairs that are shedding.

Every manufacturer of hair extensions has a set of instructions on how they are to be installed. If the installation is not done correctly, the hair extensions as they grow out can twist causing knotting that can cause the reaction to pull the knot out therefore tugging all of the additional weight onto the scalp causing tension and pressure to remove the knot. In some cases the extensions could “fuse” together causing a big ball of sticky glue and hair stuck together that cannot be removed but has to be cut out. There are many reasons for this situation.

Myth #2. Hair won’t grow with hair extensions.

FACT. Hair seems to grow faster because the natural hair finally has the chance to heal because the hair extensions are shielding the constant application of blow dryer, curling iron intense heat and flat iron heat. Hair on average grows 1/2″ per month. If fine hair isn’t able withstand the constant battle of heat, it can break. If the individual has medical concerns that cause hair to fall out or shed because of the side affect, then it would appear that the hair isn’t growing. Taking supplements to help assist in growth such as CollagenBlu which is a marine protein that can be taken orally does help grow hair plus give the body the additional supplement it needs for hair nutrition and energy.

Myth #3. I wont’ have to shampoo my hair extensions but once a week.

FACT. You will have to shampoo your hair 2 – 3x per week because the scalp is still underneath the hair extensions. By shampooing with a shampoo that cleans the scalp to free it of debris. Bad smells like oily scalp that hasn’t been washed in weeks could prevent hair from prematurely suffocating from buildup. Waxes, dry shampoo and other gray coverage waxes can build up as I said and clog pores.

The skin underneath is like the skin on your face and has to be cleansed. In some instances we recommend a scrub to exfoliate the buildup on the scalp. We have this conversation prior to installation about the health and care of the type of hair extensions that you will be wearing. Just like your face that needs scrubbed every day, the skin on the top of your head will need to be cleansed with non sulfate shampoo at the scalp twice. The hair mid length and ends must be cleansed too because it collects smells from the environment trapping them into the hair. It rubs on coats, car seats, pillows collecting bacteria, skin cells and will need nourishment from a conditioner. Natural hair extensions are human hair that requires a detangler, moisturizer or re-constructor depending on the type of hair that you have installed.

I have personally experienced seeing mold on the scalp from lack of shampooing properly. A strong suggestion would be to change your pillow case at least 2x per week. Don’t go to bed with your hair wet because the natural body heat and wet pillow case can attract bacteria therefore the perfect setting for mold to grow on the pillow case and at your scalp. Mold can build a habitat underneath braided wefts. Dandruff can be flaking which are dry skin cells wanting to shed normally but are trapped within the braided environment plus add to that dry shampoo or whatever styling agent is added to that little concoction. The itching is not good o watch either. Then you have skin cells underneath your fingernails… I could go on. Just wash your hair and hair extensions 2 – 3x per week. If you have questions about your situation, you can contact our salon at 717846.4424 (York, Pa) or 706.999.9911 (Lake Oconee, GA location)

Myth #4. Since I have hair extensions I don’t have to worry about pony tailing my hair.

FACT. This would naturally feel like you can pull the hair up and be done with it however; this is far from the truth. The heavier your extensions are the more weight is on your naturally fine hair. The more weight and tension that is pulling at the same spot on your head can literally pull your hair out because of the constant pulling. A good example would be box braids, braids that are pulled tight around the hairline from years since being a child into adulthood. Just as a person that has pulled their hair in the crown from tight pony tails could cause the hair to decrease in amount of hair that grows because it can become weak.

Move the pony tail around to different parts of head during the day or week. The top right of your crown, lower bottom loose braid or pony tail will give the hair a break from tension. Only use fabric type of hair holders such as the ones we recommend from

When it comes time to install hair extensions for maintenance, we do move the hair extensions around to take the pressure off the same spot preventing the tension areas. This can be done with tape-in’s, clamp extensions monthly. Other brands that are fused will have to be carefully removed then installed as a new set in surrounding areas.

Myth #5. If I have cancer or diabetes, I can’t have hair extensions.

FACT. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course you can however; consideration of the type of hair extensions would need to be discussed. A quick weight loss such as gastric bypass, cancer  or diabetes will have altered the body internally maybe causing weakness in the hair. Taking supplements to strengthen the hair follicle and hair are important, eating enough protein is essential to growing hair. The greens are essential to building blocks in amino acids internally to help re grow hair. Cancer survivors normally have baby fine hair that grows in and can be attached to the hair extensions. The weight and type of hair extension has to be considered so the baby fine hair doesn’t pull out because it is a different type of hair that needs to harden. An insulated clamp/bead would be perfect for this type of hair because the insulation will protect the hair however; the weight of hair or amount of hair in each extension has to be considered because as I said, the heavy weight of 20 – 30 hairs could put to much weight on the few hairs therefore pulling it out.

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Natural hair extensions are one of the most amazing inventions that can give you length, volume and color without the commitment in 1 – 2 hours depending on the type of hair extensions you have chosen.

I could give you many reasons to trust Indulge Salon, York, Pa and Greensboro, Ga with your hair but since I have limited space here, I’ll give you 5 to start with:

    The evaluation of your hair condition should be a consideration BEFORE you choose the TYPE of natural hair extensions. Here are some considerations:
    1. a. Fine hair should not have a heavy weight of hair or the weight and pulling on it could pull the hair extension and your hair out if not maintained properly.
    2. b. Medical issues in the body will affect the outcome of the hair extensions whether they can stay in longer or if you need short term options. Some medical conditions encourage thinning of hair.
    3. c. Thick hair has density and coarseness that will require MORE hair to make the hairstyle look like a normal head of thick hair. This will require more hair at the base of the neck and distributed up through to the crown. This will be more expensive due to the density and the amount of hair needed.
    4. d. Medium hair without medical side effects will be easier to apply but still needs more hair for the base of the hair at the bottom depending on length and thickness wanted. We will look at the style you are interested for a reference.
    Bringing a photo of your favorite hairstyle will help us determine the type of hair extensions that you could utilize vs another to achieve your look. We specialize in 5 different brands of hair extensions. Photos you may find on Pinterest may not provide you a “real” snapshot of the hair you’re liking. When you bring this photo in, we will make sure we discuss your options of hair, density, and the length and thickness of the hair.
    My teams at Indulge Salon ( will talk to you about the hair color whether you want to keep your hair natural or have it highlighted/lowlighted or taken back to a natural color. We will need to color your hair prior to ordering hair extensions in order to bring your personal hair dream to life.
    Our hair extensions have a natural look and feel to them. The hair extensions are 100% human hair and can be cut, colored (deposit only), styled with a curling wand, flat ironed and washed and blown dry as you would your own hair.
    We have the experience necessary to create beautiful dream hair on hair that is often deemed as “too short” or “not a candidate for hair extensions.” We can apply these hair extensions anywhere on the head that has a minimum of 6” or more to covered the attachment bonding. The top of the hair can be done with a very small fusion adhesive to make it look natural. We would not use the others that have a heavier weight or thicker clamp or bond that would see through. These are some of the things that we would talk about at our consultation prior to ordering hair.

As you can see that hair extensions are personal to every person that has them applied to their hair. We have many options to choose from whether we use a fused bond that is heated then fused with your hair, micro -links that the keratin tip that is inserted into a metal cylinder that is then clamped close. Tape in hair extensions are great for a short time period such as 1 – 3 months usage.

The newest hair extension technology is Hairdreams Nano. These hair extensions come in 5-Star and 7-Star Quality that is basically invisible to others and integrated into your own hair.
With this high-quality hair, two colors can be blended to make it look like your sunkissed hair in browns or blondes.

To make your hair dream a reality, contact us for a customized consultation

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Thanksgiving is approaching fast. Gift ideas to

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Good manners never go out of style, although I think a refresher course in what to bring to a hostess would be in order. As a hostess, we work very hard to give an enjoyable experience to our friends and family. I know what it’s like to receive and to give a gift. Makes you feel warm and cozy.

Small gifts are appreciated. Something simple that is personal means a lot.

Soap, lotion, simple card says thank you in big ways. The appreciation of acknowledging the work that goes into hosting a gathering is not a small thing. The cost of hosting an event, the planning of the event, the choosing of foods, the experience of the people attending all are important. Like Thanksgiving or Christmas we look forward to the smells, the traditional plates and accessories that all show up at the holidays.

Traditional gifting with small gifts of appreciation is expected.

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Secretly, we love acknowledgement of how hard we worked and we love the ooh and ahs of how much someone loves our cooking and how fun the gathering was. We have some ideas for you:

  • Indulge Pure Originals vegan soaps such as the Loofah Soap – vegan soap poured into a loofah that naturally exfoliates your body while showering. No soap residue left on the skin. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the old soaps that leave that strong smell or film on the skin that feels coated. YUK! I have always loved a great scrub that makes you feel so clean. The feeling of clean that rinses off beautifully. Can be purchased here 
  • Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Soap is one of our best sellers! Great for our waxing clients that have sensitive skin, red skin that is inflamed skin but needs to be cleaned but gently. Great for our clients that are trying to prevent ingrown hairs. We have been very successful with our clients in their pursuit of getting rid of ingrown hairs!! The fragrance is light and cozy with a slight cleansing with oatmeal to help exfoliate the dead skin keeping the new skin coming up fresh and smooth. This is the quickest way to rid your sell of dead drab ashy looking skin. Safe to use on the face.  $8.75 for 3.5 oz.  Purchase in salon at 970 S George St, York, Pa 17403 or online here. 
  • Indulge Salon Gift cards for $10 or more are awesome to receive. Why a gift card? The hostess can spend it on anything they might want. Great for  a new haircut, hair color, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, a skin care product for dry skin, facial, pedicure of the month that your friend or family member wanted to try. The best compliment you can give a friend is referring them to a favorite place you love. Try Indulge Salon in York, Pa or Greensboro, GA (Lake Oconee, GA) Can be purchased online at or call ahead and we can get it prepared for you  to pick up.
  • Indulge Pure Originals Bath Salts – THE BEST GIFT EVER $8.00 for an 8 oz of the purest sea salts that are mixed with the most relaxation fragrance.

Remember to say thank you with gratitude in your heart goes far for the people that make a difference in your life.