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Caramel highlights

AFTER result of Caramel Bronde balayage/freelights highlights

Caramel Bronde Balayage Highlights are natural this summer

Try this seasons Caramel Bronde balayage highlights that are so natural looking, they tone out the brassiest of colors giving the result of a natural soft blonde tone that is neither yellow or ash. It’s like the color of a baby fawn. Our newest color collection LeBeige from Wella Professional color line is the best tones that are soft and conditioning for brown hair going lighter with balayage, ombre’ or foils for any hair highlights.

When going from dark brown with highlights, the goal is to get rid of the brassy orange color. The best way is to use the right highlighting strategy to achieve the best tonal color against your skin tone. I highly recommend a professional consultation at Indulge Salon, York Pa known as the best hair color authority in York and Lake Oconee, GA.

No matter which color you choose, the strategy of placement plus technique plus the right color choice gives the hair the flow, feeling of touchability. How we apply the lightener to remove pre-existing color makes all of the difference. We want to prevent spots, lines, digitized (fancy word for faded and overlapped

Balayage freelights

lightening with balayage freelights hand painting technique

color on natural hair that is not suppose to be) therefore, placement is everything to make the best of the color look natural. This can take about 30 – 40 minutes just to apply on long thick hair. Essentially we plan how the hair will look when it’s done before we even start it. Contouring color is the newest trends that resemble the makeup industry. Contouring your face is similar to using color to contour the hair with several shades lighter or darker to bring out the natural tones of the hair when light shines on it giving a gleam from light to dark. It’s not like ombre’ with the lighter ends, it’s more like the subtle lighting such as standing outside in the sun when the light reflects off the hair

If it’s your first appointment with Indulge Salon, please share which color

Caramel highlights

BEFORE Caramel highlights, courtesy of Wella

lines were used prior to having the service done. Box color or other professional color brands must be taken into consideration with our choices of professional color.

Choosing the right color choices for your skin and hair can be overwhelming at first for some clients but we are happy that we have some great people on board the team that can help consult with evaluating your hair texture, tone of skin and tone of hair.

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Inaddition to experiencing an amazing hair color, we will show you how to work with your hair with EIMI products that evoke your authenticity in styling your hair. Yes, you can recreate your look at home. We carry Wella Oil Reflections Luxe Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask that makes your hair look like glass. All of our shampoo’s, conditioners and styling aids will nourish your hair color investment

2017 shows Contouring Color for hair for spring and summer

Color Contouring with waves

Color Contouring for hair in waves – courtesy of Wella

                   What is Contouring Color?

The artistic placement of color shading to bring out the shape of the haircut design.  These contouring colors are placed in the swell of a curl, along the edge of cut giving the illusion of choppiness, lightness at the curve of the head reflecting light. Strategically placed hair colors of dark to light, light to dark, warm to cool or cool to warm to mimic movement in the hair.

Imagine your makeup that you place to contour your cheeks, your eyes, and your jawline with a darker or lighter shade to bring out your best features for “affect”. The same works for Contouring Color only with lighteners to brighten and hair color to add depth. This is the most exciting time of year to bring out your best features with techniques that will express yourself.

When a stylist takes time to consider texture of hair, where the hair sits naturally on the face to determine what is best for your face shape and lifestyle is part of the consultation we do with all of our clients at Indulge Salon. After 25 years of being in the salon industry, I still spend the time to tweak new ideas for my long time clients.

Even short hair can have Contouring Color for hair. I did this one client whom travels 5 hours to have her hair colored and cut with me once a month. We created this amazing inspiration of blue jean color which was depth of a gray blue at the scalp then diffused towards the ends as a faded blue gray. This was one of my favorite hair colors that was iconic for me. We still talk about this color but have since moved on to the new grays along with a disconnected cut.

Customizing the hair with a new haircut and color is truly the ultimate for any person. Contouring Color for hair will give a personalized approach to the same old balayage that we have been doing for years. Here are some of the few techniques that are excellent for longer hair:

  1. Balayage highlights technique was designed to free hand paint lightener to give off the look of the sun kissing the hair on top of the head. This technique creates a very natural look.
  2. Free lights techniques is another version of hand painted highlights however the product used is 100% different. The product encapsulates the hair creating a seal around the hair shaft therefore protecting it from touching other parts of the hair that could get spotty if touched. This was revolutionary in the hair coloring world from my opinion.
  3. Ombre’ technique is still strong with the darkness at the scalp then moving lighter towards the ends. This took the balayage technique and turned its world upside down. Still popular but seeing it trend more towards the brighter rainbow colors to showcase the colors even more.
  4. Contouring Color for hair has created a movement amongst our peers in the salon industry to customize the artistry for the person we are working on. Our clients expect personalization from the hair to their makeup.
  5.  Here is the hit list of trends:
    1. Vintage Waves, romantic waves styling, curls
      Undulating color - contouring color for hair showing movement

      Undulating color – courtesy of Wella

      Graphical Illusion - Contouring color for hair

      Graphical Fluidity – courtesy of wella

      and beach waves using the new EIMI products to produce long lasting waves customized with Contouring Color to show off those waves after styling. This is artistic and crafted for each person.

    2. Graphic Fluidity – demonstrating the seemless color complimenting the change in textures by craft cutting. The craft cutting technique (we just finished a training on this) is about the precision of the cut that after moving the hair (fluidity) shows the change in contouring color in the hair.
    3. Optical Waves – dark to light shading and contouring with
      Optical Illusions contouring color for hair

      Optical Illusions – courtesy of Wella

      warm to cool or cool to warm. This technique is mesmerizing because of the interest of looking at the hues of color in the hair.

    4. Undulating Color for Curves are inspired by movement such as walking down a street. The breeze that has lifted or bounced the hair while walking will reflect the light differently on a wave with shadow. Fascinating to talk about light and shadow in color to make movement in the hair.
    5. Pixelated hair – think of a dots that make
      Wella - Pixelated hair

      Pixelated Hair – photo courtesy of Wella

      up a picture. This is the for the ultra creative person that is inspired by the art.I know this was a long blog however; the trends are deep and wide for 2017 Spring and Summer trends in Contouring color for hair. Call 717.846.4424 for your update today. or Go here to book a consultation with Kimberly Acworth.



Productivity = time management efficiency in the work place

Are you as productive as you thought you were? Feel like you aren’t getting ahead in the day? Loads of emails to filter through or find that your facebook page is more interesting? So many of our days are filled with filtering through our emails from people we aren’t really interested in however; it takes time to delete to remove them.

Recently I had attended an Irrational Summit with a bunch of really smart economists that shed a light on the economy and the what if’s when or if Trump would become President of the United States. The group also had created some potential outcomes if Hillary would be elected. Well, this was an eye opener because:

  • if Trump were elected productivity would jump because he would cause a stir amongst public investments
  • the Fed would initiate changes based on his decisions and the goal to increase revenue for the country would be to get people more productive then the general population currently works about 34 hours. We are losing millions of dollars by workers not working as many hours that were available in our country. (this was interesting)
  • the amount of money that is committed by country monthly would have an affect on our citizens because of medicaid, medicare and the amount of people that are dependent on “the system”.
  • the conversation went on and on with everyone’s opinions on investing.

My personal thoughts to this conversation were what are doing as an action step to be more productive with your time. Is it checking all of your social media accounts for hours on end? Is it talking on the phone more or emails that really just fill up your day with non producing money making activities? Are you taking care of the co-workers, customers, clients associated with you?

Every time you check and email that goes nowhere eats up your time. Time you don’t get back. Think about the time dragons that eat up your valuable time that could be taken to meet with a potential client, close down your computer that isn’t offering you what you need. How about advanced education? Does it really have to be somebody’s else’s responsibility or could you schedule a training for yourself to further your career?

I find that when I spend a some time preparing myself in the morning with goals, appropriate makeup for the day, style my hair for interactions with people that my day has a more productive feel to it. Planning, preparing to execute a day is important to achieve goals in life. The question remains, what are you doing with your time during your 24 hours a day to be more productive? Are you spending time with people that drag you down emotionally or do you spend time with people that lift you up or contribute to your life. I find that I’ve run into both types during the years. I learned this tip from Brian Tracy, Author and speaker. He said you can’t eat a frog in one day. You’ve got to break down your goals in to bite size nimblers to achieve the big goal over time.

For example, getting ready in the morning could take 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how my makeup counter is set up. If its all jumbled then my makeup application would take longer because I have to hunt for things. I do have all of my makeup organized into sections such as moisturizer because that goes on first, foundation colors goes on second so I have it positioned them to the right of my counter so that I don’t have to think about where to reach for them. The other makeup items such as eye shadow, liners (can’t give away all my secrets) are lined up in order of makeup application. This has proven very efficient, time saving so much that it dropped my get ready time down to 15 minutes from shower to out the door. It pays to be productive with time management. This is situational time management.

Just some thought provoking ideas for you to make your day more productive. Click here.

Feel free to share some of your time management savings activities to pass along to others. Thank you in advance for sharing.


Owner, Indulge Salons

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