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Brazilian blowout used on double processed hair

courtesy Brazilian Blowout model of double processed hair protected by Brazilian Blowout

Is your salon updated on NEW treatments to smooth unruly frizzy hair?

Over processed hair? We have a B3 treatment for you!

Need conditioning at a deeper level? We have a B3 Demi permanent treatment that will be like putting a gloss on your hair that gives shine and lasts up to 6 weeks.  OR

Try the regular Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment to protect double processed colored hair. This product I saw with my own eyes applied to the limp over processed hair, then the hair was blown dry then the hair was flat ironed. After the hair is processed and flat ironed, we are now taught to rinse the hair. After the hair is rinsed then style as recommended.

Results were nothing short of a miracle. the hair felt stronger. I could feel such a big difference in the hair since I just colored the hair the day before and blew it dry. The hair texture had changed to more smoothness versus a rough texture.

The Brazilian Blowout treatment will smooth the cuticle of the hair resulting in healthier, light weight and shiny hair.

There are alternatives to the types of Brazilian Blowout treatments starting with the original Brazilian Blowout. This type of treatment does NOT have keratin in it. This type of treatment has Camu Camu, Acai Berry are two of the super nutrient ingredients that are included in the amino acids that bind to the outside of the hair. What this means is that if you imagine pot holes in the road that are deep when you drive over them, your car will lean and then go upright. This is similar analogy to hair. If the hair has breakage or holes in it then the Brazilian Blowout will fill in the holes which is sealed by the flat iron creating a solid surface that makes the hair shiny. This treatment last about 12 – 15 weeks. Using the Brazilian products will help support your longstanding treatment. This is one of the most transformational treatments.

The Brazilian blowout can be adjusted with the type of curl you have or want to have. If you have the tighter curl the treatment will be customized to the wave without the frizz. The possibility of having the brazilian blowout can afford you the opportunity to still wear your hair curly or wavy just without the unruly frizz that comes with tighter curls.

Curly to smooth and defrizzed with Brazilian Blowout -

courtesy of Brazilian Blowout results

Tight curls such as mixed textures especially African American hair that has the tightest curls that cushion at the scalp can be challenging for all parties.

This type of texture is hard to manage and usually is cut off, boxed braids or regular blow drying at a salon but misses the beautiful opportunity of having smooth hair. We can provide one of the types of treatments instead of going with a relaxer to keep some of the curl but allows the bulk of the hair to be:

  1. moisturized with the amino acids decreasing rough texture to a smooth texture allowing the brush to go through without tearing out the hair
  2. reduces bulk of the hair at the scalp and throughout mid length and ends
  3. blow drying is faster
  4. cumulative affects after continuing use

The results are nothing short of amazing once the treatment is completed. We will instruct how to manage your hair from that day forward to keep the results that you had achieved. We highly recommend continuing 4x per year. If you decide that you want to go back to your natural look, you just stop having the treatments done every 12 -15 weeks because it will have worn off. The hair is not altered permanently it will gradually wear off the more frequently the hair is shampooed without the supernutrients or follow up maintenance products used. If the hair is exposed to products that are non sulfate free plus strips the hair of vital nutrients, the brazilian blowout smoothing treatment will not be in the hair as we suggest.

If you are interested in having your hair free of unruly frizzy hair, contact us at 717.846.4424. Check out more information at our page

We have 3 locations to choose from to meet your needs

South York Colonial Square – 970 S George St, York Pa  717.846.4424

Indulge Salon – Stonebridge – 985 Far Hills Drive, New Freedom, Pa 717.227.2566

Indulge Salon – Lake Oconee – 1104 Market St, Greensboro, GA 706.999.9911

Red hair color is being showcased in media for the spring/summer season. Beautiful red base with hints of auburn with subtle flashes of purple reds, strawberry blondes or even glossed over with the copper red. I LOVE this red hair color collection!

Let’s take what you have and spice it up with some balayage or lowlights giving your hair some dimension and interest. Being a hair colorist gives so much satisfaction to change or transform a client’s hair. If you don’t want to permanently change the hair color, we can give you options by utilizing hair extensions to provide length, volume and thickness with as many colors as you would love to add. We can even add balayage or ombre’ colors to give an intensity to the color without the commitment.

Wella Insta Vintage Leather Red

What’s it going to take to get you to change it up?

Why don’t you take a few minutes to come into the salon for a consultation? We already know hair color but it might be great for you to see yourself in some new shades that bring excitement. Your skin color will look better. let’s add a new lips shade by Glo Minerals. We can give you a new haircut that will make your new red hair color sing!

If you don’t want red hair color, then you might want to read another blog post because this one is all about red hair color. Take a look at the picture to the right. This is an example of a client that wanted brighter copper red with some cooler tones.

Hair extensions were used to give length plus tonal change. These red hair extensions last about 4 – 5 months with the correct hair care management.

No matter if you want Terra Cotta hair color, Auburn red hair color, chestnut brown with red highlights, strawberry red hair color, we can make it happen. If you choose to rock out the hair with rainbow red mixed with pink, we can do it!

Time that is needed to remove old pigment is needed when you come in with old box color or from “another” salon. I found that removing the old color will give a better foundation for the new tones that we will be putting in your hair. We have this really cool color pigment remover that only removes the artificial pigment but doesn’t affect the natural hair color.

This process does take 45 minutes regardless of what we do to your hair, it’s all in the preparation. Sometimes,Hair dreams hair extensions I get the client that says, “I’ve been here for 5 hours….” I respond with, “yes, you have but that is what it takes when we remove color, shampoo, the we have to condition it with the correct protein enriched color or filling the color with the missing pigment.” So when you are in the salon that long, know that good things take lots of time and lots of knowledge to get you the result that you are looking for.

I coach my team that we never rush the progress. You as a client need to prepare with expectations. No rushing, no pressure on the stylists because we may be working with other clients while you are processing but it doesn’t mean you are any less important. Clearly, we have a difficult job to do.

Our relationships with our clients are very important. This is why we let you know what we are doing every step of the way. We may have an assistant cleanse a few times, or another stylist may be applying color in certain areas. We do what it takes to care for your hair.

How do I make my red hair stay longer?

Unfortunately, red hair color is tough to keep in according to the FDA. The red dye is regulated in the United States. Mostly RED DYE #7 is questionable. The United States has gotten more creative with their dyes. There are only so many dyes that are used in hair color especially red hair color dye.

Over the years with advanced private training under my belt, I’ve learned that no matter which color is used in the red hair color zone, you will need to visit the salon within 2 – 3 weeks from the initial hair color application. Then we keep submitting the red glossy tones to keep the pigment in the hair. All I can say is that it’s totally worth the effort in the beginning for a long term result.

We have some color pigments that will stay what seems like FOREVER! Then when you want to try something new it won’t leave like a bad boyfriend. We do everything we can to remove the old red pigment so be 100% sure that you want red hair color because we will make it happen for you.

What if I get tired of my red hair color?

Good question. As I said in the previous comments be sure of which red hair color that you want. What if you decided that red is not for you? Whether it’s box color, salon color, it can be removed with a product that actually will lighten the pigment out of the hair. Depending on the health of the hair, this process may take multiple appointments. Red color that is lightening can get stuck in the orange stage which isn’t pretty. If this happens, we have to change the color to deposit to either enhance or neutralize the color for the time being.

As the hair starts lightening, the hair will go through layers of lightening like red orange, orange, yellow and depending on how light you want the hair it may decide to not lighten anymore than it can withstand. We will only lighten as long as the hair will keep it’s integrity.

Best products to use on red hair color.

So many to choose from to home maintenance products. the cool thing is that their are red hair color shampoo’s, conditioners and leave in treatments. when you find the perfect red that makes it easier to choose from. We recommend using a red color conditioner so that you can manage the red tones that suit you personally.

k about our color conditioner mixed specifically for your hair color needs. Use 2 – 3x per week for best results. Call 717.84.4424 for an appointment. Please bring photos of what you like or don’t like.

Welcome Indulge Salon – Stonebridge

Indulge Salon - Stonebridge

On April 8, 2019, Indulge Salon, York, Pa acquired this modern industrialized salon formerly, The Salon at Stonebridge in New Freedom, Pa, now Indulge Salon – Stonebridge. 

We are proud and honored to manage this location so that we can bring the hair coloring traditions and methodologies of Indulge Salon  to the clients in the area of Stewartstown, New Freedom, Shrewsbury and the Maryland area.

This area has been growing rapidly since 2007. We have an opportunity to showcase our product Indulge Pure Originals for our body butter bars, vegan and organic soaps, bath salts. Click here for more information on Indulge Pure Originals.

Our featured hair products are Color WOW that gives shine, support to beautiful hair color. Of course Wella for our hair color and balayage.

Services that will be offered in this location:

Hair cutting:

  • hair cutting for both men and women professionals

    Wella Insta Vintage Leather Red

    Courtesy of Wella

  • barbering

Conditioning treatments

  • conditioning treatments for fine, medium and coarse hair
  • treatments to thicken fine thinning hair
  • coarser texture treatments to soften and defrizz

Hair Color

  • specializing in hair color for fine thin hair
  • decolorizing from brown to gray
  • double process blonding
  • correcting blotched home hair color
  • balayage highlights
  • ombre’ highlighting
  • organic hair color that is safe for the skin
  • gray coverage and blending color ideas
  • creative color technique

Keratin treatments

  • Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments to smooth and debulk hair
  • Split end treatments
  • Japanese hair straightening for the client that wants straight hair

Blow Dry finishing

  • blow dry style finishing
  • special occassion hairstyles
  • braiding
  • textured, ethnic texture blow dry styling
  • curly styling


  • Full body waxing, facial waxing, leg waxing, brazllian for both men and women, eye brow waxing, upper lip, chin, back, chest, etc

Spa Facial treatments

  • Facials that are solution oriented such as Anti-aging, Acneic skin conditions, Rosacea, wrinkles, sagging skin
  • Hydra clean for hard to reach pimples, cysts, and general softening of the skin to extract black heads
  • We use Guinot from France, and Rhonda Allison for the home maintenance

Hair Extensions

  •  Hair extensions for volume, length and thickness
  • Eyelash extensions for volume and length and thickness

Gift Cards for birthday, anniversary, “just because”, “in the doghouse”, holiday

  • gift cards over $50

Booking online will be an option by this friday. Click here for Stonebridge location. Only 8 – 10 minutes from Leighters Heights Exit 4

Staffing: we are hiring experienced stylists technicians, front desk coordinators for day and evening

Call for an appointment: 717.227.2566 or 717.846.4424 (main phone number for all 3 locations)

Salon hours:

Reach out to stay in touch:

FB: Indulgesalonstonebridge

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