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Want to expand your experience as a hairstylist that does hair extensions?


Now hiring Hair Stylists, Front desk coordinator and esthetician to wax and provide facials

Indulge Salon is hiring experienced hairstylists, appointment schedulers, estheticians that love to do facials and full body waxing.

Our clients really appreciate high quality work and attention to detail. If you love this type of quality then you may want to consider Indulge Salon, York, Pa.

Part time at Indulge Salon is 20 hours a week

Full and part time hours are available for experienced hair stylists, lash extentionist, waxer, hair extensionists. Let’s say you have worked in the hair industry but you let your license lapse, perhaps you might be interested as a front desk scheduler position providing high levels of customer service without having to renew your license.

We provide detailed haircoloring, highlighting and haircutting. We prefer years of experience to make it an easier integration into our environment.

Kimberly is hiring hair stylists to assist her with hair extension clients taking down hair extensions, prepping the clients for their next service plus helping prepare for the extensions. She is willing to teach and train experienced hair stylists to work with hair extensions to take on the maintenance of current clients that go between all of our stylists that work at the salon.

On the job training is essential to help you feel secure in the job

Our manager will show you how to make appointments as a scheduler. Learn all about the services we provide and how to explain them.

As a front desk scheduler, we expect you to be professional on the phone and in person with good manners, friendly personality and have the ability to be a good listener in order to set the service up appropriately. This is a fast-paced environment.  Multi-phone lines, prepping and assisting with organizing the flow of the day.

Being hired at our salon, bring a sense of humor. If you are concerned about getting your steps in for the day, this is the place.

Our hours are:

Monday 9 – 5        (hiring for 2 – 5)

Tues – Thursday 9-9 (2- 10)

Friday 9 -2

Saturday 8 – 3

We have a need for day and evening shifts full time and part time for all positions.

Do you love education to expand your skills? We provide on going education with our software plus the physical products and services that we sell in the salon.

Do you love providing information to clients to help solve their hair and skin problems? Do you like to be in charge? This is a great role to have in our salon so that you can take control on scheduling to make our clients lives easier because you listened to them. Learning how we provide our services will be essential to the position you take.

Do you like to learn? In a world where change happens rapidly, its important that you like to keep up on new products and services available.

Looking your best is essential for the first impression in the job. Not only are you smart and use your skills, you get to look good with stylish hair, makeup along with wearing business professional clothing that sets you apart. This is not relaxed wear.

If you have any marketing, crm skills, high level of organization, admin, customer relationship skills, this is a great position in our salon.

Go to our employment page to fill out an application. Tell us about yourself and what interests you most about the job.

Love to hear from you.

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BEFORE: Fine hair before installing hair extensions


When you look in the mirror, you pull your fine hair into a pony tail to see if it has thickened up. Then you hold up your phone to take a picture to send to your friend. You ask, does my hair look like it’s growing?

This is a typical question we get at Indulge Salon. More times than not we have seen hairstyles that can make our hair look fuller but not necessarily longer. It gets stuck at a certain length usually at the top of the shoulder with frayed ends or the crown separates like nursing home hair. The hairline may look thinner because of hair loss. The density of the hair may have decreased over the years leaving you with half the amount you had in college.

Turning fine hair into longer thicker hair with hair extensions is a solution we have been doing for years with happy results.

Being one of those clients with fine hair, I can relate to my hairline thinning out from stress, longer hair that had fallen out with sparseness in the crown made me feel self conscious.  Even though I’ve been a professional hairstylist that has travelled all over the world learning hair extensions, I had the same problem my clients did. My was due to stress related issues that I knew would grow back however it did get stuck just below the shoulders but would NEVER get thick like I dreamed it would be.

As you can see in the images above Alex, had fine thin hair that was pre-lightened to a blonde beige color that looked amazing on her. Her hair extensions were colored to match giving it the rich dense look that made her look like a model. The AFTER image of installed machine weft hair extensions gave her the length she wanted.

The photo was taken with her camera in her bathroom light. Image was not touched up. We added 2 hand tied wefts that are thinner but still long and fuller looking to the crown area then we supported the sides that were baby fine and fragile with some tape ins that give instant thickness and fullness to fine hair.

Her after was stunning. She felt more confident with her look, she was able to finally have longer thicker hair with hair extensions that last up to two years with the proper home care then maintenanced in the salon every 8 – 10 weeks. What does maintenance look like?

We will remove all of the hair extensions to clean them, check them to make sure they are still in good condition. After coloring the natural hair with a demi permanent or pre-lightening the hair again, we process the colored hair then dry it and install the existing hair extensions for another 8 – 10 week cycle.

What happens to the natural hair growth? Surprisingly enough, the natural hair will start to grow with our Zenagen shampoo and serum used to help encourage hair growth. The hair will grow about 1/2″ per month on average. Now don’t be surprised if you have a growth spurt during seasons of the year. It has happened to all of us.

Do we customize the hair extensions? Yes, we have to do this for every single person that has a consultation with us. We will talk about hair colors that are best for your skin type, we will discuss length, thickness, maintenance in order to ensure you understand what you are going to experience with your new hair extensions. Because we have so many years of experience with tape ins, K-tips, fusion, machine weft, hand tied wefts, J-tied wefts and lastly hybrid brands we will try to determine which is best for your scalp to encourage hair growth.

Our goal is to have you grow your own hair if you can with the right home products such as shampoo and conditioner. Using the correct brushes make a huge difference in helping the shedding hair to be removed daily. It may sound complicated however it is way easier to manage hair extensions hair than your own hair.

Do I shampoo every day? You don’t have to. I personally enjoy shampooing my hair and conditioning it. Most of our hair extension clients will only shampoo and condition every other day because they like that they don’t have to. Sometimes, they will come in to let us shampoo their hair for them. They call it “hair day.”

If I have gray hair and need my roots touched up, do I have to wait 8 – 10 weeks? No, we will schedule you out to make sure that we touch up the roots in 4 weeks or less then stay on a color schedule. Then we will schedule your hair extension maintenance every 8-10 weeks along with your coloring touch up at that point.

If you are interested in a consultation, contact us at 717-846-4424 to schedule some tine. We always love to see what your hair looks like currently then send us a photo of what you want your hair to look like once you have your extensions installed. We have to design the color scheme, the haircut and the type of hair extensions to make your hair a reality.

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Indulge Salon York Pa Autumn is aproaching along with the seasonal falling of the leaves making way for preparation for winter.

Since my last blog post which happens to be about a year ago (shame on me) the pandemic has caused many changes in attitude……about family, working from home, working in general, time, political views, school system you name it…even hairstyles.

I find that I’ve changed too. My values are still the same but my vantage point has changed. So comes with change comes different results because of how we think. Our world has shifted both private and worldly.

Autumn is a great time for change in hair, skin and makeup.

I love how the leaves change giving our world color in oranges, rusts, reds and muted greens. There have been times that I would sit at a local pond, Glatfelter Insurance Company, looking over the the pond on the property watching the baby ducks grow from ducklings to full grown ducks then move on to wherever ducks go. Mommy and daddy duck would always come back during their season. The leaves would fall leaving the tree bare and brittle.

After winter, the sprouts would start to bloom and we would create new living life on earth again, cherishing the natural beauty.

Why did I go to the lengths of writing those thoughts? Because, I wanted to challenge you to look at your hair/life with a new found beauty. Emerging from the winter of being sheltered in with a new vantage point.

This autumn 2021 change is bringing on pixie haircuts, rich chocolate browns, wine burgundy’s, sandy blondes and platinum blondes. As always, dimensional color never goes out of style but the fact remains that little changes can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves.

Haircolor can make our skin glow. A new haircut that shapes our face making us come alive, feeling vibrant.

I love it when our clients make comments about how they feel after they have their hair done at Indulge Salon.

“After I had cut my hair short, I didn’t feel good about myself. I was excited about getting my hair extensions that matched my hair. Now I have longer hair that makes me feel more like myself and confident that I haven’t felt in a long time.”    Angelia, York, Pa