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Thanksgiving is approaching fast. Gift ideas to

say thank you.

Indulge Pure Originals Loofah Soap $10

Good manners never go out of style, although I think a refresher course in what to bring to a hostess would be in order. As a hostess, we work very hard to give an enjoyable experience to our friends and family. I know what it’s like to receive and to give a gift. Makes you feel warm and cozy.

Small gifts are appreciated. Something simple that is personal means a lot.

Soap, lotion, simple card says thank you in big ways. The appreciation of acknowledging the work that goes into hosting a gathering is not a small thing. The cost of hosting an event, the planning of the event, the choosing of foods, the experience of the people attending all are important. Like Thanksgiving or Christmas we look forward to the smells, the traditional plates and accessories that all show up at the holidays.

Traditional gifting with small gifts of appreciation is expected.

Indulge Pure Originals

Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal soap

Secretly, we love acknowledgement of how hard we worked and we love the ooh and ahs of how much someone loves our cooking and how fun the gathering was. We have some ideas for you:

  • Indulge Pure Originals vegan soaps such as the Loofah Soap – vegan soap poured into a loofah that naturally exfoliates your body while showering. No soap residue left on the skin. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the old soaps that leave that strong smell or film on the skin that feels coated. YUK! I have always loved a great scrub that makes you feel so clean. The feeling of clean that rinses off beautifully. Can be purchased here 
  • Indulge Pure Originals Oatmeal Soap is one of our best sellers! Great for our waxing clients that have sensitive skin, red skin that is inflamed skin but needs to be cleaned but gently. Great for our clients that are trying to prevent ingrown hairs. We have been very successful with our clients in their pursuit of getting rid of ingrown hairs!! The fragrance is light and cozy with a slight cleansing with oatmeal to help exfoliate the dead skin keeping the new skin coming up fresh and smooth. This is the quickest way to rid your sell of dead drab ashy looking skin. Safe to use on the face.  $8.75 for 3.5 oz.  Purchase in salon at 970 S George St, York, Pa 17403 or online here. 
  • Indulge Salon Gift cards for $10 or more are awesome to receive. Why a gift card? The hostess can spend it on anything they might want. Great for  a new haircut, hair color, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, a skin care product for dry skin, facial, pedicure of the month that your friend or family member wanted to try. The best compliment you can give a friend is referring them to a favorite place you love. Try Indulge Salon in York, Pa or Greensboro, GA (Lake Oconee, GA) Can be purchased online at or call ahead and we can get it prepared for you  to pick up.
  • Indulge Pure Originals Bath Salts – THE BEST GIFT EVER $8.00 for an 8 oz of the purest sea salts that are mixed with the most relaxation fragrance.

Remember to say thank you with gratitude in your heart goes far for the people that make a difference in your life.


Does better hair health come from improved living habits?

Read 5 tips to better health here…to great hair!

Carson McCord – my son is happy

I’ve always been fascinated with mental health, daily living activities, attitudes that result in great hair, skin and nails.

I have raised my babies to adulthood with two very different lifestyles that were applicable to them. Stay with me here. When we talk about daily living habits, this means what do you do on a daily basis with your habits to  support a positive mental attitude. Happy people have better outlooks in life. Happy people have the magnetic ways of attracting more positive to themselves. 

This isn’t to say that angry people couldn’t become happy. They can however; sometimes in life’s happenstances, stuff happens. It’s what you do with what you have before you react to the situation. Reaction, is the key word in how we handle our stress related activities.

Let’s get to the core of better health habits that can help you grow your hair, skin and nails quickly.

  1. Eating more frequently with less volume. Consuming larger or heavy meal before bed can lead to insomnia. Avoid foods like pizza that could cause indigestion. Try nuts or yogurt if you have to eat.
  2. Excercise early in the day. Working out can help you fall asleep faster and more soundly, but you want to avoid close to bed time (even though you might have just got home from work) because your body secrets the Cortisol for your stress hormone that is the last thing you want to stimulate.
  3. Quiet! Loud noises can be distracting and detrimental to sleep. Use white noise to help you relax or app. Try head phones to block out noise.
  4. Dim the lights. Lights signal your brain to make melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Dim all lights at least 2 – 3 hours prior heading to bed. This will relax you and help you chill out. With some of the oils such as Lavender can be applied to the wrist or in a mist for an aromatherapy candle to enhance your mood. My daughter uses this for her twins to help them relax and go to sleep before they go to bed.
  5. Avoid naps during the day. Now if you get up early and work out then you have the flexibility in your day that you are up another 8 – 12 hours then catch a 20 minute nap. If you are feeling the slump (like I do during my work day) take a walk, eat lunch that is light. My sister takes a nap at the same time during the day and she will say I have to take a nap and then she calls me back right after her moment.

Carson soupYou know the saying, “what goes in must come out” through your hair. If you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle even though you have some work stress or family stress, your body will respond accordingly. We recommend supplementing your diet with CollagenBlu learn more here.

I know that you may go with Paleo, South Beach diets, Vegan or whatever you choose to do, its about BALANCE. Of course. I prescribe to chocolate for my attitude and large diet coke Shh… Is this good for you? The soda is not good for you. I drink so much water to offset the volume of soda I drink.

When my son was hurt at 11 weeks of age, he was totally dependent on me to provide healthy foods and the other items that are already described above. It’s easier to manage others more than ourselves. I have had to go organic and vegan foods until my son became iron deficient! As you can see in the photo the vegetables are whole then I would puree them into a smooth consistency in order for him to eat his food by mouth. When my son was injured, he had lost his ability to chew. In order to keep him healthy, the flavors of food needed to be tasty yet, give him energy and easy to digest. 

Health needs to be managed well and you can also get blood tests to see what lies beneath. Blood levels will tell you more of what is going on to help you manage your potassium, magnesium and cholesterol, etc.

All of these great tips will help you keep your body healthy that leads to fabulous thicker, fuller hair and nail growth. After a year and 1/2, my hair  has recovered from stress, lack of sleep and you can see the difference between where the hair is health and the ends that are thin and stribbly.


hair health

see 1/2 of the hair grown out 1,5 years/previously cut 6″ off look at the old fine hair on the ends 9/2018

fine thinning hair from stress

April 2017 showing short broken off, loss of hair

new growth after 1 year

1 year after hair loss from stress 2018















I support the information in the article that I read was written by Kamala Kirk, Sweet Dreams, in Beauty Launchpad October 2018





“Is it possible to have gray hair?”

2nd day gray hair

gray hair

I hear many of the same questions as I get consults coming into the salon. Here are a few of the questions that I get:

“will I look old if I try gray hair?”

“am I to young for gray hair?”

“how long before I can just let my hair grow out white?”

“can I stop coloring my gray hair?”

“is it easy to go from blonde to gray hair?”

“what if I have dark brown hair that I want to grow my gray hair out?”

These are just some of the questions our stylists have to answer during their consultations. No matter if you are young or mature (hee hee) the processes are still the same. We need to evaluate the health of your hair before we start any processes. If your hair is super dark we have to remove the color at the scalp and the mid length and ends to make the palette even in order to color.

Going from dark to white is a challenging process and has to be done safely. Hair can break off. Could thin out too. Part of the conversation taking our clients from orangy highlighted hair to a gray platinum or mauve shades does require a period of time to process meaning lifting and toning.

Do you want to stop coloring you hair? Maybe you do but if you let the color grow out to 1/2 way down your head that leaves you with dark brown roots with some gray in it that doesn’t look very good. I recommend talking about creating a look that can be grown out looking stylish vs growth that looks unkempt.

Tones of gray hair will look different on every single skin tone. We recommend that you choose between the darker steel tones vs platinum depending on whether you wear makeup or not. The grow out color will help us choose what is best for you plus how far your hair will lift up from the natural or orangy base color. So many factors go into creating the correct look for your skin, your lifestyle and if you can style your hair curly or straight.

Many of our clients have been surprised that they have had to spend hours day 1 just sitting and lightening up (bleaching) till we get the right tone to work with. Sometimes we even do day 2 lightening up again safely. We always consider the porosity of the hair. the ability of the hair to hold the newest gray shade and what can we do to maintain it.

Often times, our clients think its a cheap process and once you bleach out the hair, they think that we just pop a color on and that’s it till next month. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality the client is back in the salon in about 3 – 4 weeks for a toner or what we call a color balance to keep the tone and to check on the integrity of the hair. If the hair has grown out 1/4″ we have to rebleach the hair and then tone again.

If the client likes a darker root like my daughter Alex, we will leave the root along until she has a larger regrowth then we would tone down the root color and color balance the ends again to keep it in tip top shape gray hair. In this instance, it did take two days 16 hours to get Alex’s hair the way it needed to be to reach the gray tones.  Her scalp color is a brown violet color with 4 shades of gray violet, darker gray, platinum gray and a rose color.

gray hair

Many shades of gray hair

If the hair is fragile, we will offer to do a Brazilian Blowout to seal the ends together on fragile hair. In most cases this will protect the hair and keep the gray hair color in longer.

I love that my daughter is willing to try new colors for the trends 2018. It is easy to go darker but not as easy as she thought it would be to keep her hair on the gray scale of color.

She has to use toners, conditioning treatments to keep her hair the same tone. She has baby fine hair so that makes it a little sketchy when coloring her hair with bleaches and toners. We also use a product such as Wella to help mend the bonds of her hair. Wella has superior products that are designed to rebond the hair during the processing of the bleaching or toning process.

Interested in trying  a new hair color such as gray? Give us a call at 717.846.4424.

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