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Many of us have a drawer or container full of lip shades ranging from light nudes to deep colors. We don’t have to limit ourselves to wearing just one shade – we can blend them!

Two of my favorite Glo Skin Beauty lip colors is the Glo Skin Beauty Cream Glaze Crayon in Chiffon, and the Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick in Fixation.

The Cream Glaze Crayons are perfect because they are totally portable with a sharpener included in the stick itself so you may sharpen on-the-go if need be. The Chiffon color is a gorgeous nude that has a slight sheen to it without going overboard.

The Lipstick is a classic – goes on smooth and silky with vibrant color (especially in my favorite color – Fixation).

Both of these colors are totally different, yet, they can go together when you know how to blend properly. When blending lip shades, you want to do the following:

  • Apply your dark or most vibrant color first being sure to apply thoroughly over the lip.
  • Follow the vibrant lip color with an application of your lighter shade – again, applying thoroughly until you reach your desired shade.

This method allows you to experiment with the colors you have, add some new ones, and mix your perfect shade! Glo Skin Beauty has a lot of fantastic new colors that will go perfectly for the end of the Summer and right into the Fall.

Enjoy experimenting and let us know which colors you used to create your perfect shade!

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Best birthday gift for your teen! Acne facial treatment

acne skin

acne, cysts on her shoulders and back

AFTER facail treatments

AFTER back facial treatments 3 months of specific acneic treatments. 6 months













Imagine how your teen feels when they look in the mirror and see this? Suffering from acne, cysts, blackheads, boils under the skin? Most teens have been youtube guided into how to take care of their skin. Even of they were by mom and dad, they probably wouldn’t take their advice right?

Next option is to the dermatologist for a solution to rid their teen’s skin of acne. They take the medications the Dr. prescribes but without results. I’m not saying all of the teens but we are seeing at the salon. Some teenagers have seen good results from seeing their Docs.  Many teenagers haven’t gotten a result.  Year over year, the skin gets worse. See my teen client. 

They would love nothing more than to rid themselves of the pimples, acne, cysts that plague their young skin. They are embarrassed that someone will see them and look at their shoulders in their tank tops. Their faces are cluttered with clogged pores yet the medication they take from their Dr isn’t working any longer. Mom and dad are concerned about the negative health concerns with the medications that are prescribed for the skin over the years. Liver damage anyone? We are talking 6 years of taking medication that would dry out the skin but wouldn’t take care of the acne or the cysts underneath that no matter what this teen did, they were were not going away.

What do you do when Dr’s advice isn’t getting a result any longer?

We have found a solution to help with the acneic, cysteic skin problems that are usually plaguing teens. They touch their faces at school, in the morning, on the bus, the school books, whatever they have touched during the day has compounded bacteria that transfers from one human being to another. Cysts are underneath the skin that are somewhat trapped. They fill up with fluid that is bacterial and can get hard under the skin that causes pain for our host (teen). These cysts aren’t just plaguing the teenagers, they can also become a problem for adults with acne prone skin. The picture of before and after demonstrates that after 3 months of rigorous cleansing, chemical peels and toning, this client go great results. These results are getting  better to the point the acne is now better managed plus we are working on the scarring of her back.

Our teenager says:

“I have been going to my Dermatologist since I was 10 years old. I have been taking medication since then but I don’t see a difference with my skin until I started going to Indulge Salon, York, Pa. She looked at my skin and asked me a lot of questions about how I care for my skin at home. After I told her, she explained a lot about different types of cleansers, how I could manage my skin at home to kill the bacteria and what we would do together as a team to clear up my skin. I could see a difference right away with how my skin felt clean. The other thing is that I used this certain Beta Green Tea lotion that I used at school during the day so that I didn’t feel greasy. I also stopped letting other friends touch my shoulders because I was taking better care of my skin. I love what my treatments do for me. Now that the cysts under my skin are going away, we are working on the scarring.” Private client of Kimberly’s, York, Pa 

How long does it take to clear up acne, cysts or clogged pores?

As long as it takes for your teenager to adopt to new habits in skin care such as cleansing with the correct cleanser. I can’t tell you how many times as a teenager I was using the same cleanser my grandmother was using. We customize the cleanser that will actually give you the clean feeling that you love to have. The next item is what we call a toner lotion. This will keep the skin clean from bacteria day while at school, sports, or at home. Can be used as often as they think about it. We have lotions that will brighten and lighten for darker color tones, hyper-pigmented skin, beta green tea that helps soften those harden pores that will eventually release those toxins.

We may use skin peels or called chemical peels to help remove excess build up of skin cells that are loaded with bacteria. I know that the sound of a chemical peel may sound scary however; when your teen has the type of skin that is bumpy and ugly. A chemical peel actually has the ability to add skin strengthening vitamins, proteins, calming agents to calm down the inflammation of the skin. For more information please read more here. 

Hand towels for acneic

Clean white hand towels

When your teenager feels like their face is on fire, we can calm that down daily with the corrective home maintenance along with your teen’s ability to manage the home care properly. We will be coaching them to wash their sheets 2x per week, their pillow cases every other day (mom buy more please to make your life easier), clean bath towel and wash towel daily. We will show your teen how to wash their face, how to cleanse properly and use the products we recommend. We are your back up support. You and I both know our teens never listen to their parents. We got your back mom and dad.

While your teenager is learning to cleanse their skin day and night while using the lotion, we will teach your teen to follow up in the a.m. with a blemish control lotion that fights off bad bacteria yet protecting the skin with a slight barrier. Lastly, we highly recommend using a spf of 15 – 30 to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays daily.

At night we will recommend a thorough cleansing before going to bed, toning lotion and utilizing advamced skin care such as Rhonda Allison skin care. We can add additional growth serum to help those cells turnover quicker which helps the older cells slough off quicker getting to the fresh cells. WE also recommend a creamy exfoliator to assist in removing the dead cells that block pores. All of the skin care is customized for the situation we are treating that day. We check back on our teenagers to see how much progress is being made.

Try one of facial treatments for the face, back, chest the month of July and August. They are only $65 for 35 minutes. These facials are power packed with this cool cleansing procedure we do to rid the face/back, of all bacteria. then we use a lotion, chemical peel or enzymes to input vitamins into the skin while it’s in its digestive state. Meaning our cells are like couch potatoes. We have to get those cells up and moving about to get to the surface of the skin making the skin look so much better.

About Hydra clean Facial treatment for Acneic, Cysteic or want pores to be cleaned out.

facial for acne type skins

facial treatment for acneic and cystic skin

Hydraclean is a 30-minute deep cleansing treatment.


  • Deep cleansing
  • Deep hydration
  • Increases radiance
  • works on the T-Zone area with the electrode concentration
  • Kills topical bacteria

Secrets Behind The Treatment

Patented Thermoclean Electrode
An alternative to steam, this adjustable heated electrode allows the specific cleansing gels to penetrate deep into the skin. Can be used on the face, shoulders, neck and decollete. The electrode warms the skin at 119 degrees to soften the clogged pores. These clogged pores can be black heads, white heads (comedones) or just dirt and environmental dirt.

We will use a combination of cleansing processes to start the initial treatment followed by enzymes, masking then putting vitamins back into the skin. Lastly, our job will be to educate to protect the skin. We have a variety of treatments that range from gentle for the sensitive acneic types to the intensive thick coarse congested skin that may require a stronger remedy to break through that tough barrier of overgrown cells.

After we complete the specific facial treatment for acneic, we will prescribe the best cleanser, toner that kills bacteria throughout the day, lotion to make the skin feel clean and Daytime Defense with SPF 30 to protect the teens skin. We will schedule a second treatment in a month to come back to increase the strength of the treatments for a better result which is to get those cells moving from under the skin to the top of the skin. This gives the skin that “cleared up” look.

If your teen has scarring from years of picking and scratching and digging at the pimples, this process will require monthly treatments and at home care which our teens have seemed to embrace.

Deep cleansing gels
The Universal All Skin Type and Purifying cleansing gels are soap-free, and provide antimicrobial and hydrating benefits that are excellent for acne and cysts under the skin.

We will talk to your teenager about their skin and what “they can do to help themselves” on this journey of new skin. We have a few ideas that will help your teen get on board with their own skin. since they would love to have clear skin, they will do whatever it takes to see a result. This is not an overnight sensation however; results will compound once your teenager starts showing interest in their skin, interest in their surroundings at home. We can talk on that later.

Contact us for your teenager to have a Teenager Facial treatments customized for their skin. Ask for the Tuscany, Tahiti or Maui facial treatment. Call 717.846.4424 or schedule online here.


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You decided to go from brown, blonde, highlighted to gray?

brown to gray

AFTER going from brown to gray

Looking in the mirror every day seeing the gray hair peeking out amongst the brown, blonde or highlighted color treated hair that you have done for years every four weeks. You know the trend is speaking to you to let the natural gray hair grow out but can you handle the roots as they get bigger and bigger. Can your ego handle the change in color from gray to silver or white? Will your  skin tone change with the grays?

Is gray hair less maintenance?

Yes and no. if you already had some gray hair that is diffused throughout the rest of your natural hair, not that big of a deal to grow it out. Where the maintenance starts to get heady is when you have already been coloring every four weeks. Visiting the salon for retouches is scheduled  then you decided to grow it out and you aren’t sure if you like it or not. Do you go for the biggy by having all of the color treated hair bleached out and toned to match the gray hair? Perhaps.

FYI: when removing any color treated hair that is espresso dark brown, chocolate brunettes, ravishing red heads and bombshell blondes can take hours to remove pigment from the hair. This is not an hour process so let’s make it clear that it may take more than one appointment to achieve a clear base THEN we have to tone the color to the perfect gray hair color for your skin coloring. If the hair does not lift appropriately or it gets stuck at a certain level, then we as professionals must make adjustments to that hair color that didn’t budge. What I’m talking about is the yellow, yellow orange and the brassy colors that just don’t want to leave the hair. when that happens, we have to change our strategy by using a different color to either lift the color up in a safe way or tone it the way it is darker gray or wait until the next visit to resume lifting the color out of the hair again. Professionals will keep the integrity of the hair intact regardless of what the client wants, the hair will tell us what it will or won’t be able to do.

Do you think that maybe you would like highlights to blend the gray with the previous colored hair? Perhaps. Let’s talk about options:

  1. Removing all of the old hair color requires a professional to remove the color with a lightener that is safe for all types of hair. A professional will determine which strength, how long to leave it on the previous color treated hair then you will have to have it toned or multi – toned gray hairs going through it to look natural. This is very expensive but after it is finished, the maintenance is low requiring regular trims, conditioning the gray hair and the gray looking tones. Every other appointment would require a color balance to prevent the yellow undertones from creeping in.
  2. you have blonde hair with gray. Easy option for you would be to tone down the blonde to blend the gray hair in with in. Low maintenance grow out. Every appointment have a color balance applied to keep the yellow orange at bay. Products to use for home use would be a gray color Fabuloso conditioner that is gluten free plus it is designed to give your gray hair sparkle.
  3. If you have been playful with your hair color by taking the gray color up and down in tones or lowlighting often then you may experience more high maintenance gray hair color. At some point, you may have to choose 1 or 2 shades and call it a day to keep the color consistent.
  4. Double processing by removing natural gray color to achieve a lighter tone does mean visiting the salon every 3 – 4 weeks having it pre-lightened then toned again and again to get the right gray tone. You know the saying 50,000 shades of gray is what we are talking about. If you have one gray tone applied, then another applied within that gray tone such as a violet gray or silver gray or platinum gray, these tones take on a life of their own. if you really want to step up the tones, you might find that some manufacturer gray tones don’t come out as easily as they say they do. The salon professional such as Indulge Salons in York and Greensboro, GA have to rely on their expertise to make decisions to give you the best gray tone for your skin tone.
  5. speaking of skin tone, most gray hair clients must wear makeup. Gray hair done correctly can make the pink toned skin look beautiful or look like you stayed up all night watching Hallmark movies. Might be in your best interest to get with one of our makeup artists to determine if the gray hair color is going to be right for you.
  6. using the right shampoo for at home maintenance is key to keeping the right gray hair tone. Can be used 2x per week with other shampoo and conditioner.
  7. BEAUTY BUDGET is a must conversation. You will have to decide how much you are willing to maintain after the initial cost of going gray. Have this conversation with your stylist.

I had a client that was coloring her hair every 11 days till one day she said, ” I’m going to do it”. I said, “do what?””She said, “I’m going to go gray.”

This client speaks professionally and had to give the process a lot of thought on the reaction of herself, her husband and her colleagues. Appearance is everything, her hair and skin tone plus she had to think about how she would be perceived by her customers. Would they think that she looked old? Actually, she ended up looking younger. we changed her makeup, we changed the look of the gray hair by removing all of the old color, the old highlights and evened out the tone of her hair. she did end up having low maintenance hair, she did have more conditioned hair that didn’t change and she felt FREE. Free from coloring her hair every 11 days. she was happier about her decision to change her hair. We had been highlighting, coloring the roots, color balancing the ends to keep them from fading and cutting her hair every four weeks because she needed it and when she traveled, she had to maintain the top of her head with the root touch up to keep covering the gray. Now she doesn’t have to cover the gray. She is FREE from the coloring prison she felt she was in.

This is my client Maggie from Greensboro, GA. Once she went gray with her color she never went back. Congratulations on your bravery to go from brown to gray.

Brown to gray hair color

Brown to gray


highlighted hair, brown to gray

BEFORE changing her hair color from brown to gray

brown to gray

BEFORE going from brown to gray

brown to gray

the process of going from brown to gray with foils

brown to gray

AFTER going from brown to gray

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