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eyelash lift and tint

Natural looking eyelash Lift

Before eyelash lift and tint

BEFORE  the eyelash lift

AFTER eyelash lift

AFTER eyelash lift

Eyelash lift and tint for natural looking eyelashes

is the process of lifting the lashes around a rod then perming them to the perfect curve then tinting them with a safe color giving the result of a beautiful natural looking lash.

Its a great alternative to Eyelash Extensions for a natural healthy approach to growing your lashes. Eyelash extensions are great for the person that can maintain a 2 week schedule to having them refilled.

The eyelash lift and tint and provide many benefits:

  1. lifting the lashes making them look longer
  2. separates the lashes spreading them out. We find that shorter lashes can be swaying towards one direction or another giving the appearance of a shorter lash but in reality if they are lifted and spread out, they will be longer.
  3. no need for mascara unless you want to use it lengthen and thicken
  4. no need more eyelash curler. After many uses the eyelash curler rubber piece may break off, breaking lashes at the same stress point time after time of repeated use
  5. healthier lashes
  6. lasts from 4 – 6 weeks.

Very relaxing procedure. Chemicals are not in the eye, they are on the lashes brushed up with a thicker product that doesn’t move. Eyelash lifts can be done on different size rods to accommodate the actual lash texture.

Before and after eyelash lift and tint

Cristy’s eyelashes

Short, brittle, and sparse eyelashes

can be caused by physical rubbing the eyelashes then they eyelashes break off. Brittle eyelashes could be a result of medications and expose to the sun. Biological stresses including application of makeup improperly, aging, sickness, poor nutrition (big one) always dieting and eating less nutrient foods without supplements or over supplementing, hormonal shifts from menopause or just hormonal imbalances.

Cristy from York, Pa says:

“my lashes were see through and disliked that I had to always put mascara on before I went to the pool. I didn’t realize how long my lashes looked after I had the Eyelash Lift and Tint” People used to ask if I felt ok, I did, but since my eyelashes were transparent I looked like I was ill”. I have had eyelash extensions before the Eyelash Lift and Tint but I like the ease of not worrying about a two week appointment. I love them.”

How do we help our natural lashes grow?

Glo Lash Thickener

Glo Lash Thickener for eyelashes

We utilize lash conditioners such as Glow Skin Beauty Lash Conditioner, they help provide support of nutrients to the lashes with the result of appearing healthier within weeks. “Lash conditioners help stimulate lashes and brows at a cellular level, enhancing follicle penetration of key ingredients and improve the health of the lash follicles,” stated by Samuel Alioto, president and CEO at MediNiche, featured in American Spa magazine. One ingredient that is used to strengthen lashes is Peony. Who knew?

With regular use of lash conditioners they can protect eyelashes and brows from damage by providing moisturizing hydration. “When you moisturize the lashes, you protect their health,” says Melissa Jansma, vice president of sales and marketing at Blink. “At the same time you are growing new lashes, leading to stronger thicker-healthier looking lashes.”

The eyelash cycle has 3 phases:

  1. anagen stage is the active growth phase
  2. catagen is the transitional phase
  3. telogen is the resting phase

Eyelashes cycle through every 30  – 60 days losing a minimum of 3 eyelashes per day.

Eyelash conditioners are designed to extend the life of the anagen (growth) phase therefore keeping your lashes longer. At some point they will be replaced with a new lash.During this phase, keeping the lashes longer, fuller and moisturized will slow down the fall out stage.

What if you are using Latisse? It’s prescription only, contains prostaglandins, which mimic hormones to stimulate growth in eyelashes and increase the duration of the anagen (growth) phase. While these are effective, these ingredients may produce some side effects including the eyelid or iris discoloration.

Due to the potential side affects manufacturers have developed formulas that are alternatives that seem to be safer and just as effective. Some of the ingredients such as amino acids, peptides, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals nourish, condition, strengthen (those are the peptides) and improve the overall health and appearance of the eyelashes throughout the entire duration of the eyelash phases.

These phases are important especially if you are constantly wearing eyelash extensions.

                                                  Lash Conditioners-do they work?

Things to look for in eyelash conditioners are peptides to help up regulate the androgen receptor and stimulate the follicle to grow, hydrating ingredients keeping the eyelashes movable and healthy so that they don’t break, mild exfoliants to clear buildup of dead skin cells at the base of the lash around the follicle. This allows the thicker hair to evolve and giving the lash conditioner a better absorption environment to live and breath in. In many cases, we have discussed the fact that lash mites (little bugs) live off the skin cells on the actual eyelashes. This is important with your lash maintenance.

                                                                   Ingredients to look for in Lash Growth Conditioners

Growth factors are found in eyelash conditioners and in many skin care products to turn over cells. This ingredient helps increase the keratin genes that promote hair growth and biotin, a B vitamin that promotes healthy hair growth, protects against dryness and thickens the cuticle for fuller looking eyelashes and brows.

                                                                                      Nutrients for hair skin and nails

Improving Collagen and elastin in the skin also helps encourage eyelash growth, which i why hexapeptide-11 is the key ingredient in Lash Advance. It is a bio-fermented peptide derived from yeast that improves collagen and elastin production, enhances elasticity. At Indulge Salons, we are a firm believing in Collagen because of the fantastic results that we have seen with overall improvement in skin elasticity, hair growth plus general health improvement. We carry CollagenBlu which is a natural marine collagen that promotes and restores hair growth over a period of time. It comes in 30, 60, 90 supplies. Enhancing the energy in the body to turnover cells, helps improve the hair bulb (in the skin) promoting hair growth and the ability of the eyelash hair to function during the the anagen (growth)  cycle of the hair fiber.


Collagenblu marine cooagen

Natural ingredients such as soybean oil rich in vitamin E and phytosterols. Provides a protective barrier against harmful free radicals and provides a level of resistance against the appearance of aging. It also imparts a sheen and luster to eyelashes making them appear lush. Amino acids help replenish the building blocks of eyelashes by boosting the protein structure and helping them appear fuller and healthier. Pumpkin seed extract which contains a high level of zinc as well as amino acids and fatty acids and vitamins will enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Our product Pumpkin E from Rhonda Allison is an exceptional smooth vitamin product to apply to skin and lashes when doing your regular skin care regime in the morning or evening.

Panthenol is a natural humectant (means it attracts water and retains it) It helps coat the eyelashes  and seal in moisture. Peony extract helps strengthen the lashes for durability and Castor seed oil and glycoaminoglycans to soften brittle eyelashes and green tea to protect eyelashes and brows from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage provides soothing properties to the lashes. Hyluronic acid is a beneficial ingredient that helps strengthen and hydrate eyelashes.

We also carry Hyluronic Serum within our Rhonda Allison skin care line. We have seen the powerful results Hyluronic does to the crepey skin. In our research for the best Lash conditioners available, one of the ingredients that popped in our search was extracts from apple, lemon, and sugarcane which offered a natural mild alpha-hydroxy fruit acid exofoliation that clears the follicle which we spoke about earlier. A copper complex for anti-hair loss and natural plant and herb extracts to nourish and counteract breakage.

We found at Indulge Salon that the hair companies and manufactures such as Wella have copper inside their hair color formulas to protect the actual hair while processing. The results are healthy shiny hair. These companies expect their ingredients to perform for the consumer and are always looking for the best most trending ingredients towards a natural approach to healthy hair, eyelashes, skin and nails.

Application points to consider:

  1. apply directly from the bottle to CLEAN lashes.
  2. replace the applicator directly back into the bottle to prevent contaminants to infiltrate from the outside
  3. replace your lash conditioner every 3 months
  4. do not share with anyone else – yes its all yours!

Choose your lash conditioners and fortifiers to use for your benefit. Is it to strengthen, rejuvenate, grow and moisturize. We are here to help you. If you don’t want to do any of these, just come in for your Lash Lift and Tint to see immediate results. Great for last minute parties, school reunions, family reunions, weddings, bridal parties and prepping for your wedding! No worries no more mascara.

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Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz from the face instantly

Dermaplaning peach fuzz

Dermaplaning to remove the peach fuzz off the skin

As we age, we develop hormonal fur that we call peach fuzz. This peach fuzz as we call it will collect around the jawline, the cheeks, the forehead and even the nose.

Being the recipient of of the dermaplaning craze, I realized that I needed it because you don’t realize it until you experience it, then the differences become obvious.

  • smoother skin
  • makeup looks flawless
  • my skin has been exfoliated make it look younger

Another term for dermaplaning is called “shaving the face.’ It does involve shaving the face by gliding the blade along the face. Dermaplaning is unlike traditional shaving because a smaller blade to slough off dead skin cells. The texture of the skin feels smoother and more even in tone. Removing the vellus hairs that become ovegrown prevent hair from looking smooth. It tends to look more textured. Join our to see the video we did about dermaplaning. If you look closely at the picture you will see how much hair I have on the sides of my face.

The angles that are used in dermaplaning are very important to not cut the skin. Some blades have guards on them to prevent breaking the skin. This is a simple technique that offers many benefits that last for four weeks. The hair will grow back as it did before but not coarse like a man’s as the myth would indicate.

Dermaplaning can be done after cleansing the skin, before a chemical peel for best results. To keep outstanding results, dermaplaning should be done every month.

Can be done with facial treatments as Gua Sha facialfor the most unique youthful anti-aging services.

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alternative to eyelash extensions

Cristy’s eyelash lift and tint

Eyelash Lift & Tint creates fuller lashes

Solution to translucent blonde lashes is with the eyelash lift and tint offered at Indulge Salon, York, Pa. Lashes look fuller and thicker naturally when they are lifted and tinted darker giving an eye opening effect. Save $15 off your first set today. Go here to fill out your new client visitor form to receive your discount via email now.

Our client Christy had discovered a new time saver to her day with the eyelash lift and tint service. She told me that people kept asking if she was tired or not feeling well. She learned that we did this service that would enable her to save time, not have to use mascara and look awake. Her eyelash extensions gave her lashes that she never had before. She loved that she could go directly to the beach without having to put on mascara. She could jump in her pool without having to worry about mascara smearing on her cheeks. She loved them!

Mascara isn’t needed with eyelash lift and tint

The tint part of the eyelash lift and tint allows the black or brown tint to hold for 4-5 weeks. Mascara can still be used if desired but not necessary.

Before and after eyelash lift and tint

Cristy’s eyelashes BEFORE and AFTER

What is a lash lift?

The lashes are separated and wrapped around a rod then permed. Similar to an old fashioned perm that makes hair curly. The lashes are set in the shape of the rod using a chemical solution. This process is better than the eyelash curler. The results give lift to the lashes that will naturally separate creating a beautiful shape whether you have the lash tint or not.

eyelash lift and tint

Natural looking eyelash Lift

“when I had my first eyelash lift done, it was relaxing even though my eyelashes were being wrapped around a rod. I love applying my mascara to my lashes because they looked separated and stood out more than what they ever had.” Kimberly Acworth, York Pa

Eyelash Lift

Before the eyelash lift AFTER photo at the top

AFTER eyelash lift

AFTER eyelash lift close up

What if my lashes are short and stubby?

Lashes that are short, straight and stubby are perfect candidates for the lash lift & tint.

Do I need to do anything to my lashes before the Lash Lift & Tint?

No preparation needed. If you were using a lash food or lash supplement then you can continue to use it because your lashes will grow as they normally have been. Lash serums are great. Any lashes are are a candidate for the lash lift & tint.

Customization of your lashes is personal

With every eyelash lift, the service technician can customize the lashes to fan out towards the corners or create a baby doll affect to make your lashes look thicker in the center. If your lashes have a tendency to clump together, the lash artist (technician) can separate them to enhance your eye shape.

Can I do this with eyelash extensions?

At Indulge Salon, we highly recommend that the eyelash lift and tint be done prior to the eyelash extensions only because the lifting of the lashes will help support the style of the eyelash extensions.


This process costs $100 for the eyelash lift and $50 for the tint. takes about 1.5 hours from start to finish. The lift can be done without the tint.

Indulge Salon has multiple locations that provide eyelash extensions, eyelash lift and tint and can remove eyelash extensions. Call 717.846.4424 for York, Pa, 717.227.2566 Stonebridge location, New Freedom, Pa, 706.999.9911 Lake Oconee, Greensboro, Ga. Feel free to book online at

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