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Eyelash Extensions

Celebrity Eyelash Extensions

Short to long, fuller, thicker lashes for your eyes

with Celebrity lashes results that typically last 3-4 weeks if you maintain your new lashes properly.

Lash Mapping

is a “laying of the bones” for the eyelash extension style. We recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation to talk about what is expected, which lashes are recommended for your eye shape.


We will disinfect the equipment, the environment to make sure you have the lowest opportunity for potential infection. We will wash the implements in soap and water then sterilize to prevent microorganisms.

Same size fits all?

We have different size lashes and colors to choose from to purposefully look  natural or outrageously glamorous. The majority of our clients are professional executives that appreciate a polished appearance. Our private clients enjoy a customized approach to their eye shape, their lashes the right size to enhance their eyes without being “over done”. Your new lashes can be trimmed to the perfect length. Our certified eyelash extensionist can customize shorter to longer lengths if you prefer instead o

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Single eye lash extensions at Indulge Salon South George st York Pa

f even the entire length of your eyelid. Feel free to find out what your options are with your eye shape. Mascara because your new lashes give you fullness and length.We love mascara, however; we certainly recommend a healthy lighter weighted mascara if you feel you must have it.

Considerations of lash lengths

We need to select the right lengths for our clients which is part art and part science. The length of the extensions should fit your personality and your lifestyle. We can discuss a dramatic vs. natural results with you. We will consider the texture of your natural lash, the phases of your lash growth, the maintenance of your lashes while you are at home in between your maintenance visits.

If lashes are thin, sparse, thick, abundant we will need to talk about what is realistic. We will talk about why you want them done. Is this a special occasion? Party? Wedding? Professional setting on stage? Professional at work? Working out at the gym and you want to save time? We can talk about all of these situations at your appointment.

Types of textures

We use types of textures normally mink that is light weight and silky. If the eyelashes are super shiny they are more of a synthetic which multi tasks usages. They can be mixed with other types, We normally do not use Silk because of the heavier weight.

Removal Conditions for extensions

When we take a look at your initial eyelash extensions from other salons, we will be respectful by analyzing whether we can work with them or not. If we cannot, we will remove all of them to start over giving you a full set of Celebrity lashes, Volume lashes or classic.

Some of the considerations in removing them could be poor or improper care of the lashes:

  • Extension is not fully adhered to the base of the natural lash
  • Tapered end of the extension is curled down instead of up
  • Extension is placed more than 1 mm away from the eyelid
  • Extension is stuck to the eyelid or touching the skin of the lid

We will carefully inspect whether any lash extensions will be salvageable.

Lash curvatures

The selection of the correct curl type is also an important factor in determining the long-term results. Clients with very straight eyelashes will not be able to hold on to curly extensions very well. If the natural eyelash grows out straight and the extension curls up, the bond can be diminished.

Shorter, finer extensions last longer and are easier to care for than very long dramatic extensions. Unless you are going to request the most dramatic lashes, we will give you the best lash extension size, weight of lash extensions to enhance your eyes. If you have healthy lashes, we can use different weights of certain types of lashes and the length of the lash that creates weight on the natural lash.

To receive a nice fluffy, natural appearance, we suggest that we use more than one curl as you would use more than one length. This will depend on the natural curl of the lash.

Mascara is not necessary. We do recommend a consultation to do a Lash Mapping to discover which eyelash curl is best for your eye shape. We have 9 types of eye shapes. Each one can be enhanced to give you the best look for you.

a. Upturned eyes

b. Close Set eyes

c. Monolid eyes

d. Downturned eyes

e. Wide set eyes

f. Protruding eyes

g. Round eyes

h.Almond eyes

i. Hooded eyes

For best results avoid products that have an oil base (like mascara) or a moisturizing characteristic as they will cause the bond to break down. Most makeup removers are not recommended for eyelash extensions of any type. We have our own brand called Lash Fresh that can be used daily. It is available in our After care kit that includes Lash Fresh wash, lash brush, spooly and After Care Please Do and Please Don’t guide to give you the successful tools to maintain your lashes. The kit is available for $25

First installation for Celebrity full set eyelash extensions are $250 and refills are $75 and up, depending on how many lashes must be replaced. Allow 2-3 hours for first time visits. After that first visit, please schedule 1 hour for maintenance.

Single lash extensions fill-in service described as losing one or 2 lashes. We are happy to fill them back in. Allow 15 minutes to re-apply. Maintenance requires that you schedule every few weeks allowing 1 hour. Average costs to fill is 75.00+ depending on how many you had applied in addition to the amount of lashes that must be replaced.

Strip lashes are a great opportunity for a night out or a day that you need instant lashes without the commitment. We have a variety of lash lengths and styles that can compliment any eye. If the natural lashes are super straight, we may need to curl them first with a curler to give you enough lift to insert the strip lash that uses a glue. Can be pulled off at anytime. Makeup is applied before lashes are installed.

Single corner lashes are applied to very outside of the eye for enhancing the eye. Great for parties, quick events, prom, and high school reunions. 15 minutes 5.00 each lash

faceCreate the ultimate smoky eye with eye lash extensions or go beyond and into the fashion vanguard by using false eyelashes. Lashes really took off when the celebrity “twiggy” wore them to enhance her eyes. The added lash definition and updated ease of application make them irresistible when you’ve got a special occasion or want to look your very best. You can buy a variety of lashes or have lash extensions applied at Indulge Salon in York Pa. We specialize in Bridal lashes, individual lashes, clusters of lashes, strip lashes and corner lashes.

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Natural looking lashes

With the wealth of false eyelash choices, you can find very natural-looking extensions in varied thicknesses and short, medium and long lengths. Our Celebrity eyelash extensions are flexible and natural looking. We can trim your lashes if you feel they are to fake looking or just to long that they swipe your brows. When the mascara hits the underside of your brow then that might indicate the lashes may be a bit long. For those days when mascara just isn’t enough but you don’t want to look completely made-up, treat yourself to an appointment with our aesthetician, who can give you exactly the look you want. This will, of course, be higher value and quality than the false lashes you buy a leading box store or grocery store. This type is best for Bridal lashes to accessorize your entire makeup look. With the hugging and kissing all of the family and friends at your wedding celebrating your big day, this would be the time to not worry about your mascara running or not having enough lashes to enhance your eyes.

Corner lashes for cat eye luxury

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally long, thick lashes but just want to add a bit more definition, half lashes, which sit at the outer corner of the eye, may be the way to go. Half lashes or ‘clusters” work well for women who tend to tear up — the moisture can loosen glue on lashes close to the tear ducts. They are perfect for occasions like weddings, proms, retirement parties, holiday fund raisers or graduations where tears may appear. If you already have a full lash, we can add longer or more concentrated lashes at the corner of your eyes. Choose your darkest mascara along with a liquid dark liner for more drama to create the best cat eye allure!

Full-On Extravagant Lashes

Take a look at Instagram photos, celebrities, Grammy’s, female rock stars movies, and you’ll see some wild eyes. If you want your eyes to stand out and draw all the attention, you’ve got more eyelash choices than ever. There are eyelashes formed like little feathers in dramatic rainbow colors, for extra thickness, and lashes with tiny jewels along the lash line or at the outer corners. Some falsies are extra-long and some come in varied lengths for a fringe effect. You can use black lash glue instead of clear for even more definition. We can special order purple and extremely longer vogue lashes for you once we have a consultation.

For all individual full lash extensions for the first visit, please allow 1 ½ hours to customize the installation of these lashes. Maintenance takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour every 2 – 3 weeks depending on how you care for your lashes. We do not recommend being heavy handed with mascara just a slight coating is appropriate and we do recommend lash food to give nutrients to the base of the source of the eyelash.

Contraindications of service

Any person that suffers from Trichotillomania is a disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body, despiite trying tt stop. Everyone is not a candidate for eyelash extensions. Below are some of the areas that will cause us to not be able to provide the services to you. If you cannot have the eyelash extensions, you may be able to have a strip lash or an eyelash lift & tint.

  • seasonal allergies
  • eye rubbing
  • dry eyes (the eye drops will dissolve the glue at the base of the lashes)
  • conjunctivites (bacterial and viral)
  • have a prescription for medicated eye drops or ointment (the lashes are wet continually, this can break down the glue)
  • sensitive eyes
  • eye infection or have recently undergone eye surgery
  • constantly around or in excessive heat such as working in a kitchen, oven, grilling (could melt the lashes if synthetic is used)
  • unable to lay flat for 2 – 3 hours
  • if you sleep on your face
  • if you have had chemotherapy. Must wait up to 6 months after your last chemo treatment. We need some length to withstand the weight of lashes.

What do I do while my lashes are being installed?

This is a valid question. You will be laying on the table for about 1 hours for a fill, 2 – 3 hours for the initial installation. While that sounds like you may want to take a nap, you can talk on the phone quielty with ear buds in. You can visit the rest room prior to the service. Chatting with our extensionist is awesome as long as your head isn’t moving around. Book on your phone, etc.

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

” Love my lashes !

This was my first time getting eyelash extensions and recently just went for my second appointment to have them filled in. Priscilla was very professional, and made the experience very relaxing. She was informative on the process and care. I love that I no longer have to wear mascara or really any eye makeup for that matter. They are very comfortable, I actually forget I even have them until I get complimented on my eyelashes. Will continue to have them done at Indulge Salon!

Shae, York, Pa ”

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