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Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew In Hair Extensions are beautiful when done correctly.

Sew In Hair Extensions are either hand sewn or machine sewn onto a band of fabric or material that is then attached to a braid.

The braid is created with the clients natural hair to create a base that is used to attach the band of hair which we call a Sew In Hair Weft. Wefting is used interchangeably with “Sew In”. We normally do not use this type of system with our caucasian clients because the hair is super fine but we have done this in the  past. We highly recommend these be used for anyone that wants their hair very long without the constraints of metal clamps or resin. Although, the braid will be tight to the scalp, we still have make sure they are sewn in correctly

How long can Hair Extensions be?

Lengths can vary from 12″ to 24″. The overall length of your Hair Extensions will depend on what type of look you are trying to achieve.

Can I style my Hair Extensions?

Synthetic Hair cannot have heat to style them or the hair will melt. Melted hair is not very cute.  Human hair wefting is so easy to manage daily with washing, conditioning and use a moisturizer on th mid length and ends. With a Human Hair weft you are as limited to styling as much as you would be with Synthetic Hair.

Can Hair Extensions be colored?

Hair wefts can be colored with our professional products. All hair wefts are chemically processed to give you the highest quality. Using products that may be stronger than needed might result in unwanted colors. Our Hair Extension specialist will work with you and the Hair itself to get the best result possible.

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