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French Haircuts

French Haircuts – York PA

Developed in Paris, French Haircuts are built from the top down, partings are strategically aligned with the curves and flat of the head and shoulders, and the hair falls into place. The result – wash and wear hair that’s soft, sexy and feminine, and offers several different looks in each style.

Like a painter who looks directly at a canvas, a French-trained stylist has the client stand up during the hair cutting process for longer hair, to ensure the hair perfectly frames the face and complements the shape of the head and body. If you are a new guest in our salon, we will spend some quality time together to determine which styles of French haircuts are best suited to your facial shape and lifestyle. Please allow 30-40 minutes for your first visit with us.

Along with the French haircutting method, we craft the perfect haircut with additional techniques from Japanese, notching, refraction (removes bulk of hair without losing length), hinge cutting, and barbering. These techniques help assist in choosing the best methods to customize your hair for your face shape and lifestyle. As a master at her craft, we lay out the pattern of the hair working with the perimeter first to build the structure. Then we take the coordination of angles of our body, how we position our fingers strategically moving as we pull the hair out fron the skull creating the “perfect cut” crafted for your head and the desired outcome of the cut. the cut should be  able to move fluidly in the shape that was designed for you. After finishing the foundation of your new haircut, we will style with products recommended for your texture of hair and then use teh appropriate brushes, combs and show you how to style your hair so that you can duplicate it at home.

We never stop learning from the best in our industry. For curly girls, there is no doubt that curly hair can be a challenge for some stylists but not our Indulge Salon team. We will look at where the curl starts to bend and chose the best method for your type of style you are looking for. Bring photos in that best explain what you may want for your next style.

Special care is also given to ensure clients understand how to work with their new haircut, and appropriate products are recommended to ensure the look and feel will be maintained at home.

Experience the  firsthand professionalism and mastery of the Indulge hair cutting technique. We guarantee you will be pleased with your hairstyle.

We also offer French Blowdrying!

“I love the massage of the scalp when my hair is being washed so relaxing. I’m always happy when I come into the salon and get pampered”
                                                                                                                                     Gloria Fisher, York PA

David is the most talented stylist I have ever had cut and color my hair! His mastery of the French cut/color techniques are the reason that my straight, fine hair looks like it has a “style”, and the precision cut that he gives me allows me to style my hair with a minimum of effort. His eye for color has brought me many compliments, as has the way my hair falls so perfectly into its style. I am so happy to have discovered David exactly when it was time for me to get my first haircut after our move here to this area!!!!            Mariem Mason, Greensboro, GA    

David is a Master haircutter and he just gave me the BEST haircut of my life! I couldn’t be happier! He took his time and I can not say enough how great my new short hair looks and feels and my husband even LOVES IT!                       Christine Cadaret, Greensboro, Ga

“wanted to tell you that Taylor is amazing. Just left the salon. I will definitely be a regular with her.”  Dana Mann, York, Pa  

“Kimberly really helped my unhealthy hair and now its great. I now have straight, healthy hair”
Elizabeth Bland, York PA

OMG! My hair feels amazing! I got beautiful highlights, and it feels healthier and softer now then it did before I had it done. How is that possible? I love the color and the cut so much. Going to my HS reunion in 2 weeks, can’t wait to show it off!                                                                                    Karla Coby, York Pa

“Zach did an amazing job with my cut and color. He made sure I was happy with the color choice and was very professional throughout my visit. I have received so many compliments on my fresh color and cut! Thanks Zach!!”

Anonymous, Indulge Salon – East York  

I love the whole staff,everyone is helpful and kind. Kimberly takes very good care of my hair and teaches how to actually do the style. Nates head massages are wonderful and relaxing. I’m glad I found Kimberly and Indulge Salon.   

I had been looking for a good salon for a while since moving back to the area. I had some bad experiences at other places and was nervous to try yet another salon. My stylist was Brittani and she was absolutely amazing. I showed her a photo of what I wanted and I walked out with exactly that. She did a full highlight, cut and style. What I truly appreciated was that she took the time to style it the way that I wanted, and taught me how to do it myself. I can happily say that I have successfully styled it myself and it looks exactly like it did when she did it. The experience overall was very comfortable and fun. I am so relieved that I finally found someone I can trust will do a great job on my hair. I will be referring everyone to this salon!  Brittany Stover, Indulge Salon – South York