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Conditioning – York PA

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Conditioning treatments are paramount to giving Mother Nature a boost when it comes to beautiful hair that’s vibrant, shiny and wonderful to touch. In addition, proper conditioning is an important step in helping prepare the hair to accept a color process. Indulge offers two types of salon conditioning treatments, which are especially formulated and adapted to solve specific needs.

Indulge Keratin Treatments are superb for solving frizzy fried ends from overprocessed hair, dry coarse hair from over blowing directly onto the ends, and from super hot flat irons that are sitting on the hair to long. These treatments are done in the salon right after the hair is thoroughly cleansed with a cleansing shampoo. Then we apply a keratin solution to the frizzy areas, blow dry gently and then use a safe flat iron to seal in the treatment. Results are immediate and they last for one month on average. If you shampoo more than once a day the treatment will wear off and it’s safe to do this every month. Price runs about 45.00 – 100.00 depending on length and thickness of the hair. Done in salon by ouy our professionals only. Allow 15-20 minutes extra.

Indulge Moisturizing Salon Treatment

Designed for coarse, dry, frizzy and unruly hair. It literally helps fill those empty holes in dry coarse hair so every strand feels silkier, moves beautifully, and falls into place when brushed.

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For at-home conditioning treatments we recommend:

NanoWorks® Restorative Hair Treatment

Indulge Salon York GraphicAn award-winning treatment by PureOlogy® that dramatically improves hair condition and color vibrancy. Its premium formula includes powerful proprietary ingredients technology that includes wine extracts, green tea and unique vegetable proteins that renew, restore, rejuvenate and protect. It also has a blend of Shea, Avocado and Pistachio butter to provide lubricity, moisture and shine. Finally, it offers an AromaTherapy blend of Vanilla, Bergamot, Jasmine, Mandarin, Rose, Lavender and Ylang Ylang botanicals to promote a positive sense of wellbeing. NanoWorks® is especially ideal for damaged color-treated hair.

Indulge Protein Salon Treatment is designed to strengthen and add volume to fine, limp, over-processed hair. The results are fabulous, offering moisture, volume and enhanced color brilliance. Both treatments also offer exceptional color protection.

PureOlogy® InstantRepair™

Indulge Salon York ImageLeave-in conditioning treatment nourishes and strengthens the inner structure of the hair, instantly, by delivering thermal and color protection and reinforcing color-treated hair. Rich in emollients, it closes and mends the cuticle by re-bonding the hair to improve damage, hair condition, texture and manageability. High-quality protein is provided by a blend of Shiitake, Mannentake and Mucur Miehei mushrooms that are anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory and soothing. Its allergen-free fragrance of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Mandarin and Anise is also excellent for sensitive skin and scalp, and to promote a positive sense of wellbeing.

PureOlogy® ReconstructRepair™

Indulge Hair Salon ImageSo powerful it was selected by Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine’s 2006 “Best Beauty Buys Award for Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair.” For use after shampooing, ReconstructRepair® works from the inside out to target each layer of the hair structure for dramatically improved condition, color vibrancy, vitality and healthy shine. It rebuilds and strengthens damaged fragile hair with the highest concentration of essential proteins including soy, oat and wheat. In addition there is a soothing blend of Jojoba Esters, Shea Butter and Hazelnut Oil to minimize frizzy, frayed ends – plus an AromaTherapy lend of Lavender, Vanilla, Wild Rose and Clove to refresh and revitalize the senses.

All PureOlogy products feature Anti-AgeComplex® that returns hair to a youthful condition, and AntiFadeComplex®, an exclusive blend of potent antioxidants and UVA/UVB full spectrum sunscreens including Heliogenol. All PureOlogy products are also free of any known harmful carcinogens (including DEA), are 100% Vegan, and are never tested on animals.

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