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Thank you for your interest in Brazilian Blowout™, the most amazing, globally recognized treatment that eliminates frizz – and smoothes and straightens the hair within 90 minutes. It’s been featured on ABC, FOX and E TV and in national magazines like Allure, Bazaar, Redbook and Prevention.

We’re thrilled that INDULGE has more experience in this fabulous service than any other salon in the York area.

Go from coarse frizzy hair to smooth in 90 minutes

If you have really coarse, frizzy, rebellious hair you know what I’m talking about. Frizzy hair is hard to blow dry and get silky smooth, especially on those high humidity days. Ugh! Brazilian Blowout™ can be done on color treated hair, on the same day your hair is colored. Even more extraordinary, it’s a healing treatment because it mends damaged hair.

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Shampoo the next day without problem!

Brazilian Blowout™ makes your hair feel normal because it has a natural polymer that adheres to each and every strand. You can wash it right away without any worries and, depending on how you care for your hair, the treatment lasts 8 to12 weeks. Key ingredients include Acai Berry, Anut Anut (which is a nut), Camu, plus a special Super Nutrient Complex. The only way it works is with heat that drives everything into the hair. The entire process only takes about 90 minutes. In fact, we normally have two stylists working on your hair at the same time – to save you time.

INDULGE is certified by the Brazilian Blowout™ company and Kimberly is being educated as an authorized Brazilian Blowout™ trainer, to work with other salons. We are very efficient in our methods to protect the hair and prevent any damage. This is not like the Japanese straighteners. There is virtually no formaldehyde* or any kind of “hyde” derivative for that matter. No harmful chemicals. Brazilian Blowout hair products are a patented resource that’s healthy for hair everywhere.

It lasts 8-12 weeks with no frizz!

INDULGE clients who have tried Brazilian Blowout™ have been raving about the results. They love the way their hair looks and feels, how easy it is to maintain, and the fact their color lasts longer than usual thanks to that protective barrier around the actual hair shaft. We also offer the products that will help your Brazilian Blowout™ stay in longer.

We especially recommend the Brazilian Blowout™ Masque because it has the most concentrated super nutrient complex, and provides a continual and cumulative smoothing effect as your hair is washed and styled between professional treatments. INDULGE also offers the complete line of Acai Aftercare products from the shampoo and conditioner to a wonderful serum that you can leave in the hair before you blow it dry. If you are using a good shampoo without sulfates you will be fine, but the masque (which runs $40.00) will truly make a difference in your hair. Use just a little at first then step it up during the 6-12 weeks before your next Brazilian Blowout™ treatment. In addition, you’ll just love the fragrance!

Introducing the NEWBrazilian Blowout  Ionic  Bonding Spray is to be used to continue to help bond the ends of the hair before blow dry styling

Brazilian Blowout Bonding Spray

Smoothing bonding spray with Brazilian Blowout Bonding Spray Excellent smoothness without the weight. The stylists and customers alike love the fragrance of the Ionic bonding spray. It is color safe protective system specially formulated to bond the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) optimizing the longevity of the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments for the look of the week up to week ten! 

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*Read the Air Monitoring Study Results here! or click here to order Brazilian Blowout Hair Products

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Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“I can’t say enough about theIndulge Hair Salon Graphic wonderful friendly staff of Indulge. Valerie did a great job creating a new doo! I do not look like the same person. The Brazilian Blowout,  a new procedure, made my hair unlike anything I ever had before. It is so soft.  As I went to bed last night I feared whether I could do anything with this soft silk in the morning.  But hey! I am headed out today and I am quite pleased with the way the new style looks. Now if I can only get used to hair around with face in HOT weather. :^) Thanks Val for the great job.  You are super and quite caring. Kim, I appreciated you helping Val out with me when my doo lasted so long.  It was a wonderful experience and i would highly  recommend INDULGE to anyone who asks of me where I got the new doo!”

Kathy M, York PA.

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the brazilian blowout!!!!! My hair is now so silky and smooth and feels so much lighter and it’s true I’m not spending hours blowdrying my hair, its dry within a matter of minutes.
Plus I no longer have to use a flat iron. I am very pleased with the turn out… Thanks Heather!!!!I love the way it makes my hair feel….. 🙂

Aimee K. York PA.

“WOW! That is not even the word to describe the new Brazilian Blowout process that I received at Indulge. I highly suggest that everyone check into this process and have it done. I had curly, unruly, frizzy hair. . .I can say that I no longer have that anymore. I have had tons of compliments on my hair on how straight it is and need to mention the gloss that my hair has. I can say that I have packed away my 3 trusty brushes that I used for years to pull my hair straight and have no need to hot iron my hair flat anymore. That alone in itself is worth it!!  Thanks again Indulge!!”

Renee Jordan, York PA

Indulge Salon Graphic“I’ve been seeing Kimberly for years. My hair was thick and really frizzy on the ends even though I have had it colored. When Kimberly suggested Brazilian Blowout, she told me it would smooth and make my hair more manageable. It did. The process is a little smelly but it was worth it. When I walk my dog in the park in the morning it doesn’t get frizzy and I can just push it around without using a brush and it looks great. I had a bump on the left side of my head that was really dense, and after the blowout treatment my hair behaves perfectly and looked amazing. It is so shiny, even after 8 weeks!”

– Deb Lape, York PA

Indulge Salon Image“I cannot believe how great my hair looks and feels after my Brazilian Blowout. I had only my bangs done. It has saved me time in the morning because I only have to do my hair every other day. Only I would know that because it looks as fresh and shiny as if I just washed and did my hair.”

– Jayne Gerbrick, York PA

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