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Male waxing

Male chest, back, legs,

male body waxing chest waxing,

Male body waxing, chest waxing

body waxing is not just for women!

Back waxing the entire shoulders, chest waxing, the back, the lower back, top of buttocks and the buttocks also are very popular with men. Men dislike all of that hair! When you guys are headed to the beach, prepare a day or two before.

Male waxing services are performed in a private clean room separate from our hair salon department. Confidential conversation around your hair removal goals and maintenance will be discussed with the waxing specialist. All waxing services are performed at Indulge Salon, South York, PA.

Here is what our male clients say,

“First time customer and it was a good experience. The staff was pleasant and polite. I had a waxing done and she was fast. I had a one hour appointment, but was in and out in less than 30 minutes.”                                          Greg Stough, York, Pa

“Priscilla was awesome & gave me great tips. I will definitely recommend her to others. Thank you Priscilla.”                                                                                                                                                  Charles Anders, York, Pa

“I went to indulge for my very first bikini wax. Priscilla was super nice and made me feel very comfortable. I will deffinately be returning in the future!”                                                              Anonymous

“Friendly and professional staff. Priscilla provided great recommendations of products for proper hair and skin care.”  Warren Rudduck, York, Pa


When you call for an appointment be to the point and ask what you want. We are serious about what we do and we schedule the appropriate the right amount of time for your services. We work from the head first down to the toes. Be specific with the schedulers. If you have a question about the male waxing services, just ask and we will give you the answers. In order for you to have the best services, wash thoroughly before your services. Do not use harsh soap or scrub aggresively before your appointment because this may keep your follicles open to much. Just do a general cleansing in your private areas and the anus when you have the full boyzilian done. No smellies!

Sensitivity may occur with certain skin types. Please notify the waxing specialist.

Note: WE are professional waxing specialists that are only focused on removing hair or the client will be asked to leave and pay full price for their scheduled services.

Waxing is fast and not so painless with the customized wax for your hair and skin type. Some male skin is sensitive. Who knew? f you break out while shaving this might be an indicator that you have sensitive skin. We use a sugaring product, hard waxes reduce the sensitivity while removing the hair.

Full male body waxing starts at $235.00 – $300+                                               Body builders love this service prior to a competition. Allow enough time to have your body waxed 3-5 days before your event. This allows any bumps that could form from sensitive skin or ingrown hairs that could develope. We will give you an opportunity for a break in between areas  if necessary. All of your private areas will be covered as we work over the separate sections of your body. Male body waxing will give you a sense of freedom from hair that could annoy you and feel good about good about your clean fresh skin. This is available to all men that want this service. Allow 1 hour 30 minutes.

Back waxing starts at $45.00    

Extra heavy back hair  $75.00                                                                                   The entire back area concentrating on the heavier areas also includes the base of the back. Recommend having this service done 3 days prior to the beach or vacation to manage any potential ingrown hairs and/or bumps. We will give you a special lotion to assist in retarding new hair growth. The epil lotion will not stop the new hair growth however it will slow down.  Allow 40 – 60 minutes.

Boyzilian or guyzilian starts at $85.00  First time starts at $100.00               Includes the scrotum, penis base, the front and buttocks. Requires maintenance appointment every four weeks. The hair will eventually slow down in growth. This gives a really clean, hygenic experience and freedom of the hair that causes odor and reduces the moisture in this area. Our Indulge men appreciate the efficient and clean experience. Allow 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

Brow waxing maintenance $15.00

Manicured brow waxing $20.00                                                                           The bushy eyebrows that need to be managed will be given a shape  to enhance your best features. Cleaned up, trimmed, waxed and moisturized to prevent ingrown hairs. Recommend maintenace every four weeks. Allow 20 minutes. 

Buttocks $40.00                                                                                                               Full buttocks are waxed top to bottom. Be free of the excess hair on your bum! Allow 30 minutes.

Chest waxing starts at $40.00                                                                                     Includes the entire chest area. Does not include the upper abdomen area (separate charge) Allow 40 minutes. 

Ear Waxing $20.00                                                                                                         This is for the men that hate that annoying regrowth of hair immediately after you have been to the barber/stylist. A week later the hair is back. Having you ears around the rim, lower earlobe and the top of the ear will prevent hair from growing back within 3-4 weeks. Can be done over your lunch hour. Allow 20 minutes. 

Neck waxing $20.00                                                                                                       Guys if you do not like all of the hair that erupts out of your collar, this is the perfect solution for you. This solution reduces the shaving of your neck in between haircut appointments. Its quick and you will be in and out over lunch. Allow 20 minutes. 

Body Clipping and styling  is a nice alternative to shaving which can cause razor burn and it can be the next step to see yourself before you go for the gusty in the all out waxing:

  • make the chest look larger and neater
  • reduce the amount of chest hair but still appear that you have chest hair
  • reduces the chances of hair all over the sheets and getting caught in your clothes
  • prevents the prickly feeling when you put a shirt or shorts on that can irritate your skin
  • provides a neat and tidy appearance
  • increases body definition
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