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Cylinder Hair Extensions

Beaded (Clamp) Hair Extensions

Cylinder Hair Extension client AFTER – Victoria, York Pa
Victoria’s story:
This lovely young lady came in needing her current hair extensions removed from previous salon. We consulted with her on her color that needed some management back to blonde with highlights. We updated her highlights and blended what she had with a happy result within her budget. We als gave her length to the bra. She was thrilled with her cylinder hair extensions. They took about 2 hours to install. We also recommend that we color the hair first, match it to the extensions then install after that. All of these services can be done in 1 day and right after each other.
Extensionist: Kimberly Acworth


Cylinder hair extensions are separate from the actual hair extension utilizing a metal clamp or called link or bead. All of the terms are interchangeable. We insert the hair extension into the cylinder then “clamp” down with the correct pressure not to damage the hair quality.

To have this type of hair extension installed, you must have at minimum 6″ at the crown to cover them. Otherwise, it would be very noticeable and not a desirable look.

The Cylinder type of hair extension system is one of my favorites for longevity of the hair quality. We have had to replace the clamp throughout the year for clients that keep the same hair for long periods of time but the clamp does break down at some point. We do replace the clamps when needed. This type of hair extension system is more gentle and fluid in the hair. No need to work with messy glues or scalp problems due to adhesives that a client that has a sensitive skin may be allergic. If an allergic reaction occurs, the hair extensions may have to be removed.

As an extensions at Indulge Salon, we will choose the right type of bead for you. These beads come with insulation that are designed for baby fine hair such as cancer patients that are recovering from treatments. The hair is so fine that it needs to have a light weight bead vs the heavier hair. In this instance with anyone with fine, thin hair, we would choose Indian hair or a comparable type of hair that would suit the situation. Please know that we would take the time to teach you how to care for your new hair along with the right products and brush designed for extensions.

Cylinder/link/bead hair extensions can be done for volume, length and change of color without any down time. We can install these right after hair has been colored or cut. We can install after Keratin treatment or Relaxer if we feel the hair can handle the additional weight.

The lengths come in 10” – 26” depending on the hair color and availability.
Micro link/bead hair extensions are similar to the cylinder extensions


Just a different type of applicator but still has the cylinder attached that will require squeezing the cylinder tight appropriately. These types come in an array of Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian hair and European Remy hair. We are fans of the Remy and Indian hair because it is natural and easier to curl, style, and can withstand the heat over a period of time. We do not recommend high heat to prevent damage.

To maintain this type of  hair extensions will require about 30 minutes to 1 hour of time reopening and moving the cylinder/link/bead up at the right section of the hair to prevent breakage at the scalp. IF this is not maintained properly, this situation could result in breakage of the hair that is natural or chemically treated with color or relaxers. Scheduling your next appointment from original installation is highly recommended every 6 weeks at the most. Any longer could result in matting, tangling or cutting out the hair extensions that knotted up. Keep conditioner off the clamps or around the scalp area. Conditioner is great for the mid-length and ends keeping the hair in great conditioner for the duration.

At Indulge Salon, we recommend coloring the hair with permanent hair color or highlights prior to having your hair extensions installed. We have the ability to color the hair extensions with a safe deposit only hair color that will give shine and not upset the integrity of the hair extension itself nor alter the processed hair on the extensions. We have experienced hair extensions colored can be altered leaving the hair extension in a less than desirable state. We will not color synthetic hair. We also will not style synthetic hair with any hot tools due to melting. We recommend a velcro roller after the hair is damp then dry it. Gentle is the way to go with synthetic hair.