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Guinot Skin Care

Here’s why we love Guinot Skin Care

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In the 1930s Rene Guinot was a chemical engineer who made an extraordinary discovery – that skin cleansing enables in-depth skin purification and cleaning, which in turn facilitates penetration of a treatment’s active ingredients. Guinot’s wife was a spa therapist, and his goal was developing superior skincare products that produced concrete results based on science.

In 1965, Guinot literally revolutionized the world of esthetics with his new Hydrodermie Lift Treatment that uses a gentle ionization process to make the skin more receptive to specific active ingredients. The results were so astonishing skin therapists immediately formed an exclusive clientele.

As the company moved forward, it paved the way developing products and Guinot skin care treatments that were increasingly technical and uniquely effective. He also set up a permanent scientific platform that brought together researchers, university professors and physicians that continues to this day.

The results have been outstanding. Guinot was the first to create skin care products with 56 active biological ingredients fundamental to cellular life. In a hospital environment these biological actives are able to create new skin in serious burn cases.

The company offers a complete line, providing a wide range of Guinot skin care in three specific categories – face, body, and sun – plus a continuing evolution in specialized treatments for the eyes, lips, hands, body and neck that are cutting edge, made from nature and renewable resources, and are never tested on animals.

With Guinot Skin Care you CAN delay the effects of aging.

By using Guinot skin care products in conjunction with Guinot treatments, you will quickly see the signs of aging begin to diminish. No Botox. No plastic surgery.

Can all of the effects of premature aging, dehydration from the wind and sun, or lack of skin maintenance be completely undone? We cannot guarantee that.

What we can guarantee is, with the help of your Indulge Guinot skin care-trained therapist and your daily use of products selected for your special needs, your skin will regain that youthful glow and recharge at a rapid rate – just like a wilted flower that when watered, rejuvenates and regains its beauty and composure.

We can also guarantee you will see immediate, positive effects the day you start your Guinot skin care treatments.