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York PA Brazilian Waxing

Indulge Salon specializes in seductively smooth York PA Brazilian Waxing that’ll have you eager for the next visit. Our affordable pricing plans can be customized to fit any schedule, whether hectic and harried or retired and married. Of course, we also hope that you’ll come back and visit us on a regular basis regardless!

We have multiple waxing options, including a French bikini wax (bikini line), a full bikini wax, or especially a York PA Brazilian Waxing  session. No matter which service you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll leave with a quality, stubble-free waxing session that will last for weeks in a comfortable, friendly environment.

With York PA Brazilian Waxing, all the hair is removed from the pelvic area – front, back, and everything in between. If so desired, we can also get a little artistic with a landing strip that features a diamond shape or a variety of other designs. The hair should be about ½” so the appropriate wax is utilized. Fees are $65 for first time clients and $60 for continued clients, but know that you’ll receive nothing less than an excellent York PA Brazilian Waxing regardless.

Scheduling for your Brazilian waxing or any other waxing should be done a few days before you travel for best results. Sensitive skin will be prepped differently than other skin. Please advise our specialist if you are sensitive to heat temperatures. We can customize your waxing experience with a specialized type of wax that can be hard wax, sensitive wax products and using a natural sugaring product to give you the best results. For waxing maintenance we recommend every 2 – 4 weeks depending on how fast the hair grows or the density of the hair.

We also offer the Boyzilian, which is the male version of York PA Brazilian Waxing and starts at $85 and up. The Boyzilian is our ultimate waxing treatment for body builders and beach goers alike. If you’re looking to show off and impress, put our expert staff to the test!

P.S. This is also a great option from all you swimmers out there!

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