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Balayage Highlights

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Indulge is proud to feature Balayage Highlights, the French method of hand painting highlights onto dry hair. Inspired by your haircut and the shape of your head and face, our stylists create personalized patterns of color that accent your features in the most positive light. The highlights mimic the effects of natural sunlight. The results are extraordinary and a fabulous addition to any base color. Our technical process is very specific to the hair. What does this mean?

When I was taught from the best educators in the world this balayage technique, I actually had to hold my pinky finger up to have the exact angle to hold the brush and how to stroke the brush along the hair shaft (the outside layer of the hair). Different angles with the heaviness of the color or lightener can and will determine the type of brightness of the color. The technique Ombre’ is a similar technique only its  positioned at the middle to the bottom of the hair which results in a lighter bottom than the top which is ultimately darker for this approach. Balayage is lighter at the top but doesn’t have the streaky effect of a foil highlight and does grow out naturally. Both of these techniques take precision and placement which you cannot get out of a box.

Our staff is trained to a high level of attention to detail in order to work with the hair and to determine where to place the color. Feel Free to call into the salon for a FREE consultation to discuss your faceshape, hair texture, and the look at that you desire to see if this technique is right for you. This look is especially beautiful on mid shoulder to longer lengths of hair.

Maintenance of balayage highlights is usually 3 – 4 times per year.

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Balayage Bali

Are you a Bali girl? Gorgeous highlights applied for a sun-kissed look, Bali is great for dark blondes and brunettes that want to lighten their look just a bit for summer. Highlights that frame and brighten the face give a natural look. This is one of the techniques that we use for really dark hair giving a result in a carmel color.

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Ombre Sardinia

Sardinia is an Ombre technique in the Balayage Copacabana Collection. Starting at mid-length the color gently transitions to more highlights at the hairs end. There is absolutely zero regrowth with Sardinia. Before we do any coloring, we will use a color chart to check your natural color shade to determine where to start and how light you should be with your skin tone.

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Balayage Monaco

One of the most glamorous looks in the Copacabana Collection is Monaco with it’s golden highlights following the curve of the cut and framing the face for a gorgeous blonde. The natural base color can be a dark blonde with highlights either balayage highlights that are more natural looking, ombre’ is a pretty option that gives the hair more lightness on the mid length and ends.

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Balayage Havana

Havana provides natural looking highlights on brown hair, providing just enough contrast in color to draw the eye in and keep things interesting.

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Ombre Capri

Another Ombre technique included in the Copacaban Collection is Capri. With the lightest part of the highlight at the hair’s mid-length, this creates a dramatic and fun color contrast that looks sun-kissed.

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Balayage Miami

For the ultimate in blonde, Miami gives blonde on blonde color that looks polished and sophisticated. The hand painted highlights follow the cut and frame the face beautifully. Before we start your unique color for you, we will review your natural haircolor and determine which tones would be best for you especially since blonde hair can be colored different tones either a blush color, ivory, icy blonde, ash blondes or a combination of colors for your balayage highlights.

Experience our Indulge consultation: an assessment of your hair texture in order to give you the proper recommendation on products and color choices for best results while choosing hair colors that complement your skin tone. This approach gives our clients long lasting natural results without all of the maintenance that usually comes with foil highlights. If you desire to have your natural color changed either darker or lighter an additional service charge is appropriate and can be added first before the highlights are applied. Please allow extra time for services. If you have a beauty budget or time parameter, please speak with front desk or consulting stylist.

Our highly trained, specialized stylists are committed to staying current with trends. We regularly train with national educators, inviting them into our salon to teach the latest techniques. We do this to give you, our customers, the very best results.