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Organic Essential Oils

If you love anything organic and natural, this organic essential oils treatment is for you.Indulge Salon Graphic

Guinot’s plant-based concentrates and organic essential oils make the skin more beautiful and radiant in this customized Aromatic treatment. Pressure point massage relieves the muscles of tension and stress, in a rhythmic flow with your breathing. This technique brings your body back to the essence of you. . .just by letting go.

Initially, your skin care therapist will precisely analyze your complexion, then (depending on your skin type) select, measure and mix a combination of multiple plant concentrates and super concentrates of organic essential oils. Essential oils are used for soothing the soul and allowing the fragrance notes of the oil to foster good memories in your relaxed state.

A customized mask will be selected to blend with a refreshing peel-off mask.

This organic essential oils treatment will produce some lift due to the pressure point massage but not to the extent of the Hydrodermie Lift treatment.

Any of Guinot’s other lifting or specialized treatments can be added to this session. Discuss this with your skincare therapist for the best-recommended additions to satisfy your skin’s needs.

Guinot’s Aromatic treatment will give you radiant, clear and smooth skin along with the sense of wellbeing. It is highly recommended for ultra-sensitive skin types.

Treatment recommendations for best results: a series of three treatments or monthly treatments for an emotional relaxation therapy that lets go of stress. Allow approximately 1¼ hours.