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Natural Human Hair Extensions for hair

Testimonial from Chasta Strouse, York, Pa

Indulge Salon Graphic“I must say that I love my pink hair extensions. I decided to do them for my 30th birthday to have some flirty fun. I can’t believe all of the compliments on them! They are easy to take care of with daily washing and only conditioning my ends. It’s been easy to curl them or put them up in a sexy style whenever I want. When they grow out, the hair stylist just reapplied the wefting tape to the loosened areas and gave me an instant lift again. The versatility of changing out colors is easy depending on my mood or style. Give them a try!”

The creative use of natural human hair extensions, artfully applied to match and contrast with your own hair, offers instant volume and length and provides emergency relief from a disastrous haircut. They are designed to give you length in approximately four hours. …sometimes longer if you want really long hair. A consultation is a must to find out what your needs are and if you are indeed ready for the transformation.

We are proud to be one of a few salons in the York area to offer this luxurious service. We use real human hair, (the key to our all natural human hair extensions)  – from thick Asian hair to finer Indian hair – and guarantee our process will never damage your own hair when you follow our after care recommendations, and follow-up with regular visits to Indulge as part of your maintenance program.

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Because the price varies according to the number and length of the natural human hair extensions you need to achieve your desired look, we invite you to set up a consultation. We gave a variety of choices in terms of methods. Please bring photos that illustrate the look you want to achieve.

Pricing is based on your desired look, thickness, and length. Complexity will also be considered before providing extensions. We provide resin, clamp, fusion, I-tip types of hair extensions. We have access to Keratin that is already attached the hair prior to applying them to your hair. We have hair that is customized with lightness and darkness blended into highlights. Starts at 10.00 per strand.

Single strands. $10 per strand

Fusion/clamps. $10 per strand

Tape-in. 10″-16″ – 20.per unit, 18″-20″ 30.00 per unit, 22″-24″ – 50+

Bang extensions. $150

Tape in maintenance requires that we open the unit, reapply the strong adhesive and must be done by one of our Indulge professionals to prevent your hair from tearing, ripping, and pulling the hair out. These tape in’s can be done safely while protecting your hair. We recommend every four weeks to be opened and pulled up. Haircolor must be done prior to hair extensions are moved up to prevent lines of demarcation. We charge 65.00 to start when applying hair color in between hair extensions. This process takes patience to not get the color on the hair extensions. The process is detailed. A consultation is required before we do any extensions and we want you to know what it takes to maintain them in between visits.

Full head to shoulders. $1000 +

Full head to bra. $1500- 2000 + price depends on length thickness and additional colors

Adding additional colors. $100 per color

Adding volume for fine thin hair or just adding texture and thickness. This is customized for each head structure and placed in the correct area and the angles and design to make it lay perfectly for each customer.

Strands 2 rows. $500 +

Strands 3 rows. $800 +

Partial extension strands. $250

Feather extensions. $15 each

Wefting. $125 to sew the hair piece into the hair. We create a braid the sew the piece onto the braided sections therefore providing length and density t the hair. This treatment to the hair may cause more weight on finer hair. We recommend taking this out every four weeks and having it resewn in for maximum longevity for your hair extensions.

Recommendations: come in with your hair clean prior to any hair extension service.

We may have to custom order your hair. We require 50% down before ordering. 100% is owed the day the hair is installed. Haircut charges are not included. This is a separate charge.

Hair Extension maintenance is considered four weeks after the initial installation. We charge a minimum of $100 per hour to remove the extensions or to open clamps and move them up the original natural strand. Depending on how long, thick, or density of the hair this may take a few hours. Other times for fine hair this may only take a couple of hours.

We recommend that your natural hair be a minimum of 6 inches in length at the crown to cover the extensions. We use a variety of types from resin attached which means we will attach the hair to your hair with a resin that is made of keratin protein that protects the hair. These can last up to 3 months with proper product recommendations and instructions. They are removed with a solution that will dissolve the resin without harming your natural hair.

Another popular type of attachment is the metal clamps in which the natural human hair extensions have a protein tip then inserted into the clamp at a strategic placement. These are maintained on a monthly basis. We suggest every 4 weeks to have them pulled up since the hair grows so quickly. We will coach you on the maintenance at home with the proper products. It is required that if you choose to utilize our services that you have your hair color maintained at our Indulge locations to guarantee that the color and natural human hair extensions maintain their integrity. Some activity that can happen while at home can be loss of an extension by pulling too hard while brushing vigorously.

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“I came to the salon and was fortunate enough to have Kimberly work with me on Tuesday, December 27. All I can say is that I now look like I have always felt. Kimberly quickly assessed my needs, both in terms of the damage that had been done to my hair and a style that would be flattering and appropriate–but also in terms of my personality and lifestyle. I love my hair, including the color, condition, length, and haircut. Kimberly and all the staff were friendly, professional, and made the 6 hours go by in a flash! She has a great business philosophy which shows in the pleasant and satisfied attitude of the people who work in the salon. As a psychologist who testifies in court, it is important that I look my best–and this is the best I have ever looked. I absolutely love what you have done. Thank you so much!” – Dr. Rebecca Yount

Meet Tiffany, a beautiful blonde-haired client who had wanted thick, long hair for years. With photos in hand showing the look she wanted to achieve, she was the perfect candidate for natural human hair extensions that would give her Indulge Hair Salon Imagethe length and volume she wanted, plus the ability to have darker LowLites strategically placed to complement her face and complexion.

The photo above left shows Tiffany before the process was started. The three “after” photos show how natural human hair extensions look when the strands are properly coloured and attached. “I loved it,” she said. “My hair looked and felt great and I certainly received a lot of compliments.
Plus it was very easy to maintain.”


Here’s Some Of Our Clients Experiences

Sheila’s story,
She called our salon in York, Pa needing highlights and her cylinders (clamps) opened and moved up. She was hesitant because she moved into the Hanover area and was looking for a salon to go to that would take good care of her. We had a thorough consultation, planned out her the color of her highlights and matched them to her new hair extensions. See her before’s and after’s. We were thrilled to see the result of her smiling and feeling confident in her longer and thicker hair again. Chasta Strouse performed her highlights and Kimberly Acworth installed and cut her hair extensions complimenting her face shape and lifestyle.
Sheila Swartz, Hanover, Pa

Ashley’s story,
She came in to town to see family while getting ready to relocate to another state. With that being stressful enough, her FUSION hair extensions were coming out, grown out, her hair color needed refreshed and had a few stragglers of extension glue resin hanging in there. She was really ready for a transformation again. Nothing but great compliments about her previous extensionist, I knew I had to prove that she could trust me with our FUSION techniques at Indulge Salon in York, Pa. We consulted and gave her a beautiful blonde color on the top portion of her head and added a darkest brown to the bottom nape area. The color was amazing. We then applied the FUSION extensions in a strategy that wouldn’t weaken her previous areas from continuous applications on the same spot. We matched up her color with the lightest straight blonde and then added the darkest brown straight as you can see in her before’s and after’s. Thank you Ashley!

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