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Skin Care Treatments

Why we love Guinot skin care

Have you ever wished you could find skin care treatments that do what they promise—in this case treatments that will increase the firmness of your skin  and produce a more youthful glow?

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BiOxygene Face Cream from Guinot Paris

It doesn’t happen overnight—those bags around the eyes, the sagging cheeks, and aging neckline were years in the making—yet it feels like an instant change. One day you are looking at a mirror and it hits you: “Who is that person?”

So you listen to the commercials and infomercials, and try those anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, fix-your-skin lotions, creams, and skin care treatments. You try, and try, and try.

It turns out beauty IS skin deep. A major reason why skin loses its radiance is lack of circulation. Your skin needs oxygenated blood to come closer to the surface for that beautiful rosy glow like you had in your 30s.

Your skin is an amazing suit of armor that begins with the epidermis, a protective outer layer made up of about 30 superimposed layers of cells. Every day a new generation of cells is produced by the basal layer, which means the epidermis—given the right conditions—is entirely renewed every 28 to 30 days.Indulge Salon Image

Also remarkable is the fact while we are sleeping, the skin goes into overdrive to repair itself as blood mico-circulates, increases cellular activity, and gulps down any active ingredient that you’ve applied before going to bed. That’s why nighttime is the best time to apply a serum or cream to replenish deep down.

The secret is choosing skin care treatments that are designed just for you, by a professionally trained skin care therapist who takes the time to evaluate your complexion and facial tonality, and create a treatment plan that tackles each and every need.

Your evening skincare regimen is your special time, devoted to making your face more youthful looking and making you more beautiful. Choosing the most effective product line for skin care treatments is also paramount to protect your skin from harsh UV rays, dehydration, the effects of wind, and tautness after washing. It must also provide the perfect environment each night, giving your skin all the help it can get so those new basal cells reach the surface much faster, and stay renewed longer.

Testimony quote:

“I tried a Guinot products sample with amazing results. I was using an antibiotic and got badly burned on my arm. I tried about five different products, including straight aloe. Nothing helped. I remembered the aesthetician at Indulge had given me a sample of Guinot’s Age Logic Cellulaire (intelligent cell renewal) cream. I applied it and immediately the redness, soreness, and sensitivity began to fade. In three days you could not even see the outline. I was so pleased and relieved.”

– Cindy, Leader Heights, York PA

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