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Look who started Empire Beauty School!

Look who started Empire Beauty School!

Our very own salon coordinator Alex T. She has been with us for about a year now making appointments at our east york location on Market street. She has been doing a great job coordinating the stylists and while she has been working secretly wanting to be a stylist. She surprised us all. Congratulations Alex T. on your career move. She works part time in the evenings and attending school during the day. We are so excited for her.

Once she got her hands wet with shampooing heads of hair, she thought this might be something she would be interested in for a career. She felt that she would like to cut and color hair like we do in the salon. Once we found out she signed up, all of us were curious what was in her student bag. We laughed about our “bags” when we first startedbeauty school and shared the excitement of shears, mannequin heads that we threw in the back of the car when driving. Those heads took a beating between double process bleaching that broke off hair and haircuts gone bad. Mannequins always enjoy a new challenge without complaint. Rest assured another color application that overprocessed in their mannequin hair was never a problem. Perming class was always fun being asked to be creative with our rods extended about a foot out wrapped on sticks. Wonder where that picture is? Pincurls is a whole other story. I used to hide out in the beauty school bathroom when a “certain” client came in asking for me. As I hunched up my legs so nobody (I thought) could see me from the bottom of the stall, I’d hear a knock on the door. “Kimberly, are you in there?” I couldn’t lie because I was the only one in the stall plus, I couldn’t lie. Period. Every week I’d drag myself out there happily doing the lady with the pincurl addiction. Can honestly say that those pincurls made me a better stylist today.  I’m sure Alex T. will never hide out. She will be the one waiting at the front door for another client to come in escorting her to her station. You go girl!

We don’t envy her with that mannequin head. Looks like a squirrel got lose in it. Good luck Alex T! Look at her smile, your girls at Indulge salon are here for you to help. To our facebook friends and clients we may need you to send in models or friends when she graduates in about 9 months. We will keep you posted of her progress. Stop by and say hi!

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Alex T. started Empire Beauty School.

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