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I had a recent conversation with some of our lead people in our company about where we are headed for our fall promotions. You might find this interesting to have the inside scoop on what is going on behind the scenes.

What we had discovered is that even though the years change, the fundamentals do not when it comes to haircutting. The styles update and hair color updates but the archecture of the haircut does not. Here we are today to talk about what we have in store for you this fall season 2015.

As a team, we talked about the haircut corrections that we have been experiencing lately. Really bad haircuts have been walking through our doors to be fixed. The haircuts for men and women are both botched up with uneven lines, haircut lines within the haircut from scissor marks, the hairlines are crooked and basically its a mess out their in the haircutting world of York County, Pa. I take pride in our french haircutting system and the way we teach these skills to our staff. The neat thing is that any of our stylists can duplicate the haircuts that one of the other stylists has done in the salon anytime and anywhere on the head because of these systems that we teach. This is comforting as an owner and trainer of the salon  and as a client of Indulge Salon, you can feel comfort in this also that you are not dependent on any one stylist. You have the entire team that is here for you.

For the fall 2015, our back to basics in haircutting fundamentals is taking on a whole new meaning for me. We can dress

Courtesy of Wella  Disconnected haircut with longer layers on top with shorter lengths underneath

Courtesy of Wella
Disconnected haircut with longer layers on top with shorter lengths underneath

anything up to make it look good meaning styling products, blowdry techniques and hairspray to make it look good. The foundation of any style is a great haircut that compliments the faceshape to make you look your best. The foundation of a good haircut is that it should work for you when you are at home styling you hair without the stylist behind you. The foundation means that it will last you four weeks till your next visit with us. I am committed to you getting more value for your haircut than what you pay for.  I spend a few hours every single week working with my staff creating the best training for my stylists so that they can deliver the best results for you to create your desired look with a structured haircut and hair color.  It really helps when you bring in your pinterest, instagram, old pictures that you loved, selfies to help us achieve your new look. We also enjoy knowing what you like or don’t like when it comes to previous cuts.

Dawn Bender, stylist with 15 years experience  training on French haircutting system at Indulge Salon, York Pa

Dawn Bender, stylist with 15 years experience training on French haircutting system at Indulge Salon, York Pa

We have been enjoying tclass training with clipper cutting, razor cutting, dry cutting and wet haircutting. Not all haircuts are created equal as I’ve mentioned above. We take elements of foundational haircutting techniques to create the solution for your hair. If you didn’t know, we have to consider the texture of your hair, the density and the elasticity to use the right tools on your hair. For example, if someone with super coarse hair comes in and wants a textured look, a razor could cause major frizz which would make the hair look fuller and frizzy. If we use a different tool, the hair will actually separate properly without the frizz. The knowledge base of what we do makes a difference than other salons. See the difference yourself.

We are seeing an emergence of disconnected cutting which essentially means the shorter hairs that do not blend with the longer hairs but creates a cool disconnected look that causes the hair to look tousled and sexy for both men and women. Strategic placement of a hair along with haircolor is really about the customization of what we do for you. Think about it, do you really want what everyone else has such as a drive through resturant that you can choose from the menu or do you want a stylist to help you choose the right haircolor and the right haircut for your face shape and lifestyle. We will show you how to manage your hair with the right products to keep the color looking fresh.

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