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When home hair color goes wrong

It has been my experience after about 30 years that anything can happen with haircolor. Whether you have boxed color at home or in the salon, things happen that are beyond your control.

Box color is that haircolor in a box that they make look really easy to do yourself. If you are lucky, you might get it the first time. the second time might not go so great for several reasons:

  • your hormones might have changed causing the porosity to shift making the color go lighter or darker in spots
  • some damage to parts of the hair that was over processed causing it to absorb more color than intended
  • reapplied in areas that should not have more color on it causing over depositing (dark and shoe polish black)

I have personally seen the blondes look brassy because of the base color that the box color was applied onto. The blonde colors never work out. Sorry ladies, it just doesn’t work and you end up spending more money to have us at Indulge Salon fix it for you. So just suck it up and go to our home page fill out the email to get your 15.00 off coupon to try us out. Save yourself a little time and money. Get it done right.

What happens if your color doesn’t turn out the way you wanted at the salon? For goodness sakes, say something to the stylist. We want to do a great job at the salon and if you don’t mention it but mention it to all your friends, our feelings will be hurt because we like making our custoemrs happy. Things can happen such as:

  • didn’t tell your stylist you had well water, medication such as steriods, liver medication or you used Wen products that cause build up on the hair
  • you lied about the box color you put on your hair
  • you didn’t tell the whole truth about the Henna you just put on to blend (nightmare to work with)
  • Sun in look great on the bottle then you coated it with metals but didn’t know it.
  • hair to do dark from previous color that doesn’t want to budge

These are some of the things that can happen with hair color. I know you dont have all night so I thought this was a good place to stop. Remember I have about 30 years of experience in all things that could go wrong with haircolor. There are a few I think I’m going to leave out.

If you have experienced any of these scenarios, please contact the salon for a consultation. We will do everything possible to help you love your hair again.

Wish you the best with your color and its mighty important to communicate what was used on your hair before and what you are using now no matter where you bought the hair color products. Keep it simple and tell the stylists at Indulge Salon what you want and if you are feeling generous use photos to tell your story.

Always ask about a budget and what works for you. We wont be offended.  717.846.4424 for our South George St location across from the York Hospital (Wellspan) for the best haircolor. Try East Market St next to Panera Bread (heard they have a new kale salad that is delicious) Market St, Greensboro GA

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