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Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” 1953

If you are like me, you expect science is for brainy people in white lab coats that think really big thoughts and set out to change the course of the world by proving them. Not so much. I do not think I have ever found more conflicting “scientific” studies and results than I have in researching blondes.  I threw in a great little experiment on the color pink at the end too. Hope you enjoy!

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Many studies suggest a stronger sexual attraction to blondes for men seeking to find a mate. Most suggest something along the lines of being subconsciously drawn to a youthful and healthy appearance.  But the truth is there are just as many studies suggesting the attraction to blondes versus brunettes is 100% a matter of personal preference.

Do Blonde’s have a Higher Earning Potential?

David W. Johnston published research in Economic Letters 108 (1), 10-12 investigating the influence of hair color on women’s wages and also their spouse’s wages. He not only found that blonde women receive higher wages, but they tend to attract wealthier husbands. Hmm … maybe highlights?

 Salon York PA Baker Miller Pink

Two U.S. Navy officers names Baker and Miller were encouraged to test the theory of a researcher by the name of Alexander Schauss on the effects of the color pink in a Naval Correctional Facility. So they mix a gallon of white latex paint with one pint of red semi-gloss outdoor trim paint. The actual code for this color is R:255, G:145, B: 175 —sounds much more scientific than “we had a gallon of this here white and decided to mix it with one of these little cans of red …” And yet now, no kidding, it’s referred to as Baker Miller Pink or sometimes drunk-tank pink.

Salon York PA In 1979, Schauss managed to convince Baker and Miller to paint some of the prison confinement cells in the Seattle WA facility pink in order to determine the effects this might have on prisoners. The results showed that 15 minutes of exposure to the pink cells was enough to reduce aggression and violent behavior. Later studies have suggested that being exposed for a longer period of time may reverse that calming effect. For more visit

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