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Bring on the new year new you for 2018 Ready to try a new haircut and color A part of letting go of the previous year is the art of allowing space for the new ideas for 2018. Feeling good about yourself for the new year is just as important as setting new goals. The saying, ” when you feel good,  you look good is so true.” According to the […]

Try natural hair extensions from short to long in 1-2 hours Dreaming of having long hair but your hair grows to a length then stops? This is normal for most women. It’s like the hair has it’s own natural gauge of how long it wants to be. No need to wait, you can have your hair long within 1 – 2 hours once we customize your hair order. Now you […]

Hair extensions save haircut gone wrong! Busy day as usual at Indulge Salon on South George Street. My front desk coordinator mentioned that I had a hair extension consultation with a woman that needed to talk to me. I said, “great.” I love transformations and the excitement of the mystery woman would be fun. The time came for a hair extension consultation. The attractive dark haired woman sat in my […]

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Mindset is the foundation to achieving your personal best! My daughter is not in the beauty industry. She works for one of the top professional golfers in the U.S during the day. She is a mother of twins and a wife. Sounds like enough doesn’t it ? Tired already. Not much different than your day right. Like many of us, we have a secret to be our personal best in […]

Honoring Administrative/Secretary’s Day Appreciate your professional administrative secretary that has helped you get the job done in your business.  They certainly are working with deadlines, making phone calls, appointments for clients, patients, residents, other vendors, making sure your typing is done, grammar is correct, filing, and having to listen to you talk about how much work you have to get done while they are faciliating “getting the job done.” I’ve been working […]

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Hey ladies, Friends need to share time together to re bond. Look at the way these girls did it. They wanted to have their hair done together. Now look at them! they had retouches (base root color) with highlights. Thank you hair stylists Bretina and Amanda for doing such a good job. Our stylists taught them how to style their hair.  If you are interested in having some friend time call […]

I just read the article in People Magazine about Avril Lavigne. She is absolutely beautiful even though she is coming out of a tough health crisis. She opened up about her devastating disease that kept her bedridden for months, no energy, barely could eat and just want to sleep. One of my friends from years ago was bitten by a nasty tick that left her face with some paralysis. She […]

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Learning to manage your credit is what our employees at Indulge Salon, York Pa were all about toay! We are proud to hold training classes for our staff to learn the value of a credit report for buying a house, new cars and in general just understanding what banks are looking for in a credit report. Our staff learned from Hope, the manager at Santander Bank on S Queen St, […]

Today was a special day. Where to start. Hmm first of all I get up in the morning and not in the least bit motivated to workout to the new PIYO which is pretty intense. Usually I like that workout but not this morning. I woke up grouchy. I warned everyone but they still came around me. I forewarned them. Just saying. The blinking red light that surrounded me should […]

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I LOVE this picture of some of our Indulge Salon staff. This just shows you how much fun our girls enjoy being together. You know life is short and if you don’t share fun times together by being together then it just isn’t worth it. Learn to celebrate working with people instead of just expecting others to make you happy. Each of our staff members bring a uniqueness to the […]

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