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Short hair to long hair with natural hair extensions

Try natural hair extensions

from short to long in 1-2 hours

Dreaming of having long hair but your hair grows to a length then stops? This is normal for most women. It’s like the hair has it’s own natural gauge of how long it wants to be. No need to wait, you can have your hair long within 1 – 2 hours once we customize your hair order.

Now you can have your dreams come true with natural hair extensions that can be your natural color or choose to have ombre or balayage highlights that won’t harm your hair. No need to lighten your hair or damage your hair trying. Natural hair extensions will:

  • make your hair feel thicker
  • perfect bridal hair for your wedding day
  • give you body that you didn’t have
  • give you immediate length
  • customize the haircut for fullness and thickness
  • no commitment hair color for change without damage
  • monthly low maintenance

If any of these ideas sound good to you, schedule a consultation. We will sit down have a conversation on what you want for your look then we will discuss the dollars, maintenance and what you can expect. Take a look at our variety of hair extension options whether they are tape-in, cylinder, fusion or clip in. we can work with a combination depending on the end result.

Our team at Indulge Salon will teach you how to care for your hair with the special shampoo, conditioner, styling products and how to treat your hair to make it last longer.

Here is Michele’s story:

She was trying to bleach her hair to make it lighter so in her efforts to get it really light she bleached her hair out 3x leaving it on for 90 minutes. The result is that her hair broke off. As you can see in her pictures, the hair around her hairline is short.  She ended up coming into the salon for a consultation for hair extensions. She was missing her long hair and it seemed that her hair wouldn’t grow longer than a certain length.

Her visit to Indulge Salon on South George Street was with Keni, a Sr Stylist of 15 years colored her hair to match the natural hair extensions. Kimberly installed them to work with the shape of her skull and to make sure it worked for her on a day to day basis. Take a look at her results. She was so happy!

Before hair extensions

BEFORE side view of length

Before hair extensions

BEFORE  Broken off hair in bangs from over processed bleach at home


BEFORE lifeless broken off ends, limp

AFTER hair extensions

AFTER natural looking color. Looks fuller and thicker

AFTER Back length

AFTER natural hair  extensions installed

AFTER hair extensions installed for length

AFTER front

Call 717-846-4424 for a consultation in York Pa, or call 706-999-9911 for our Lake Oconee, Ga location.

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