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3 ways to keep your Red hair color from fading!

RED hair color – 3 ways to keep it from leaving you

The flaming reds, the blushing pinks, ginger, terra cotta, Ariel reds, fire engine red, auburn brown,

Red hair color York Pa

Red hair color – Brenda

reddish brown, chilli pepper reds, you name the red Indulge Salon has the solution to keep your red hair color from fading.

No matter which version of red you are aiming for you’ve got to do your best to treat your beautiful red hair color tones with TLC. We have discovered some secrets to keep the red hair soft and beautiful with the condition improving each time you color your hair.

I’m privileged to have some of the best education in the industry to help you create solutions to your red hair color fading by offering you customized approach to your specific color. Take a look our client Brenda. She has a blend of 3 different red hair color tones to make this illusion of one color.

If you took your fingers through her hair in the light, you would see variations of how stunning her hair color really is up close. She takes very good care of her hair with the correct color shampoo’s and conditioner.Brenda has regular maintenanced hair cuts to keep her hair in good condition.

Our model from Wella has a copper undertone at the scalp with accents

Indulge Salon York Pa, wella matte red with blush

Wella matte red hair color with blush

of blushing rose gold that could fade over time. With the correct conditioners and maintenance schedule at the salon for color balancing will help put those faded tones back in her hair.

All of the color that is done professionally is designed to compliment your face shape, lifestyle, and skin tone to help you look your best. Why not have your color customized for you?


  1. Use cool water to wash and rinse your hair
  2. Use Fabuloso color conditioner to keep the red tones in your hair 3x per week or as often as needed. Gluten free
  3. We can customized your color conditioner to match your color which can be natural, vibrant red hair color with either orange, red tones, mahagany
  4. Towel blot the wet hair before you apply your conditioner in the shower for best results
  5. use the color customized match Fabuloso color conditioner in between color services at the salon
  6. Keep your hair covered in the sun
  7. use products such as filling your hair such as Wella Oil Reflections to leave in your hair before styling or mix with styling product to protect the color and your hair.

This Ariel mermaid from “The Little Mermaid” is one of my favorite colors to create for my client. This client enjoys the creative freedom and eccentric feeling that she got from this red hair color. It’s vibrant and stunning to create the perfect canvas for her red hair. She wanted it truly red. This color requires some very technical strategy fro removing her natural color to a lighter shade in order for the color to show up to this level of vibrancy and evenness. As part of the process, we had to fill her hair with the right base color to make it hold without damaging her hair. Lastly, we had to treat it with the final color that is a direct dye. I was so proud of this shade of red hair color. Being a colorist, I felt privileged she chose me to work with her hair.

This particular red shade does not happen with box color from scalp to ends from a grocery store. Red hair color has to be planned out from root to ends of the hair with the right color product that will give the perfect hue of red hair color and re-establish the tones that are needed to make it work for the client. Only this type of professional color can happen in a salon. FYI, you may have to spend hours in the salon to get this look. Be prepared. Come in for a consultation first, have a beauty budget in mind and go from their on what you can afford for maintenance. It’s not for the faint of heart on the wallet. We customize all of our hair color for our clients.

Our salon stylists will take into consideration color of your natural hair first, the color you want to be, the condition of your hair, your willingness to make sure you care for your hair in between with Fabuloso Color Conditioner.

Ariel mermaid red hair color

Ariel red hair color

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