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3 Ways to help grow your hair

3 ways to help grow your hair

I was losing my hair every day beyond the normal 80 –  100 hairs per day.

The hair had built up in my brush, clogging up the drain in the shower plus it wasn’t as shiny as it used to be.

There are many reasons why women and men lose their hair. Here are some of the following:

  • medications are the biggest culprit to hair loss, thinning and/or shedding
  • stress related emotional situations such as divorce, moving, major weight loss, stress in general
  • hormones
  • thyroid problems
  • surgery before and after
  • mechanical damage such as raking the brush through your hair therefore ripping it
  • heat damage from flat irons
  • clip in hair extension breakage from taking in and taking out frequently
  • pony tails that are put in the same place every day causing stress on those hairs causing them to break
  • to much protein in the hair causing it to snap
  • after baby hair loss
  • cancer related – the hair may be to weak to grow
  • glasses that you keep sliding up and down can pull your hair out in front of your ears, top of ears and the front hairline

These are just some of the main reasons why hair doesn’t grow. The main reason for me is menopause and the fact that my son at 23 years old had passed away April 6, 2017. He was shaken at 11 weeks of age but survived for so long that this past year his brain wasn’t telling his body to breathe, to function the way it is suppose to. Watching my son’s life pass away in front of me was agonizing and heart wrenching to say the least. As a mother of a special needs child takes a toll because you want nothing for the best for your child and would do anything humanly possible for them. This is not disrespecting others situations that are causing the stress, I’m only relating my situation that has caused hair loss.

Hair loss of this type of emotional stress can last up to 3 years. Controlling it with topical solutions that are safe for your hair and body. In conjunction with the right types of foods that are rich in green coloring such as kale, collards, and green beans help grow your hair.

I wrote a previous blog post on hair loss, thinning and shedding because I want to help people grow their hair again. I’ve been experiencing this for myself to the point that I’m very aware of wearing my hair down to cover some areas in the front hairline that are thinned out so much.

kimberly acworth Zenagen hair growing shampoo

Kimberly Acworth

3 ways to grow your hair:

  1. the first thing I want you to consider if you already have long hair, is to rotate your pony tail. The hair won’t grow if it keeps snapping off at the root from you pulling to tight for a workout.
  2. You can braid your hair instead of pulling it tight back to one spot. This same spot can cause tension on the hair creating stress on the same hairs then they snap off leaving fly aways.
  3. take Biotin which is a supplement. Biotin doesn’t stay in the body. It works by flowing through your system but it doesn’t stay or build up. One pill is good. We have found that doses during the day up to 3 has given better results. Check with your Dr. first. Preferably in the morning, the afternoon then before you go to bed. The results will show new hair growth over a period of a month – 3 months.
  4. Using a hair growing system such as Zenagen Evolve and Revolve shampoo and conditioners. Using the shampoo 3x per week will help you see results immediately by the thickness and the healthier feel of your hair. Just alternate your Zenagen shampoo with another shampoo during the week. Zenagen conditioner can be used every day because it is light. As your hair starts to grow, your scalp  will feel itchy. Between the second week and sixth week the hair will start to grow. I noticed this the other day assuming the worst then I remembered hey! my hair is growing. I checked the mirror and it does feel thicker and you can see the sprouts or “nubs” starting to emerge. I was so excited.

As you can see my after picture from using Zenagen, you can see how my hair looks shiny, healthier. Zenagen is color safe. The Zenagen shampoo and conditioner helps the hair look fuller and thicker. No need for solutions on the scalp to grow your hair.

HOW TO USE ZENAGEN shampoo and conditioner

Highly recommend that you shampoo your hair first then wash your body because you will be leaving the shampoo on for a 5 minute hold time. This process will help you maximize your time in the shower.

  1. Wet hair
  2. apply quarter size amount of shampoo all over, scrub a dub dub
  3. leave on for 5 minutes
  4. rinse
  5. apply conditioner for a few seconds
  6. rinse

Styling with Zenagen Boost products- Boost products have a mousse that does thicken the hair and provides volume at the root area. The densifying creme gives thickness that is smooth for longer hair that has some coarseness to it. The spray gives volume at the root which I love and the poof is similar to the puffs that you get when you go to the eye Dr. It just puffs out to give some grip to the scalp where you want extra volume.

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