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Solutions for thinning, shedding hair

Thinning hair?fine thinning hair from stress

Shedding and thinning hair every day in your brush or bottom of the shower?

It’s not bad enough that you see hair in your brush but then you see your hair looking thinner around your hairline, shedding, starting bald patches on top of your head. the hair catches at the bottom of the shower seemingly like a small animal got loose in your shower room. Your self esteem has plummeted plus if you are under a lot of stressful situations, it won’t be getting better any time soon.  You feel like everyone is staring at your bald spot so you flip the top of your hair over it to hide it.

            Fine thinning hair feels like a veil

Hi I’m the owner of a hair salon, Indulge Salon, York, Pa. I have been experiencing what we are talking about today which is thinning, shedding hair or just hair loss for women. I have a small bald patch in the center of my forward in the hairline. Baby fine hairs that have gone astray. Left the herd of hairs so to speak.  It happens to men too. Male pattern baldness is prevalent in 95% both men and women. Staggering statistics I’d say.

Hair loss such as alopecia can be a bald spot located anywhere on the head. This actually happened to my daughter after surgery. She was so stressed out from having her body go through surgery that she had a bald spot the size of a quarter on top of her head and in the nape area. Just normal high stressful situations such as my son passing away from Shaken Baby in April 6, 2017 has caused my hair to literally break off, shed and thin because my body has been absorbing the nutrients from my hair.

As you can see in the picture the hair is broken off from pony tailing when wet. I stretched the hair from my head so that you could see how much breakage I really had since April, 2017. As I started to experience seeing more hair in my brush, my levels of anxiousness started to get higher because my hair was getting thinner and thinner by the month. I wasn’t sleeping, eating much and overworked to take away my depression of losing my son.

I didn’t realize it at first but looking at the hair on the floor of my bathroom when I washed the floor, I could see how much I was losing. The biggest comment was when my guy said, “Kimberly, I think we have a dead animal in the bathroom.” He was holding a wad of my hair in his hand. EEK! I was mortified at how much was in his hand holding my hair. Well, I forgot to clean out the drain too.

Loss of hair can continue for up to 3 years  after a stressful situation. The root of the stress can be stored in our bodies. You have to find a way to get happy or basically let go of the stress if you can start decreasing any way you can.

New mothers can lose hair because of the hormonal changes a new mother adjusts to. In turn the shedding of hair could be causing more stress while they are recuperating from having baby. New mothers are sleep deprived, not eating right although they are trying and then throw in some dieting to reduce their baby weight which as resulted in the hair thinning and shedding.

It’s prevalent with our new mothers due to the body transitioning from the baby taking the nutrients it needs to normalized hormones.  Stress, lack of sleep over time can cause hair loss. Shedding of hair can go from a few months after birth to up to 3 years. The hair grows 1/2′ per month for the normal person. Its now possible to grow your hair fuller and thicker.

You are saying it’s possible to grow hair if I’m bald?

fine thinning hair

We have some solutions for both men and women to help regain their confidence by using products such as Nioxin hair growing system and/or Zenagen. I’m a fan of Zenagen because it uses the Green Tea and caffeine as a carrier into the dermal (the 2nd deepest layer of skin where the hair follicle grows)

If you have already lost hair and you are bald, Zenagen will not work for you. If you have some peach fuzz, some thinning and shedding, it will grow your hair again. You see Zenagen ingredients are designed to unclog the pores that the hair is trying to stay alive and thrive. The DHT enzyme chokes the hair causing it to get weaker over time then die. Dead as a door nail. The lighter flimsy hairs around a face can regrow by getting the nutrients it needs to grow hair. Makes sense. Unclog pores – regrow hair. This patented shampoo and conditioner will assist in growing your hair if you have peach fuzz or fine hair.

See my video at live September 21 at 9:50 p.m.

Zenagen will help younger women under 40 grow hair too. Different ingredients that help grow hair for younger people that is already existing will make it stronger, fuller,thicker and healthier.  How do you use it? It comes in a shampoo form that you wash your hair twice, leave it on for 5 minutes, condition then rinse off. Use 3x per week every other day. If you have questions feel free to call to ask your question. Call 717.846.4424 or our Georgia Lake Oconee Greensboro location at 706.999.9911

We recommend that to get on the fast track to hair growth recovery from thinning, shedding and overall wanting your hair to look thicker to give these shampoo products to grow your hair. You will see a difference such as bumps for the first week or two. By the third to six week you will see some hair growing in place of bumps.

We carry Zenagen at our salon. Feel free to come into the salon to pick up your products.

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