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Solutions for Fine thin hair

Fine thin hair?

Solutions are customized for your fine thin hair.

We will assess the needs of your hair first then decide together what the options will be for your lifestyle, beauty budget and maintenance.

Fine hair is different than thin hair although the terms are used interchangeably. Fine hair is just less dense hair. Thin hair can be determined not as healthy as normal hair. Most fine thin hair is stressed hair that had the life sucked out of it from life’s experiences and has to recuperate both from the inside and outside of the hair. We have seen hair that is thicker on the mid shaft and super thin at the scalp. We do whats called a stress test to determine if your hair requires more moisture or protein to help strengthen it.

When we are born our hair starts out with 13 layers to it,  naturally. The more wear and tear on the hair as we go through stages in life by blow dying (mechanical damage), the less layers we have.

Our goal is to build a long term relationship of trust and dependability with you by learning how you have managed your hair. We need to work on this together to achieve your result of beautiful hair again. Blow drying your hair with the right brush will help with home maintenance to improve the texture of your hair.

Let me tell you, our salon is not for everyone. We take pride in our work to be able recommend solutions for fine thin hair. I feel that I am an authority on fine thin hair because I have lived with this type of hair all  my life. I know what its like to have my hair dry before I had the chance to dry it. Most times leaving my hair dry naturally caused it to frizz  up in the front of the hair first then be wispy around the edges.

Mostly, the hair that I pulled back into the pony tail looked good yet when I left my hair down looked stringy, fine and see through.  I was told that the hair had broken off in the back of my head from constantly pulling it back in the same spot which caused stress then broke off. If you are experiencing anything like I did then I understand what you are going through.

Does your hair separate in the crown? Again, I understand. We can talk about your hair styling options to remedy this.

Learning to trust someone new can be scary because you aren’t sure if they know what they are talking about. Read about our team at I only hire dedicated trustworthy people that can contribute their strengths. We work as a team to give you the best experience for your hair, skin and nails.

The strength of your hair will help us make the decision on which route to go with hair color to thicken your hair. We love coloring fine thin hair because it will make it feel fuller immediately. Lots of options here such as:

  1. Highlights to give the appearance of fuller thicker hair around the face
  2. New haircut to give more volume and to remove the split ends
  3. Brazilian blowout to repair the split ends with a healthy alternative. Read more here. 
  4. Bleaching our or what we call double processing in hair color. This will give your hair body, thickness immediately.
  5. Hair extensions for body, volume and length to fine thin hair.
  6. discussions on supplements to help your body the support it needs to help grow hair.
  7. We have been using a new product called Zenagen that actually grows hair to help it being fuller and thicker.
  8. try hair extensions for fuller thicker hair

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