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Get rid flyaway split ends with this quick treatment!

This new treatment can mend ends in as little as 15-20 minutes at the salon. Only to be done by professionals and can be done right after your haircut at Indulge Salon, York PA. We specialize in correcting hair color gone wrong box color and correcting split ends, frizzy coarse hair, and fried ends. for a new visitor coupon for emergency help!

Split ends and coarse texture are common problems of all beauty addicts who often experiment with brand new styling products and tools. Exposing your hair to constant direct blow drying towards the ends followed up with intense heat from flat irons, bobby pins to keep it up while you are dancing the night away can do a damage number to your hair.

“My hair was dry and frizzy. It lost color before and now it’s shiny and smooth. I could so do a shampoo commercial, I could swing it. My eyes didn’t burn and no nasty smell. It only took two hours for a color and Brazilian Blowout treatment. “Indulge Salon is fun. They gave me a thorough consultation and told me what the costs could be with my type of hair. Thanks Valerie and Cassie!”

– Berit Gantz, York

Harsh chemicals can lead to irreversible changes in the condition of your hair. If you try to be a colorist at home with your favorite picture on the box color, this can wreak havoc on your healthy locks. After repeated applications that can coat your hair, then trying to remove it with the over the counter products can damage your hair. Go to a professional to have this color removed properly and without damage. I have seen some of our clients try the newest craze by bleaching out their hair, adding gelatin and then trying to coat it by some metalic box color. What a mess. Some of those colors are actually fabric dyes that are made for fabric not your hair!

 For your frizz, flyaway ends and fried pieces, here’s how to fix those issues to sale through the fall season with healthy hair. We have a new treatment/solution that we apply that will mend your ends with fruit acids (safe and effective) that will calm down even the scariest of split ends. The treatment is applied to clean damp hair, blowndry and flat ironed to seal in the treatment. This will last about a month unless you are shampooing your hair several times a day. It will gradually wear off. Nothing permanent. Your hair will look shiny and healthy again. Runs about 45 – 100 and is made for the split ends!

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