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Improve your math skills with this? Peek inside

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Who knew that this could improve your math skills

At Indulge, A Colour salon 180 from ordinary, we pride ourselves on staying educated at the top of our levels. We just discovered that this crazy therapy will actually increase your math performance if done regularly. So what is it? Massage. I know I’m not even kidding. Who knew that a regular massage will help with math processing and performance. The University of Miami School of Medicine, therapists gave 26 adults two 15-minute chair massages, twice a week, for five weeks. A Control group of 24 adults just relaxed in the massage chair for the same periods. Results after five weeks. In addition to the expected lowereed degrees of stress and anxiety in the massage group, this also demonstrated increased speed and accuracy on math computations, the control groups math skills didn’t change.Nice to know that if I needed to increase my speed or accuracy I would do this. Check out the massage techniques we do with our facial treatments. Go to If you are new to York College, our salon is a great get away for you during classes. The facial treatments will give you more relaxation along with hand and foot massage. the ultimate in relaxation. Take a mini vacation by walking along the path over here at Indulge Salon at Colonial Shopping Center. Our phone number is 717.846.4424..

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