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You know you are having a bad day when….

Today was a special day.

Where to start. Hmm first of all I get up in the morning and not in the least bit motivated to workout to the new PIYO which is pretty intense. Usually I like that workout but not this morning. I woke up grouchy. I warned everyone but they still came around me. I forewarned them. Just saying. The blinking red light that surrounded me should have said “danger, danger”

I drove to work, no accidents to speak of except some chick was in front of me with a car load of people that took forever to order and get their food. Don’t they know that the person behind them is in a rush to get to work and we don’t have time to lollygag around? Of course not, she had to PONDER which item she was order for the next person in the car. Being in my grouchy mood, I just did the hands opening posturing thing in hopes that she would speed along the order. Not today, it was a lazy kind of morning for her taking her good all time. Finally, I received my beverage and sped away to work.

As soon as I get to work, I was in a better place so I thought. The manager gives me the low down that the computer is still not up from yeserday but the electric is on. Such positive news after the bad. Nice positioning. The owners of the building told us that the electric would be out since they were working on the building. Great!!!! (sarcastic response here)

Computer guy on the shiny white horse picks up the server and says he has to do a diagnostic back at his office. I think to myself, we can’t make appointments, we can’t call people and we are up the shitter without a paddle. Going against the stream I might say. NOBODY knows who is coming or going at any of our locations for the next few days. Just what every salon owner dreams of….this type of back up plan. Needless to say, the clock battery that helps us stay on the imaginery schedule broke at 9:30 a.m. I mean it gets better as the day goes on. (sarcastic) We brought a table in that is super heavy and of course I expected it to be put together because I have a meeting on Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. However; the best news of the day indicated that the screws that were to be used are not the correct ones even though that was put into the table to keep it together. Now, I must adjust the meeting time and place. You know what I’m talking about with one more thing to do and to finalize the day, I received a note whilst working on a client that the school had a message for me about my son’s schooling.

Computer guy says MAYBE thursday. Uh, ugh that isn’t going to work for us cowboy. We have payroll this week. To all the business owners out there you know what I’m talking about. Our team made it work today with the walkins and we are wondering what time their appointment is as we stand at the desk with the deer in headlights look,  but we say no problem come  back to the magic area. We knew that we could work it out, its just the not knowing whom is showing up today. I was lucky I could get my mind to show up this morning. My body did and eventually the two did connect as one by 9:35 a.m. after the clock broke.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I hope you have a fun filled adventurous day!


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