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Potential eye infections read this…

applying mascara

applying mascara with wand

Recently, I had trauma in the eye. Weird, I woke up and rubbed my eye to extreme stabbing pain. I never have had trouble with my eyes. I thought maybe I had rubbed my eyes while in my sleep however; that is not my style.

I checked underneath my eyelid and couldn’t see anything but it was tearing up which indicated it might have something foreign in it. I resorted to seeing an eye doctor nearby and chose Weaver Eye Associates on Queen Street in Dallastown. I called and a lovely gal named Sara took care of me. The Doctor checked out my eye and validated my problem. He saw mascara underneath the eye and removed a little of it. It felt like a bruised knee with scrapes and essentially I scraped my eye. Beware of not cleaning off your makeup at night before you go to sleep. I have been a bad girl and didn’t do it. I even know better. The doctor recommended eye drops and said that the bruise or any opening can cause infection. I need my eyes to see and to be free of any infections. So take my word for it, always wash your eyes before going to be and make sure you keep fresh mascara on hand. Old mascara does have bacteria lurking in it.

We use and sell Youngblood mascara because if its mineral properties that are healthy for the eyes. It comes in black and brown.

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