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Gentlemen, why can’t you just go to the barber for a haircut? |Indulge Salon

I know what you’re thinking…
“Why would I go to a salon to get my hair cut when I can just go to the barber?”
To be honest, I felt the same way for a while. It seems so easy to run into the shop, get that 10 minute cut and run out. The issue that arises is that the creativity aspect of cutting becomes stagnant. Some shops just want you to get in and out to make a buck. I am not knocking down barber shops because I love them! I just think that a fresh, scissor-over-comb cut is what is really stylish now. Women are usually into guys who take care of themselves and keep up on their look!
I went to a barber shop a while back and asked for my hair to look very classic and “50’s” inspired. The barber who cut my hair was very nice and knowledgeable, but he didn’t have the skills to make my cut really stand out.
Here at indulge, the stylists CARE about your hair and personal style. Times are changing so we try and follow those trends that come and go in the hair industry. Men’s hair cuts are on the rise because we all want to look professional and neat and clean. Here are a few differences that I’ve encountered with a salon versus a barber shop:
Everyone loves a great shampoo and our amazing team are trained at giving great washes. Treat Yourself!
-Cutting Techniques 
Most barbers use clippers but we use techniques that will make your hair look polished. Texturizing is very important in men’s cuts. All of the stylists here are well trained in cuts and know all the best techniques for each persons hair. Scissor-over-comb cutting is another great technique that will keep the hair even with a more natural look. Yes, the stylists still use clippers but not just the #2 blade or attachment.
We can assure that you will have the best products available at your disposal. The shampoos and conditioners we use are high quality and you will always leave feeling clean and refreshed. We sell great men’s hair care products as well that I use personally. I perform on stage under high heat lamps and I need products that really stand up under the heat and stay in place while on stage.
-Attention to Detail 
Our stylists thrive on perfecting cuts. You will always leave knowing your stylist gave all of their time and attention to making your hair perfect. They will speak to you about what YOU want and the best style for your hair. Our clients come first and we never rush you out the door.
Whether it’s that classic “50’s” look or a cool and trendy cut, Indulge is the new place for Men’s cuts! I have witnessed first hand how different salons can be and how beneficial they are to maintaining that great and classic cut. Don’t feel that it is too “girly” or expensive to go to a salon because I promise it’s not! Make your appointment today and please feel free to ask me any questions!
Contributed by Anthony Bruno
Front Desk Coordinator, Indulge Salon East Market St
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