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What makes you think that a man wants the same ole’ same ole’ haircut? I happen to know for a fact they don’t want it the same way all of the time. When a man sits in my salon chair, they expect to get an exceptional haircut that suits their lifestyle, their INDIVIDUALITY.  The progressive man wants ideas about his skin, his hair! Every day I am lucky to serve professionals with their […]

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Gentlemen!  I know what you’re thinking… “Why would I go to a salon to get my hair cut when I can just go to the barber?” To be honest, I felt the same way for a while. It seems so easy to run into the shop, get that 10 minute cut and run out. The issue that arises is that the creativity aspect of cutting becomes stagnant. Some shops just […]

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Luxury hair or luxury car? I know what a choice right? I was in Independence, Ohio this past week learning new business processes to bring back to the salon world. My world. I am constantly introduced to new people, new concepts in business that I bring back to you, our customers at Indulge salon. I am always up for conversation regarding business if you every want to talk about these with […]

It has happened again during my travels for business. You are most likely thinkng, “what has happened again?” Give me a minute and I’ll share it with you. I’m excited to attend this business conference where I see some speakers that I look forward to hearing and to see some mutual conference goers that I only see at these events. Pretty much can catch up in about 15 minutes and […]

Men’s hairstyles are leaning closely towards the 1940’s. I’ve included a really cool website that talks about the lifestyle of the 1940s that is cute and fun. I use to go with my grandfather to the barber shop when I was a young teen. This was our habit on a Saturday when my sister’s and I used to spend the weekend with our grandparents. My grandfather was a trucker driver […]

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