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The art of real conversation topics is lost…..

It has happened again during my travels for business. You are most likely thinkng, “what has happened again?” Give me a minute and I’ll share it with you.

I’m excited to attend this business conference where I see some speakers that I look forward to hearing and to see some mutual conference goers that I only see at these events. Pretty much can catch up in about 15 minutes and you are good to go and move on to the next person to catch up amongst visiting the booths that are selling their wares. Fun and keeps me on top of my game. Well, let’s get to the topic of conversation that I want to talk about here in depth.

First of all, one of my conference goer friends is a male and is constantly swamped by the 2% females in a 95% male group. I would say the attendance is about 600. Let’s assume that most of the group is intellegent and with good intentions. I pretty much keep to myself except my few conference goers that we have mutually agreed to watch out for each other and rescue when needed. I have been called upon a few times to rescue my conference goer friend whom is a male because he is stalked by these few of women. I don’t get why women feel that they have to lower themselves in how they act at these functions. First of all, women need to act like they have manners such as ladylike manners towards others. Check this out, some of these women actually ran their hands of my friend while standing in line assuming he would like this approach. He told me he was horrified and left speachless. These women were professionals in their industry however didn’t act like it at this function and he was concerned and repelled by their behavior. One of the “she” cats explained that she is a cougar. Nice says my friend. He tried to get away from both of them but replaced by another that thought they had more in common than they did. Clearly, these women did not get the hint.
I think about this type of behavior later on and am truly disgusted with the way that some women behave, how they look in their appearance, and their approach to a business conference. Makes the rest of the women look bad as a representation. I for one cannot be around people like this. I mean come on, take one for the team and dress it up a little more. Blow dry and actually style your hair, apply some makeup to appear polished, and clean up the mouth. Literally, the cussing is not appropriate in business functions. Manners would be nice such as a thank you or no thank you might be nice to hear once and again. Even the men behaved better than the women at these functions.

We need to have a little more old fashioned manners amongst peer groups these days.

As I sat at dinner with one of my conference friends whom I do not see until the next conference, I realized that maybe the less I know the better. A little mystery from conference to conference is good and be choosy about whom you talk with and choose to move forward in the friendships that will either enhance your life with good stuff or just bring you down and no value will come of it. Topics of conversation that pop up should gently talk about business if its helpful to the other party. Know when to stop on your topic because droning on makes the other party sleepy and of course they want to be polite but don’t say anything. Gauge your topics of interest, if the other party is looking around, maybe they aren’t quite on board or they might be bored with your topic. Learn to ask questions of the other person instead of talking so much that they other party appears to be disinterested in your topic. Perhaps by asking questions you might act like you are interested in what they have to say. Some obvious indicators they are not interested in conversation are:

1. the other party looks away
2. the other party calls for separate checks from the wait staff
3. the other party gets up and leaves several times for the rest room or to take a call
4. the other party looks at their phone constantly (distraction) or
5. has a friend call them to come to their room or say they are needed

Topics that should not be brought up are:
1. sex with whomever that party had personal relations with ever
2. sex with whomever in the past at a previous conference
3. sex with whomever that conference if you are not interested in hearing about it

Now in my defense as a salon owner, I might not come across as a NASA scientist or anthing of that nature, but I can pretty much carry on a conversation about a multitude of topics which are easy enough on any topics. But really guys do you think women want to talk about stupid stuff all of the time? No they do not, they want to talk about meaningful topics not just idle chit chat that doesn’t lead to an important conversation. All I’m saying is do a little more research by asking questions then engage

I have had some really healthy topics of interest at times where I didnt want to leave however; they are few and far between. To those of you that are genuine, thank you.
My subscribers, I hope you choose your conference goers wisely. You know the saying, “birds of a feather flock together.” What does your flock say about you?

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