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The progressive man and his hair|Indulge Salon

Vincent Reedy at Indulge Salon York Pa

Vincent Reedy for Holberg Designs. New haircut created by Kimberly at Indulge Salon, York Pa

What makes you think that a man wants the same ole’ same ole’ haircut? I happen to know for a fact they don’t want it the same way all of the time. When a man sits in my salon chair, they expect to get an exceptional haircut that suits their lifestyle, their INDIVIDUALITY.  The progressive man wants ideas about his skin, his hair!

Every day I am lucky to serve professionals with their haircutting needs with the most exceptional ideas to create a customized haircut for men. We collaborate their individual styles. I am so lucky to provide them with the best hair products to maintain their new hairstyle. My team of professionals at Indulge Salon, York Pa can give professional advice on skincare and nail care.

Lets take one of my special clients Vincent Reedy. He has been a client a client of mine for years. Originally, he was seeking out a salon that would be able to duplicate a look he saw in a magazine. He was searching for a creative stylist to cut his hair the way he wanted.

At our appointed time, the first step that happens is Vincent fishes out a photo from his pocket. It’s always the newest hair style for men that inspired him. You see Vincent is a really creative director at Holberg Designs. The company creates branding for companies, creates and designs websites, helps companies develop strategies in their branding pieces. By now you are understanding that Vincent has a creative streak and knows what he wants and how to project his individuality and uniqueness. He is a family man with an awesome wife and two cool kids. Just because he is a family man doesn’t mean he has to be boring.

Our last appointment this week, I  was so excited to see him because I had this great look that I saw in an article which inspired me to suggest

Indulge Salon York Pa

The Scumbag Barbers of Rotterdam list of haircuts

this newest clippered, textured haircut for him. Creating his individual look was easy for me because I know him and his textured hair. Customizing a haircut requires strategy in cutting angles on the  flat planes of the hair. We have the specialized haircutting techniques to cut angles on a curved surface. I know it may look easy but really the type of creative work we do takes focus on the details.

Sometimes its the simplest of things that will trigger an idea, a look that will look great on a person such as Vincent. I read this article about these unique barbers that basically are artists in their own right that have a list of the type of barbering cuts that the men can choose from when they visit this barber shop. This barber shop called “The Scumbags of Rotterdam” were showcased in a trade magazine called Behind the Chair. This barbershop has no appointments, you have to wait your turn and wait in line. They aren’t interested in the newest and greatest, they are interested in the art of the haircut. Pick one and we will do it. That’s it. I have the ultimate respect for the art of the barbered haircut.

I invite you to watch the transitional journey for Vincent Reedy. Our goal for his new look

Indulge Salon York Pa, Vincent Reedy

Vincent Reedy side view of newest haircut at Indulge Salon

is to grow out his beard with a shape that will define his face shape. His hair is going to be taking on a new transition with the clippered tight sides situating into the longer lengths on top. Stay tuned

If you are interested in a new look that brings your individuality out as a professional, call us at 717.846.4424 or a location nearest you at .

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