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Hair thinning or just seeing scalp? Read on

Close-up of thinning hairline on woman

Hair can look thin at the scalp even if its not.

Very light colors can trick the eye into thinking it’s seeing scalp. Who knew?!!! this illusion can actually make your hair look thinner. Dark hair won’t do you any favors either because the contrast can show up quicker with the tiniest bit of regrowth around the front of the hairline. The best shades are multi-dimensional highlights and lowlights with a base color of a medium to lighter brown or dark blonde. At Indulge Salon in York, PA and our Georgia location, we provide consultations for our thinning hair clients. Over 40% of women have naturally thinning hair. The medium base color (scalp and regrowth color) are best to give the appearance of the hair looking denser.

Kimberly Acworth's fine thin hair

Kimberly Acworth’s fine thin hair

Here is a neat tidbit I found from the magazine Beauty Buzz called Tress Test. The author, Phillips, (didn’t catch the first name) says, “Believe it or not, compared to heads of thick hair, heads of fine hair can have more strands, because each follicle is smaller, so your scalp can house more of them” This is why fine hair may appear dense, yet still lie flat. I know since I have fine hair. He suggests making a ponytail and lookt at the base of your hair. Did you do it yet? The circumference of thin hair is two inches or less; normal is more than two. If your hair gradually gets thinner toward the end, breakage is to blame.

For more solutions to fine hair go to our home page, scroll down to the fine hair photo on the left and you will learn solutions from haircoloring, highlighting, dimensional coloring, hair extensions to make your hair thicker and fuller. Lastly, don’t forget a great blunt haircut is best for fine hair to give more bounce and weight.

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