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2014 Fall/Winter Hair trends are here!|Indulge Salon

The fall/winter hair trends for 2014 have arrived at Indulge Salon, York Pa. I work almost a year in advance planning what is going to be brought to the forefront of fashion, hair techniques, quality products that will be premiering for the season.

This fall is going to blow it out of the park with some super sexy hair colors such as Wine Merlot, Sugar & Spice, Celtic Reds, Bali Bronze and many more to choose from. This color is so beautiful with its red violet undertones and super shine overlay of translucent color. I want you to think of a stained glass window when you were little sitting in the pew at church. As you looked through the stained glass window, you saw so many brighter colors that were almost clear with a little bit of color. The seasonal influence is about breaking boundries with haircolor. Pushing the limits with highlights and dimensional hair coloring to the point that we don’t need the use of foils any longer.

Surprise! We have the ability to put some beautiful color in your hair with two different distinct colors on the same strand with the colors touching. This has never been done before int he spirit of hair color. We have always kept our colors separated from each other so they don’t “bleed” which is a term used in the industry. Now you are an expert.

Blurring the hair color at the scalp. No more lines!

Wella hair color model featuring Innosese new line that stops the itching. Blurring the grow out lines of highlights.

Blur the lines you say! I don’t want to see highlight lines! I agree. Call if you would like to try these new techniques that help meld the retouch color to the highlighted areas. Lower maintenance on your beauty budget. As you know, in tighter financial times its good to talk with our stylists on how you can manage your beauty with a budget. We are cool with that. Call 717.846.4424. See you soon.

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