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Achieving your personal best? Read Alex’s story

Mindset is the foundation to achieving your personal best!

My daughter is not in the beauty industry. She works for one of the top professional golfers in the U.S during the day. She is a mother of twins and a wife. Sounds like enough doesn’t it ? Tired already. Not much different than your day right. Like many of us, we have a secret to be our personal best in what we are passionate about.

Alex Acworth Crawford is passionate about Crossfit. WODS, throwing weights up with snatches, dead lifts, and clean and jerks. I don’t really understand all of these terms but I do understand her incredible drive to achieve her personal best. Her highest weights of 240 lbs for a clean and jerk. I get the struggles to not get the weight up one day and the next day she over achieves in body form.

achieve your personal best

Alex Acworth Crawford achieved her personal best today!

One day a few months ago she told me that she is going to compete. I said alright do it! She set the date for July 30, 2016. Her first set was 11:00 a.m. We were excited that she chose to do this event in Atlanta, GA. The Georgia Games was the event she and her husband were driving early  when I called to see how she was doing. She was a little nervous but that she expected this since it was a weightlifting event. Our conversations were about never know unless you do it and then you will know next time what to experience.

In that moment, I started reflecting back when she was in high school working out at the gym. Then after college she started getting into the high intensity workouts, then she was supplementing to make her body even more lean (mind set dedication). Her husband supports her with being her best by giving her advisement because he is a fitness professional (mentoring).  He encourages her daily to get her best workout in and she does him.

In Texas, she was hanging out (the crowd matters) with Crossfit people that expected to be their best and push each other as a team. Every team member mattered when competing. Alex hired a weightlifting coach to define her body (coach). I remember she told me she loved it and would come out of the workout all sweaty and loved every minute of it (worth the sacrifice). During the course of her passion, she has remained dedicated by sending me her workouts that are documented celebrating her best wins of the day. To date she is a winner in her own life and has built on her successes. I couldn’t be more prouder than I am of her, my daughter.

This experience is not unusual to any of us in any other industry or field of interest. We are are unsure at first at our first job. First client, first time answering the phone as a professional in a business. First training then put it to use. We mature as we “experience” the patterns of winning in our fields. Success doesn’t come easy. We learn our products then apply them. We wrap our lifestyle around our successes. We build on these patterns or experiences that we put in front of ourselves to achieve our personal best. The more we do the more confident we feel. That confidence turns into PUSHING ourselves to new heights in our levels of achievement. Training, education and mentoring helps us get where we want to go in our minds. Mindset is 90% of what we achieve the rest is phsyical doing it.

My daughter sent me this amazing photo of her smile of achievement. She didn’t know how she would end up but I can tell you that when my daughter sets her mind to something, it happens. She came in 3rd place with her weight class! She achieved her personal best out of 3 trys in each section. The point is she achieved HER personal best not someone elses. She had twins 1 year ago which is accomplishment in itself being a mother and as driven as she is I was already proud. Mostly, I’m proud because she knows what she can achieve for trying and experiencing her passion. Love you Alex Acworth Crawford!

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