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Gel Manicures can grow your nails

Gel manicures help grow flimsy nails

Gel manicures have proven they help support and protect flimsy nails. For about 20 years I’ve worn acrylic nails and was very happy with the way they looked till I received a green shade of fungus as a result of being in and out of water. Being a hairstylist working in water, hair color, bleaching processes and general rough handling of my nails they take a beating daily.

acrylic nails removed

Sample of Acrylics removed, courtesy of UK salon photo

For many years, my nails were great until about a year ago, I had removed all of the acrylic and decided to go with the natural nail. I had avoided  touching anything. The nail beds were so thin and fragile. It hurt to touch any object after the removal. After about a month they started to be more normal, however; the appearance of the nails were a far cry from what I was used to. My nails were brittle, dry and you could see the drill smiles in the nail bed. One of my nails actually had ripped on the corner. The nail was so flimsy that it would bend backwards. I was really concerned that having acrylics on for so many years may have damaged my actual nail beds that I may not have been able to grow my nails out.

Hair color stained them because they were so porous and  looked like I was dragging my fingers through the dirt. Professionally speaking, a well shaped shorter squared off nail makes nails more polished looking. The nails are more proportionally shaped to enhance my hands.

Working in a salon with girls that look take good care of their nails and skin, can make a girl feel like she needs to step up her game in changing my nail appearance. In the spa department of Indulge Salon, York, Pa, the spa staff looked professional working with their clients.

In the last few months,  wearing gel polish that has made a difference. I can visually see the benefits of my gel manicure:

  • nails grow quickly
  • nails are stronger and more durable
  • nails hold the shape longer (about 2 weeks)

    Gel Manicure

    gel manicure, Indulge salon York Pa

  • no chipping or peeling
  • naturally grow out from the cuticles
  • gives a thicker more balanced nail appearance
  • easy removal of the gel polish
  • enjoyable process

Gel manicures are the way to go for a natural looking nail. At Indulge Salon, our George Street location, we use OPI Gel polish for our gel manicures. Check out our nail services here. Gel manicures are the perfect compliment for brides, brides maids, and any professional looking for a clean well groomed professional appearance to their nails. These gel polishes come in any color and do last for about two weeks. Gel manicures can be done on the toes. The gel polish is great for the summer.  Gel manicures take about 45 minutes to 1 hour max. Runs about $30.

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