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NEW Indulge Pure Originals moisturizer in a bar

It’s not a soap, it’s moisturizer in a bar!

Indulge Pure Originals concept of moisturizer in a bar made for a woman was confusing at first for our consumers. The first comment was “is a soap?” because of the shape and size. We educate our consumers that we designed it this way to make it easier to glide over your skin.

Indulge Salon York Pa, best moisturizer in a bar

best moisturizer in a bar, Indulge Pure Originals 

Once the customer uses the Indulge Pure Originals moisturizer in a bar shape, they love how their skin feels. Smooth, soft and silky. We created Indulge Pure Originals for the busy woman that likes their moisturizer convenient, no waste and economical. Yes, we have travel sizes that can go through the xray machine at the airport. click here to see more about travel sizes.

Indulge Pure Originals has the best moisturizing lotion says Nancy Helmick, York Pa.

“I love the way the Honey, Almond milk lotion feels on my skin. It’s light and not greasy. After my hip surgery, I put it on my scar to help diminish the lines and the lotion helped heal the incision. Smells great and I love it!” 


“My favorite thing about the Citrus lotion is the smell. I have a VERY sensitive nose, and this lotion has a great scent without being overpowering. And it’s moisturizing without being greasy. Last night my husband told me I have to reorder it when I run out! I’m also interested in a heavier nighttime version if you have one.”                                                     Amy Foris,Indianapolis, IN

We are now on Amazon! click here 

Our Indulge Pure Originals body butter bars can be purchased at here with a new shopping cart experience. We keep it simple for you. We would love your feedback on the site.

Indulge Pure Originals, Indulge Salon York Pa

Indulge Pure Originals Cream

To think we had grassrooted this product many years ago to now being sold on Amazon. We are so proud of what we have accomplished thanks to great clients like yourself. The non greasy vegan products have zero chemicals. You could eat them. Not recommended though.
All of our products are health for pregnant women that are starting to stretch. We recommend start using the best moisturizer in a bar because its made to fit into a women’s hand perfectly. The moisturizer bar should be warmed under the shower to soften or warm water then glided onto your pregnant baby belly to prevent stretch marks. Then massage the moisture directly over the front, sides and the back. The moisturizer in the bar is made up of the purest ingredients such as cocoa butter. Indulge Pure Originals has other fragrances such as Coconut (light essential oils) Citrus for a happy experience, and unfragranced for those that have super sensitive skin. All of these body butter moisturizer in a bar will compliment your perfume.
A big plus with our moisturizer in a bar will bloom in scent the warmer your body gets during your day. Have stress, this wonderful natural fragrance will start to warm up when your blood pressure goes up. The natural vegan scents gives a happy aromatic feeling therefore destressing your day.
Available at our Indulge Salon, York pa locations.

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