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Back to School Rose Pedicure, Citrus Pedicure, Honey Almond Pedicure deals

Rose Petal Pedicure, Citrus Pedicure, and Honey Almond Pedicures on special $50 for Back to School

Back to school means mom needs to relax too with a Rose Petal Pedicure and massage.

Alex Acworth Crawford and Kimberly Acworth

Mom and daughter time for Back to School

Lots of back to school shopping for clothes, school supplies, digital supplies, and mostly knowing they are organized to start off the year right. Enjoy some last minute time with your daughter having a choice of a Rose Petal Pedicure that smells so sweet and delicious or a Citrus Pedicure that will give you a brighter and energetic note and lastly the Honey Almond Pedicure that will be a cozy warm scented mega moisturizing experience.

My niece and nephew started last week. In North Carolina, the kids have 4 tracks but ultimately they go all year round. I don’t know how I feel about it because my kids are grown and graduated. I remember the closet organizers, the white boards, the markers, paper and computer stuff.

Rose Petal Pedicures

Rose Petal Pedicure

We want you to enjoy the last minutes together before the kids go to college. Enjoy a nice Rose Petal, Citrus or Honey Almond Pedicure for $50 just for the back to school deal to spend time together relaxing.

We will scrub those roughed up calluses, the toenails that need reshaped and polished to a sheen. After all that shopping, you girls will need a leg and foot massage to take the stress away from packing the car with the bags, organizers, etc.

We only use Vegan Indulge Pure Originals moisturizers and lotions to massage your legs. Our creams and lotions are so smooth and silky, you will be able to feel the difference between other products on the market.

Schedule here for your Rose, Citrus and Honey Almond Pedicures for only $50. If you don’t dig your feet being pampered try one of our Aromatic Facials for $65. Repair the sun damage with a facial that really moisturizes and detoxifies the skin.  This deal is good until August 31st then its over!

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