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New Year New You for 2018

Bring on the new year new you for 2018Kimberly Acworth

Ready to try a new haircut and color

A part of letting go of the previous year is the art of allowing space for the new ideas for 2018. Feeling good about yourself for the new year is just as important as setting new goals. The saying, ” when you feel good,  you look good is so true.” According to the magazine HAIR PREVIEW 2018, the votes are in go for the bold, the pretty + daring = a new you! Apparently their are 523 New looks that you can take advantage of just in this magazine with cool colors of blue, pastel pinks, aqua or try some shiny wave hair techniques with wands or edge crops for short hair, or try some new styling options of part up and down with some braids.

Will losing weight affect my haircut?

Dropping unhealthy pounds will affect your current haircut because the hair can droop plus if you are cutting back on your proteins you may find that you lose hair along the way that is more than normal. I caution you to prevent the loss of hair with large amounts of weight loss to keep up with your protein supplements such as CollagenBlu is available here.  Collagenblu is derived from shellfish naturally with a boost of Vitamin C from Ascerola Cherries. We believe in Collagenblu because it counts as a protein serving according to Weight Watchers. Keep in mind that you still need your dark green vegetables such as kale, spinach, okra, and green beans. A nice supplement to your dietary needs can be adjusted by eating lentil beans, dark red or black kidney beans. With drastic weight loss, your face shape will slim around the cheeks and jawline allowing you to wear many more styles that suit your face shape and lifestyle.

As you feel more confident in your clothes, your new year new you attitude will be the perfect set up for a new haircut that will be shaped to your new face shape.

Working with an expert hairstylist, makeup artist, waxer, hair extensionist  can make a big difference in your transformation for 2018. Looking your best does not have to be expensive. A new look for a new year represents  new perspectives on:

  • what do you want to DO out of your life this year?
  • who do you want to BE this year?
  • what do you want to HAVE  in your life or remove out of your life

I personally found this thought provoking experience with a client that had a particularly bad 2017. Her hair was knotted up into two bunches that were not able to be removed. These knots looked like two horns sticking out of the back of head. These knots were from not combing her hair on a regular basis that one day led to another knotting the long hair into the shorter hairs that were already broken off. When this happens, it’s difficult to break these types of knots apart no matter how much conditioner is used. Then on top of the knotting, wetting the hair packs in the knots then the hair doesn’t dry totally leaving the hair smelling like wet dog. If gone unattended for to long, the scalp and hair will start to grow mold. She didn’t have mold growing however; the opportunity to grow mold could happen. This was hard for my client to let go of her hair even though it was so tightly knotted. I tried to help her with conditioner, argan oils, picking pieces of hair with a fine tooth comb in the hope of the knot letting loose. To no avail, it simply would take painstaking hours to try to remove the knot with no guarantee that it would work.

We came to the conclusion that I would have to cut through the bulk of the knots. As we spoke, I said since your 2017 was horrible then we should look at cutting out the bad stuff from her last year which would allow her to have a new outlook on her new year new look for 2018. She gritted her teeth saying she would rather have her long hair. I said, “I know but we have to let go of the old knotted hair to let the new hair grow in.” When we are going through changes its good to have our friends around to support us in our dreadful days and the good days. This client had her BFF with her. I admired their strength together.

watch this video on 4 short hairstyles that are cute and easy to style:  here

Short Bob haircut

Short Bob haircut

I felt inspired from behind the scenes about cutting off the old (year) and beginning a new year with her hair.

She would learn how to take care of her hair with some new styling tools at her disposal. Even though she wasn’t happy with her short hair, she was forced to face her NEW YEAR NEW YOU  for 2018.

Such as life, we are forced to look at ourselves in ways we weren’t expecting. Just like Pastor Bob says, “Kimberly, you come in with one objective and are surprised by another that becomes more apparent.” We make the best of our world we are given.

If you are ready for a New YEAR NEW YOU 2018, check our schedule here to see our availability. Feel more comfortable to call us at 717.846.4424.

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