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Santa’s last minute gift giving ideas

Last minute gift giving ideas available for Christmas  to surprise and delight.

Indulge Salon gift cards

Try one of our Indulge Salon gift cards at any of our locations York Pa and Greensboro GA

Usually my routine would be to finish my last client on Christmas eve then go out for the last minute gift giving purchases for stocking stuffers. I love the stockings because when I was a kid, this was always my favorite to open. There would be the tooth brush, the jewelry, gag gifts, socks, perfume, and whatever else the family creatively jammed into my bulging stocking. THE BEST gift giving ideas were the gift cards as a teenager. I wanted to purchase my own clothes, my own stuff for school and now the teens want to purchase on Amazon Prime!!

As a big kid, we want gift cards from Indulge Salon for facials, pedicures, manicures, hair cuts, hair color ideas and hair extensions. The list goes on.  We love putting all those gift cards into our wallet holder to hide till we are ready. They can be purchased here: 

Here are some other last minute gift giving ideas:

Citrus bliss Soap

Citrus Bliss Goats Milk Soap from Indulge Pure Originals

  1. Indulge Pure Originals soaps, lotions, and vegan lotion bars – here 
  2. hair products – 3 for styling, cleansing and conditioning
  3. gift cards – starts at $50
  4. body waxing, facial waxing – great idea if you want your spouse to give this a try. It’s way more popular than you think.
  5. Collagenblu for a serving of protein along with 100% vitamin C that can be mixed with a smoothie or yogurt.

    Collagen helps grow hair

    Great for ligaments, hair growth  here or pick it up at Indulge Salon York Pa 

This product has really helped out clients that have been released from surgery to help strengthen their muscles, regain their protein in their hair and their body plus the added bonus of growing back hair. This Collagen is 100% natural from marine shellfish. No after taste. Comes in a powdered form that is easily transported in a self contained package for traveling. Easy storage. Great results from our clients.

“I checked with my Dr. and has no problems that with my Thyroid imbalance it won’t conflict. I had lost a massive amount of my thicker hair with the medication and now I can regrow my hair with Collagenblu”     Judy McNamara, York Pa

“my hair was thinning drastically after my son passed away in April, 2017. I had such thin spots I thought I was going bald. There was so much hair in my brush that was long. I was so concerned I started using CollagenBlu after a friend recommended it to me and have been more than satisfied with the results. I have a sense of well being too”   Kimberly Acworth, York Pa

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