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Learn how to repair your credit classes|Indulge Salon York Pa

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Workshops are held at Indulge Salon York Pa on South George Street for staff to learn the the results of good credit and bad credit to purchase larger items

Learning to manage your credit is what our employees at Indulge Salon, York Pa were all about toay! We are proud to hold training classes for our staff to learn the value of a credit report for buying a house, new cars and in general just understanding what banks are looking for in a credit report. Our staff learned from Hope, the manager at Santander Bank on S Queen St, York Pa does many trainings to local businesses to help their employees learn how their financial management affects big purchases.

We are hosting Hope to help educate on personal money management, savings, the importance of repairing credit such as bankruptcy, divorce drama, identity theft and many other mistakes that can happen without your knowledge. She has many years of experience teaching people how to repair mistakes or working their way back up to good credit scores enabling them to purchase the items they want in their lifestyle. Credit worthiness is a term that our team learned today. I have discovered over the years that not all people have been taught to manage their money in healthy ways.

Our next workshop will be on personal budgeting. IF you are interested in attending the workshop is FREE. Hope has packets of information to help guide you on these topics and she will work with you personally if you need it. We are located at 970 S George St, York Pa 17402. The next workshop starts at 11:00 a.m. If you need a credit report run for you, Contact Hope at 7413848. For minimal fee she can help you dissect your credit score and report. For future dates contact us at 717.846.4424

Thanks Hope!! 

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