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Haircolor gone from dark to light|Indulge Salon

This week has been most exciting at Indulge Salon on South George Street, York, Pa.

Our college students are pretty awesome and they bring of flair of fun. We had a client named Rainya (hope I spelled your name correctly) she came in with super dark hair that had some previous dark color tones on mid length to ends. She wanted to be blonde. The knowledge to take hair to a lighter blonde is vast because of the many variables to consider taking hair from darkest brown to blonde shades. Did you ever see the movie “what lurks beyond?” There is more to the appearance of dark than just what you are seeing which is darker pigment. Indian, Asian or truly blue black hair can be tough to lift up with the contemporary lighteners. The darker pigment is so strong that it might not want to lift without damage. My advice to all the dark hair colored women, have an alternative darker blonde color if your hair refuses to lift to the lightest blonde. Even after you have tried the lighter colors, the natural red pigment called melanin can come screaming back into it becomes it lives in there naturally. In the beginning, you may want to make two week appointments to keep it toned which is a lighter color that knocks out the yellow-orange tones that can creep back in. After about a month you can keep your color maintained to its beautiful desired  tone. Displaying IMG_0925.jpg

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