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As you know, when I fly, Kimberly, the owner of Indulge Salons, it seems that I attract a story. Normally, I just want to get to my destination which was Buffalo, New York about an hour a way from Rochester, New York. I was there on business doing some speaking with Salon owners from all over.

This adventure includes two legs of a trip from BWI to Philadelphia. Easy enough right? Of course not, we were hanging out on the tarmac waiting for another plane or clearing to park the plane. Now you know that USAirways is my “favorite” airline to work with but they had a comfortable price for the time I needed. The second part of my flight was from Philadelphia to Buffalo Niagra Airport which was super cute. Well, longer story short I almost missed my flight from the Philadelphai to Buffalo. I was meeting my daughter in Buffalo and she was waiting for me at the gate in Phila. She had stalled whomever was the gate keeper because we could not miss that flight. I was presenting and couldn’t miss the deadline time. I finally got  off the plane and RAN to the gate. Barely made it so a shout out to the girls at the gate in Phila helping us make the flight. I’m telling you…..this airline just keeps moving gates, not as efficient. I don’t get it. I don’t have issues with any other airline like them. They overbooked the flight back to BWI by 14 seats. I was not budging. I have done it to help someone else out but tonight I had to get home. My son has an upper respiratory condition that has developed and I just couldn’t be away any longer.

Shout out to the lady Helen that I sat beside in Philadelphia. Her daughter just got married in Germany and Helen’s husband is a real cowboy. I learned how to make my cowboy boots fit better. You buy them tight, fill them with water until softened and then you wear them all day until the boots fit you perfectly and mold around your foot. Now this was a trip that was worth the information.

The reason I report my air travel adventures is because I’m consistently shocked at the dress code of travelers. I should say what dress code do they live by? I saw and smelled hair while I sat in my seat. I must say that people were hot and sweaty this trip more than most. Is it policy to not spray a fragrance on a plane? We need it to survive guys! For those of you that travel all of the time, I feel sorry for you its not fun doing this day in and day out for those close quarters in a plane.

I’ll keep you posted on my fingerlakes winery tour next blog post!

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