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Inspiration from advanced hair color classes|Indulge Salon

Chasta, one of our Sr. Stylists of seven years, and I had been invited to train behind the scenes of a workshop with Christoper and Sonia Dove. they are reknowned haircolor and haircutting artists that represent Wella Sebastian.

This day was pretty intensive working behind the scenes. We are always willing to do whatever it takes such as shampooing their models, applying haircolor, blow drying and styling hair for them. Even though this may be a help to them with all of the models they work on, we felt prvilieged to work with them all day. We were the ones that had the opportunity to learn more advanced thinking on “how” they formulated haircolor, how they strategically managed the design of the cut for the model’s face in addition to what they were demonstrating for the show. We also experienced some pretty cool ways to highlight and to use the NEW Innosense haircolor product line that prevents scalps from itching. We learned how to use this really cool product called Color I.D. This was the most amazing part of the “shadowing”.

Displaying JewelTones-Crimson-72dpi-cropW.jpg

Blurring the lines from highlighting this fall and winter 2014

Color I.D. allows the stylist to formulate a color and then we can add an ingredient to the formula and actually lay it onto the next color without it bleeding onto the next color laying on top of it. As you can see in this photo that the depth of the amethyst olor on the bottom and base is a stunning backdrop for the vibrant red violete mahogany color on the top and sides. We are calling this collection “Blurring the lines” which blends the scalp into the highlighting, balayage, and the other colors that sit next to the  the base root color.

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